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The Way of the iCon – 8/6/11

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Ok , the iCon is at it again!  We will have some real time , real life , real serious , real money blogging coming on up. Another vanilla standard PPR setup against some no names , some kinda names , and some who shall remain nameless. This installment comes to you from the top end of the draft as iCon was fortunate enough to land a pick in the top 4 which is the reason I decided to blog live about this draft. After giving you an intense look into the war room from the back end of the draft against some of the best that money gaming has to offer , I wanted to give you another look at how to approach a $100 dollar PPR draft from the opposite end of the spectrum.

What to expect: similiar targets , different targets , good values , bad values , overrated players and underrated players.

What not to expect: Sex , Drugs or Jude Law. Jude Law will not be involved in any way shape or form in this draft , not even if he texted me would I let that pouty she-male take part in this draft.

What possibly to expect: A blown pick or two because Mila Ricci aka Mrs iCon woke up from a nap and seems to be hell bent on making the rest of my night as miserable as possible.


Now The Actual Draft!

Round 1 Targets:  AP , Foster , Cj2k , Charles ,

Not going to over think this in the least , whichever of those four studs is left over for me , will be the guy I build my team around , I will say if Foster is the guy I am staring at, I will pause a bit and consider Ray Rice , I am slowly but surely moving Foster down just a tad.

Actual Round 1 results: Charles, RB KC

Great way to start a draft , never had to make a tough decision here as this was a no brainer. Love the electric running style and the pass catching ability , Thomas Jones is not even worth the handcuffing at this stage in his career.

Round 2 Targets: Mendy , Nicks , Sjax, Jennings , Wallace

Some WRs went very early round 2 , passing on some Rbs so I am just hoping Nicks makes it back to me , This ridiculous idea that namdi to the eagles lowers Nicks’s value has benefitted iCon on more than one occassion , PLEASE PASS ON HIM , I love getting him late round 2!

Actual Round 2 Results: Sjax RB STL

Nicks Sniped RIGHT BEFORE my pick , Ugh , so iCon held it together and passed on Jennings for the stud RB2. Sjax has some bust potential , but so does Jennings and I wasn’t ready to commit this high a pick to Mike Wallace. Jackson was the only way to go for me after Nicks and Mendy got scooped.

Round 3 Targets:  Mike Wallace , Jennings , Bowe , Austin, Best

Actual Round 3 Results: Greg Jennings  WR GB

nice score for iCon Sports here. Passing the WRs to take Sjax and then getting the same choice between Jennings and Wallace on the way back simply gorgeous. This team is going to be tough , Jennings and Sjax both offer some bust potential , but so do all of the other players around this area. Thats the WAY of the iCon!

Round 4 Targets:  Blount, Vjax , Maclin , Dez

Well as the board shaped up I was able to target one of these 4 players , If I end up with Vjax I will promptly head over to my first confession in 15 years , this will be grade A thou shalt not steal strike me down moses style commandment THIEVERY!

Actual round 4 results: Blount RB TB

Thievery as well here , got Locomotive Legarrette at a bargain basement bottom feeding price here , one helluva value for a guy routinely drafted in mid to late round 3. Vjax snipe hurt , but taking a hit off this blount sure is relaxing.

Round 5 targets: Harvin , VD , Maclin , Holmes, Colston

Maclin will be the big target here , VD just went off the board as the last elite TE left. Colston is hanging out there as well but I am not high on him regardless of the offense

Actual Round 5 Results: Holmes WR NYJ

Deviated from the WR rankings to snag holmes , holmes performed on a better per game basis than I had realized until recently , Sanchez another year , Plax just as good as braylon and keller should be better making Holmes just as dangerous. Harvin went earlier than normal and since I took rbs early I needed  a WR right now. Not to mention I will have eyes on Jimmy Graham at a good value so taking Colston here would have killed my points potential if I luck into Graham (nevermind someone just overpaid for Graham by a round a half)

still no Jude Laws to be found- THANK GOD

Round 6 Targets: Mark Ingram , Collie , Rice , Britt

Garcon and Harvin off the board , TEs going Early , so time to readjust and look for the value. That value is found in Ingram or Collie

Actual round 6 results: Collie WR IND– another wr like holmes that performs fantastic on a per game basis , has the noted concussion problems , but when he plays you know he will score. If he can put those injuries in the past this round 6 guy just gave me round 3 numbers , at wr3 I will take that any way

Round 7  Targets: S. Rice , Britt , Stewart , Wells , Schaub

Actual round 7 results:  Wells RB Az

Went with Beanie here , simply because I would not be able to stomach him going off and someone else getting lucky. I like wells this year to at least show some of that promise , schaub was staring at me , but I felt I could stll land a top scoring qb in the coming rounds , but wells would have been gone.

