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The Holy Grail – Week 8 RBs

Fred Jackson of the Buffalo Bills

Please Go Away!

Teams on bye week: Falcons, Bears, Packers, Raiders, Jets, Buccaneers


1 Arian Foster vs Jax – After last week , nobody else deserves the top spot.

2 AP @ Car –  Great week last week  but tweeked an ankle. He claims he is fine so he should be no lower than this.

3 Rice vs Ari – Horrible week last week , but the Cards should be the perfect medicine for the Ravens to bounce back.

4 Fred Jackson vs Wash – I am shaking my head thinking about this guy , I don’t want to write about him because I never drafted him.

5 Mccoy vs Dal – He is a stud plain and simple as he plays such a huge role in that offense. Nice time for a bye week for that team , gets moved a bit further down because Dallas defends the run great.

6 Gore vs Cleveland – Gore is back and picking up steam. The Browns will provide no challenge for him this week, at least in theory.

7 Mathews vs KC – Great matchup , plus Tolbert most likely isn’t suiting up. Expect a monster game.

8 Bradshaw vs Mia – Jacobs is whining , but that’s nothing new. Bradshaw should be fresh off a bye and the Dolphins will have no answer for anything the Giants do on offense.

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The Holy Grail – Week 6 TEs

Dallas Clark

Sorry For Your Early Retirement!

Teams on bye week: Broncos, Titans, Chiefs, Cardinals, Chargers, Seahawks


1 Finley vs Stl – He is equally as talented , or even more so than any other TE in fantasy and out of all of them he is due for the biggest game.

2 Graham @TB – Brees clearly loves him and he is producing with volume targets and receptions.

3 Witten @NE – There are going to be a lot of mouths to feed there this week , but due to the sheer nature and scoring potential of the game this week , he is a top of the line start.

A. Hernandez vs Dal – He is another week removed from his knee ailment and was targetted heavily last week. He dropped a sure TD pass which no doubt was the result of some rust from not playing for a few weeks. The rust will be shaken and he will take another step toward regaining his early dominant form.

Vernon Davis @ Det – They are going to need to pass in order to win against Detroit. Davis has been on the come up since his meeting with Harbaugh. If he ever played with an elite QB this guy would be the #1 Te every year.

6 Gronk vs Dal – He scores this week after two weeks of not finding the endzone.

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The Holy Grail – Week 6 RB’s

Fred Jackson of the Buffalo Bills




1 Mcfadden vs Cle – Most are putting AP in this spot , but I feel like Mcfadden is a breakout week waiting to happen. He has been held without a TD for two weeks and is going against a defense that is 25th in the NFL in total rushing yards allowed. BTW the 4 Rbs Cleveland has faced: Benson , Addai , D. Thomas and Cj2k  and Mcfadden is better than all of them.

2 AP @Chi – We saw what Best did to them last week and they are slow to the ball as they lack overall team speed. Watching AP run is just ridiculous , even he doesn’t know where he is going sometimes. Expect another monster day.

3 Rice vs Hou – Houston loses Mario Williams which really hurts a defense that is playing above its paygrade right now. Rice is going to be impossible to stop at home off a bye week against a defense that will have no answer for him. PS Houston gives up 4.8 YPC and that was  before the Williams injury.

4 Mccoy @Wash – He is impossible to guard in that offense , but Washington is a very good tackling team. His dual threat ability ultimately wins out every week and I think Vick will be energized in this game. We all know what happens to NFL talent once their back is against the wall.

5 Foster @ Bal – He can run against anyone even a team giving up next to nothing on the ground. Regardless of where I put him he is still a must start for the simple fact he is going to get 30 touches weeklyand has multiple TD potential.

6 Forte vs Min – Earth to Matt Forte, you can not keep up these rushing numbers.. can you? The guy looks great , and is a lock for touches  , catches and yards. If they ever get  the O Line to block anyone he could be even better.

7 Gore @Det – Detroit giving up almost 5 yards per carry , Gore looks back in form , Alex Smith actually looks ok , and Vernon Davis is beasting right now. In Harbaugh I trusted before the season , keep it going Niners!

8 Fred Jackson @ NYG – He is playing above his skillset , and it is pissing me the hell off. Someone tackle this guy , he is not all that fast , not terribly shifty doesn’t posessess bulldozer power , but yet he just gets yard after yard and falls forward. This offense is perfect for him and he killed me last week on fanduel as the lemmings are flocking to this flavor of the month.

