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A simplified PPR WR Ranking list for those who will consult it in the future

Tier 1

1 Calvin Johnson WR/DET  – Highest upside combination with youth- this WR should and will produce his best season as a pro in 2011

2 Andre Johnson WR/HOU– Yet to reach double digit TDs is because he gets nicked up every year , started already w/ a broken finger

Tier 1.5
3 Larry Fitzgerald WR/ARI – intermediate Route runner meets intermediate and accurate Qb , expect normal fitz #s

4 Hakeem Nicks WR/NYG –  Redzone threat unlike anyone besides Mega , best hands in the NFL , size and speed with it

5 Roddy White WR/ATL –  PPR beast , TDs will go down , Turner is slow , Ryan will be at his best this yr , may move him up

6 Greg Jennings WR/GB – Not a lock by any means , TDs for him are fickle and occur on long plays , but great qb great O  keep him here.

Tier 2
7 Mike Wallace WR/Pit  – YPC will come down , receptions up , yards and tds the same

8 Vincent Jackson WR/SD – undervalued , 15 td potential but will never realize it 80 1200 10 more like it

9 Dwayne Bowe WR/KC – valued properly , obvious huge game potential weekly , Cassel still scares me , but he will score

10 Miles Austin WR/Dal – Has bust written all over him , has Romo there to say otherwise , excellent strength and speed , will be his last year as the wr1 in Dallas

11 Reggie Wayne WR/IND– Lost a step , gained some savvy , usually stays injury free , Manning will still look , DO NOT EXPECT LAST YRS NUMBERS

Tier 3
12 Mike Williams WR/TB – TD beast , explosive player, not sold on freeman , am sold on his talent

13 Jeremy Maclin WR/PHI – Realized his upside last year , you won’t see much better , but in that O you won’t get worse

14 Desean Jackson WR/PHI – Injury risk , mark it down he will miss time , but he will also score from 80 yards out

15 Dez Bryant WR/ DAL – take the next step Dez , add some firepower to the top of this boring position

16 Santonio Holmes WR/NYJ –  Better per game last yr than I thought , stay healthy and you’re lookin at 250 ppr points

17 Brandon Marshall WR/MIA – Bad Qb , unsure what to make of his breakdown , prob staying away from him , but talent keeps him in top 20

Tier 3.5

18 Percy Harvin WR/MINN – The guy will produce , some do not like him but I LOVE him in round 6 , migraines a thing of the past 75 catches a thing of the future , Mcnabb chucks it at WRs feet , Harvin is great at going  low

19 Marques Colston WR/ NO– Do not like him , average explosion , spread the ball around there , injury risk  , but 10 td potential and ppr skillset is nice

20 Pierre Garcon WR/IND- LOTTA mouths to feed there , like him after Harvin , but before Collie , He is an injury away from WR1 numbers , not bad for a 6th rounder , youth  plus peyton = upside

Tier 4

21 Austin Collie WR/IND – Risk meets upside here , concussions are a problem , play him when healthy and smile

22 Wes Welker WR/NE – Average numbers last year , overrated as a PPR guy because of his name and offense , I’ll pass

23 Brandon Lloyd WR/Den – Orton bumps him back up , great at adjusting to a poorly thrown deep ball , only TD threat on the team

24 Kenny Britt WR/Tenn – at 22 has a lot of maturing to do , luckily FF players don’t lose points for starting Dbags

25 Mario Manningham WR/NYG – A LOT of people pumping him up , he will NEVER be better than last yr , he reached his ceiling , may stay there for a year or two , but tds are hard to predict, Nice mid round pick though

26 Sidney Rice WR/SEA –   will get force fed in the RZ , 8 tds is probable 70 catches a definite , talent to make his bad qbs a tiny bit better

27 Steve Johnson WR/BUF – Fluke , Bust written all over him, slowed down A LOT to end the year , weak arm qb , I do not believe in anyone on that offense besides the Fjax and MAYBE Spiller

