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The Holy Grail – Week 8 RBs

Fred Jackson of the Buffalo Bills

Please Go Away!

Teams on bye week: Falcons, Bears, Packers, Raiders, Jets, Buccaneers


1 Arian Foster vs Jax – After last week , nobody else deserves the top spot.

2 AP @ Car –  Great week last week  but tweeked an ankle. He claims he is fine so he should be no lower than this.

3 Rice vs Ari – Horrible week last week , but the Cards should be the perfect medicine for the Ravens to bounce back.

4 Fred Jackson vs Wash – I am shaking my head thinking about this guy , I don’t want to write about him because I never drafted him.

5 Mccoy vs Dal – He is a stud plain and simple as he plays such a huge role in that offense. Nice time for a bye week for that team , gets moved a bit further down because Dallas defends the run great.

6 Gore vs Cleveland – Gore is back and picking up steam. The Browns will provide no challenge for him this week, at least in theory.

7 Mathews vs KC – Great matchup , plus Tolbert most likely isn’t suiting up. Expect a monster game.

8 Bradshaw vs Mia – Jacobs is whining , but that’s nothing new. Bradshaw should be fresh off a bye and the Dolphins will have no answer for anything the Giants do on offense.


9 Chris Johnson vs Ind – Well , after last week he is purely a matchup play the rest of the way. Expect a decent game vs Indy which could get him out of his funk.

10 MJD vs Hou – Put up 100 vs Baltimore , but he has no upside in that offense , Gabbert is not an NFL QB yet.

11 Murray vs Phi – HOLY COW was he amazing last week. Besides the fluke 90 yard TD he still had a ton of carries and should get a chance to do his thing this week vs the bad Eagles LBs.

12 Steven Jackson vs NO – Scored last week , but he is in the same boat at MJD – No real upside because the offense is so inept.

13 Sproles vs Stl – I am sorry Darren , I am , please stop scoring so much – MY LORD!

14 Mendy vs NE – Ya Bum. Pack your backs and go home , you play like you don’t wanna be there. Is my disdain obvious?

15 Torain vs Buf – With HTower and Moss out , he has to be a huge part of the offense now. Wouldn’t surprise me if Helu got the bulk just to screw with the fantasy football world.

16 Moreno vs Det – Jumps back into my PPR top 20 with Mcgahee out. Tebow could create some space for him in the pass game by moving the pocket.

17 P. Thomas vs STL – Ingram is hurt , so Thomas will finally get a legit chance to show what he can do on 2 healthy ankles.

18 Green-Ellis vs Pit – Tough matchup , but he gets scoring opps every week and that counts for something.

19 Stewart vs Min – He has been about as consistent as you can expect getting no carries. 10-14 points per week is exceptional all things considered.

20 Daniel Thomas vs NYG – The hammy is really giving him a hard time still. The Giants give up points to everyone in fantasy , so Thomas has some appeal this week as a RB2.



21 Hardesty vs SF – Hillis most likely out but will he turn 30 carries into 34 yards again this week?

22 Scott vs Sea – With Benson suspended I think Scott makes for a very nice play in PPR against the Seahawks this week.

23 Battle vs SD – He never got into the flow of the game as the Raiders kept allowing the Chiefs defense to score. He will approach 20 carries again and that can be valuable in a deep bye week.

24 Lynch vs Cin – Watch out for the pre game scratch with this bum – Killed a lot of fantasy teams last week.

25 Morris vs Den – Expect 50 yards rushing 3 catches 15 yards receiving and 0 TDs – Yea , pretty exciting stat line!

26 Helu vs Buf – Has a chance for some real touches in that offense now

27 D Will vs Min – He is horrible , move on because I will turn my comp off and stop writing completely if I think about him any longer.

28 Delone Carter vs Ten – He has been horrid all year until last week. 10 carries for 80 yards is not sustainable- Beware of fools gold with him.

29 Tate vs Jax – Will get limited touches , but has the skill to break off a long run at any time. Best 10 carry per week rusher in the NFL.

30 Wells vs Bal – Word is that he will get a limited role this week and against Baltimore that will prob not translate to much.

31 A. Smith vs Bal – Wells needs to be completely inactive for him to make the mid 20’s

32 K. Williams vs Den – He got more run last week than expected which I suspect will be a trend until Best comes back.

33 Jacobs vs Mia – as always he has a chance to score this week , especially after whining to the media.

34 Bush vs NYG – Should get some more run this week than last , and the Giants are beatable for big plays by the backs in the passing game.


35 Leonard vs Sea – Will get some more touches this week than usual. He may have to be used in the pass game more often as well which can make for a decent desperation bye or injury replacement.

*Even if Addai plays I wouldn’t start him


Woodhead vs Pit – Should be healthy now and ready to get back to his Kevin Faulk-esque role in that offense.

Spiller vs Wash – Just for S n G’s I have to imagine that Spiller had some plays drawn up for him over the bye week. Decent in PPR as he will see more time lining up at WR.


Lance Ball vs Det – Gotta give this little underachieving bundle of average some love here w/ Willis out because of injury. Fox will use both Moreno and Ball this week.

LEX HILLARD vs NYG – He is a Sunday morning addition to the dark status with Thomas out this week.


Thats it for Week 8 RBs!

QBs and WRs Tomorrow as we prep for the midway point in your fantasy football season.

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