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The Holy Grail – Week 8 QBs

Alex Smith running onto the field before a 200...

Smith won't pull a Whitehurst this weekend!

Teams on bye week: Falcons, Bears, Packers, Raiders, Jets, Buccaneers


1 Brees  vs STL- Much like Graham , there is no other choice for the top spot this week. The stats plus the matchup make this easy.

2 Vick vs Dal – The bye week gave him time to get his legs fresh and recover from the beatings he has been taking. Dallas swarms to the ball , but Vick scores 20 in a bad game.

3 Cam vs Min – What a stud this guy turned out to be as he continues to augment his passing stats with great rushing stats.

4 Brady vs Pit – Would be higher if not for the electric nature of the position this year. Cam, Vick , Brees all have their own claims to the top spot each week and Brady has the misfortune of playing against Pitt.

5 Rivers vs KC – I am loading up on him in Salary Cap games. He is still an elite QB and KC is the perfect matchup for him to show it.

6 Eli vs Mia – Nicks will explode this week and the ‘Fins will have no answer for Bradshaw or Jacobs. Giants will put up a big number.

7 Ben Roethlisberger vs NE – Will have plenty of chances to put up big TD numbers against this horrible defense.

8 Stafford vs Den – Slips a bit in my rankings because of the injury questions – still a must start if healthy b/c of the offense and the upside.


9 Romo vs Phi – After last weeks sluggish performance against the Rams he has to get moved down a bit. The ribs are still an issue and he is going back to the rib jacket this weekend. Murray looks like a workhorse.

10 Schaub vs Jax – The Jags defense is doing a good job slowing everyone down so far. Foster and the Texans are a different animal though and AJ is going to be a game time decision. Owen could be big this game and is due for a TD.

11 Flacco vs Ari – After last weeks horrible game , he needs to play someone like the Cardinals to get his confidence back.

12 Tebow vs Det – Someone actually argued with me that you could consider starting Tebow over Brady. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! – I’m sorry Tebow-Mania is clearly blinding people to the fact he was the worst QB in the NFL for 97% of that game last Sunday – Missing open WRs by 20 yards… literally.

13 Fitzpatrick vs Wash – Tough matchup  but he should be fine. Freddy will be there to anchor the offense as usual and they have some interesting young speedsters like Spiller and Roosevelt that can make plays in space. Stevie should be a fine start too.


14 Dalton vs Sea – He will be a very good fantasy QB in the years to come and makes for a good bye week replacement this week against a Seahawks defense primed to give up some points after taking part in that horrible ‘Hawks/ Browns debacle last week.

15 Hasselbeck vs Ind – All the Titans get healthy in this game , look for CJ to finally look decent and Nate Washington to get back in the action.

16 Mccoy vs SF – It’s hard to run on the Niners , but it is easy to pass of them. The Browns have to readjust their game plan this week because it was clear last weeks  didn’t work. Mccoy and Little should have a better connectiongoing forward.

17 Beck vs Buf – Losing Moss and Hightower hurts , but Fred Davis is electric and Torain/Helu are more than capable of towing the load. I like Beck in this matchup as Buffalo is well below average in all facets defensively.

18 Cassel vs SD – He is barely above average but Bowe gives him big game potential every weekend. As long as the Chiefs defense doesn’t score all the TDs again he should be a low end bye week replacement.

19 Alex Smith vs Cle – The best thing Smith has going for him is that he is NOT Charlie Whitehurst.

20 Kolb vs Bal – A little low for him , but I can’t see him doing a ton in this game. These types of matchups will only make their offense better in the coming weeks when their schedule lightens up.


21 Ponder vs Car – He had some sneaky rushing points last week and is ok if you’re in a jam. But 13-32 last weekend was not good , especially since he started off strong.

22 Painter vs Ten – He should  hook up with Garcon at least once and Possibly Clark or Wayne. Either way , he probably isn’t even on your roster.

23 Tarvaris Jackson vs Cin -A big welcome back for Sidney Rice; now THAT’s irony.

24 Moore vs NYG – Horrible QB in a bad offense , need I say more?

25 Gabbert vs Hou – He is not ready to be taking snaps in the NFL yet , but he should be better in this matchup than most others as his team will need to score points this week to win.


That’s it for the Quarterbacks this week.

The postion is shaping up to be quite dynamic this year and very exciting. Guys like Romo and Rivers are underperforming and guys like Stafford came out gangbusters but have tailed off.

Tebow-time is upon us and he has a real test this weekend against the Lions front 7 , which will make it an interesting watch. Vick has struggled but is still scoring and Cam Newton has come out of NOWHERE to capture the crown as the next big thing in fantasy. Gotta make adjustments on the fly if you’re gonna stay in the game and putting Cam ahead of Brady was surprisingly easy for me to do!

Keep reading the articles and keep winning your games!

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Until next time – win a game or 3 for me!



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