Round 8 Targets: Ryan Williams, Stafford ,  Mike Thomas , Lance Moore

Actual Round 8 results: Ryan Williams Rb Az

thought it would be prudent to back Wells up with Williams , solidifying my Rb corp completely and letting Moore or Thomas fall to me in round 9, Mila Ricci ALMOST F’d this pick up for me , apparently her neck was hurting her and I was the LUCKY guy who got to rub it for her 🙂

The Rest:

9 Moore Fell to me making round 8 a success (way of the icon and stuff)

10 Kolb , last of a tier of qbs , question marks , but talent to put up 300 , might have too much riding on the Desert

11 Pettigrew- Reall late , really good value , Really dislike Jude Law

12 Rashad Jennings – Sleeper , young , mjd and his balky knee , INEXCUSABLE for the owner of mjd to let me get him here

13 Sanchez- a necessary pick to pair with Holmes and give me another option in case Kolb busts all over the desert like Ron Jeremy busts all over ANDDDDDDDDDDDD nevermind… (G rated , gotta keep it G rated)

14 Mark Clayton – Good connection with Bradford before the injury , will be cut for my first waiver , Clayton you have a week to show me something

OVERALL:  iCon is STACKED at rb , Blount was a gift , Jennings a gift , Sjax the right pick in round 2 , Charles a stud , I am light at QB and TE but the depth and upside at every other position should cancel that out. This was one of “those” drafts that qbs go early and often and the players who should be drafted in those spots end up on one team , that team was iCon’s and this team DEFINITELY has what it takes to win this thing from Bell to Bell. Now time to go rub my Mila’s neck before she spits pea soup at me killing my swag.

**No Jude Laws were harmed in the writing of this blog


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  1. I do admire your depth at RB especially since RTS changed their format from a mandatory 3 receiver format last year to 2 WR flex option this year. That said I have to wonder why you bailed on Schaub in round 7 for Beanie “Bust” Wells when you had 3 solid RB drafted already. I had Schaub listed as my #5 overall PPR QB and I think getting his services with a 7th round pick is a steal. You even have him listed as a target in round 6?? I drafted him (even though I had peyton already) out of spite if nothing else, great value there…. Even Worthlessbooger and Tony Romo-Simpson went earlier in the draft, amazing! Any comments?

    Comment by Ryan Martin | August 7, 2011 | Reply

  2. I had not listed Schaub as a target in round 6 ,He was never on my radar until that round 7 pick- I am not as high on him as most , I think he offers moderate upside and once Romo is off the board I would rather stock up on RB and WR depth until I am forced to snag a QB , I felt like grabbing Wells was the right move because I knew Ryan Williams had been slipping and would provide me with the deepest and best RB corp in a format that can start up to 3RBs- Also if I keep taking from the RB pool it makes my starting RBs that much stronger. I could not stomach a pass on Wells there , knowing he would get drafted in a few picks by someone in need of an upside RB and could provide a decent starting RB at a bargain basement price for someone to match up against my RBs that i spent high picks on- in summary- Im not that high on Schaub and I felt it was prudent to backup my early round selections of RBs by keeping a potential good value off someone elses roster , QBs are the easier position to replace, BUT I will concede if Wells busts , it was a bad pick.

    Comment by iCon Sports | August 8, 2011 | Reply

  3. Another great read, and you take your boy Nicks all day. Two games against Awesome and him missing two games…well just because he gets “Nick[s]ed up very easily” you can have him. Yet, I admit he is a very explosive player when on the field. You took a very risky team, that if they hold it together will be very explosive.

    Comment by The Profit Motive (@TheProfitMotive) | August 9, 2011 | Reply

    • I dont think Nicks will miss time , his injury last year was a 1 in a million FLUKE and he recovered from that sooner than expected , A week 3 matchup and week 11 matchup will not sway me from drafting him, the week 16 matchup against Revis is SO far away that again I would rather have this guy on my team for all the weeks prior then worry about a championship matchup when or if I even get there- Besides I don’t own him here anyway , took Sjax round 2 and Jennings round 3- I think my qb situation is the only risk and I like my rb depth and WR upside , Collie has the right upside and I won’t be depending on him to start weekly , Moore is a nice addition as well , only time will tell , BUT I may have to make a trade for a qb down the line

      Comment by iCon Sports | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  4. […] I was in an All-Pro draft, you know the $100.00 buy in drafts and this is a trading fantasy football league.  I had the fifth pick and I wanted to build a great team.  I knew I was going RB and WR with my first two picks.  Here is a in person draft account what a top fantasy football player goes through when creating a team.  I got this idea from the incredible live draft commentary I found at iCon.  Please visit his site to see what I am talking about. […]

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