28 Anquan Boldin WR/BAL – I’ll pass , he burned me last year , going to be even slower this year , faded to end the season last year , Floyd burned them , Mason/Heap left , NOBODY on that wr corp ready step up- expect an injury

Tier 5

29 Mike Thomas WR/JAX – youth on side , coach and qb who like him, mjd losing a step , Thomas makes a nice wr3 -4 in ppr

30 Chad Johnson WR/NE – Name is better than his production , looked OK in Cin last yr , but didn’t create enough space- great QB , but will spread it out thin , COULD have one last good year tho, won’t match his draft positon

31 Lance Moore WR/NO – Benefits from Bush departure , Colston creates no separation anymore , Moore over the middle  = nice receptions in the long haul

32 Johnny Knox WR/CHI – Love the talent , like the offense ,  but will never produce over the long term , big games one week bad the next , it is who he is , expect it and if you draft him , add consistency elsewhere

Tier 6

33 Danny Amendola WR/STL – good hands , pesky player , A LOT of clutter in that WR corp
34 Malcolm Floyd WR/SD – wr2 upside , Td upside , injury away from big points
35 Steve Smith WR/CAR – talent always there , running game gets back on track this yr , can’t be worse than 2010
36 Michael Crabtree WR/SF – BUST , is only here because of the upside , will adjust accordingly as the season progresses

Santana Moss, Earl Bennett, Mark Clayton , Mike Sims Walker , AJ Green , Julio Jones , Jordy Nelson , James Jones, Jerome Simpson , Jordan Shipley

ALL OF THESE BUBBLE GUYS hover around the same value as amendola through Crabtree- Moss will be the first to move into the 36 once I update and get that Bum outta here.


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  1. Figured I would simplify the list for those that will read the article then consult the rankings for future drafts

    Comment by iCon Sports | August 6, 2011 | Reply

  2. Icon, explain your top ten rankings to me. Every year five guys, on average (last year it was a rotation of seven guys) leave the top ten. The only people you omit from your WR rankings, who were in the top 10 are: Steve Johnson (I agree), Brandon Lloyd (I agree), and Reggie Wayne (again I agree), yet the rest of your top ten is comprised of last years top ten. When the stats tell us two more guys on that list will not be a top 10 WR this year. Or are you going against the stats?

    Comment by The Profit Motive (@TheProfitMotive) | August 9, 2011 | Reply

    • Well this list will be in flux as I go , WRs are a bit harder to guage year to year than RBs because they have more factors than RB’s affecting their play , QBs , Weather , ETC.. I am souring on Jennings because his Tds are not consistent and occur on long plays , and if I had to move a guy down right now he would be it , If I was sold on Freeman and I am not I would move Mike Williams up and Austin down , I think Bowe has shown he will score TDs , and I think he will be more consistent this year than last , don’t expect the gigantic games , but you can expect a more even type of season. IF i had to take a shot in the dark and say which guy down the list would move into top 10 next year , I would say Dez Bryant- But this is a VALUE list just as much as a rankings list and I can not justify upping his value past Austin or Williams yet because frankly its better draft strategy to wait til those guys are picked then get the Dez value in round 5 , Hell I would rather be staring at Dez on my roster than Austin , but if I put him in my top 10 that makes him a 3rd rounder and the returns on him as a 3rd rounder are not worth the risks of his age and lack of track record.

      Comment by iCon Sports | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  3. Also after some deliberation you may see a Nicks/White flip flop

    Comment by iCon Sports | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  4. I agree with you on Dez. I know you are not fearing Awesome or even respecting him like I am. Yet, my former GF was good friends with him, and I remember being with her when he was drafted. He is the real deal. He was placed in a stupid scheme. He will follow his WR to the ends of the Earth if he is allowed to. I figure Austin will draw him twice and then the first week he gets Revis. Dez and Witten should blow up week one. Let me see Dez make it through training camp…and how he looks during preseason. I have Dez ranked higher then Austin for that reason alone.

    Comment by The Profit Motive (@TheProfitMotive) | August 10, 2011 | Reply

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