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The Holy Grail- Week 2 RBs

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 20, 2009

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1 Ray Rice vs Tenn – Not spending much time on the must starts this week. We know what Ray Rice is , I had him as someone I believed would give his best year as a pro. Well he is off to a smashing start.

2 Peterson vs TB – He will exploit the Bucs who gave up 126 yards on the ground last week. Mcnabb is bad , but he will be better , you don’t sit AP anyway. Let’s move on.

3 Charles vs Det – It is AWAY on a fast track. The lions will score a ton , Charles is it for KC and he is about as explosive a runner you will find in the NFL. Det front 7 looked good but was barely on the field against TB, thats why they gave up so few rushing yards. Charles is a stud in any format.

4 Mcfadden vs Buf – Buf Gave up 6 yards per carry last week and DMC torched Denver for a huge yardage game. If he is healthy expect another monster game and an actual score this time. He falls behind Charles ONLY because of some minor injury news, could lead the week in scoring and if 100% healthy moved to #2.

5 Mccoy vs Atl – Torched STL last week, an obvious call but not a lot of people had him as high as I did. He comes down just a bit , but should factor in heavily , as Forte burned ATL last week through the air. Hopefully Vick doesn’t try to do too much against his former team and just sticks to the gameplan, that no doubt will feature Shady a ton.

6 Forte vs NO – After last week he has to become a must start. He is a PPR monster and should be considered a stud. He looked fast last Sunday.

7 Mendy vs Sea – He was quiet last week NOT because of the Ravens defense , but because the Steelers defense looked horrendous and couldn’t stop the Ravens offense. Roethlisberger had to throw it around to give them a chance , then the turnovers happened. Mendy will dominate this Seahawks game as the Steelers offense as a whole rebound and ground and pound while jumping on the TD merry go round! Yup.

MENDY FEARLESS FORECAST: 24carries 113yrds  2catches  8yrds    2Tds

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It’s Not Always About You Floyd (via DatsHeadlam)

watch us grow as an outlet covering more than just football , great “Off the Gridiron” article Dats!

It's Not Always About You Floyd These are Floyd Mayweather tweets on his twitter account after the 2nd episode of 24/7 for his fight vs Victor Ortiz. “I was very unhappy with the second episode of 24/7. HBO needs a new editor. The network does not show the real entertainment.” “HBO needs to give the viewers what they deserve because 24/7 is a highly anticipated show and I don’t want to disappoint the viewers.” “Oscar De la Hoya is trying to stay relevant by admitting to his vic … Read More

via DatsHeadlam

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End of Pre-Season Fantasy Perspectives (via Horne’s Corner)

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley at su...

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Excellent write-up as the fantasy season is upon us!

Thankfully another pre-season is in the books and we’re just a few days way from regular season football! As we edge closer to the regular season, this is a good time to recap some of the items that caught my eye during this pre-season which could have an impact on your fantasy seasons. Hey Todd Haley- WTF?!!? – There is always that coach that dares to be different in some way. Whether its being the first to implement the Wildcat in the NFL or co … Read More

via Horne’s Corner

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Roger Goodell Went Too Far This Time (via DatsHeadlam – iCon Sports)

U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander, U...

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“He is the most popular – or infamous – commissioner in sports right now, you know? Maybe that’s what he wanted to be. We know he doesn’t work for us, he doesn’t work with us.” Those were the words of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ryan Clark on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in an AP article earlier this month. Goodell has been known for for fining players for a lot of things on field and off field during his tenure as Commissioner however this tim … Read More

via DatsHeadlam – iCon Sports

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QB & WR Rankings (via Horne’s Corner)

Steve Smith, American football wide receiver f...

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a different look at the same players

nice post!

The time that you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. It is time for position rankings, just in time for your fantasy drafts! After profiling which players could be busts, along with which players could surprise in a good way, its time to just get down to ranking players by position. In this edition of the rankings, we’ll take a look at Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers. First up, we’ll rank the top-25 Quarterbacks with a little blurb on e … Read More

via Horne’s Corner

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Prizes and Payouts

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

Image by epSos.de via Flickr

Just wanted to give everyone some information on what exactly you will be playing for!

When we first start out we are going to keep it very very simple ,

1  draft only league for quicker drafts and no transactions $19.95  per seat but ONLY 8 people

2  Pro Level League- for lower level pay to play –  $ 34.95 per seat

3 Legend Level  League – medium level – $99.95 per seat

4 VIP Level League – Higher level – $499.95 per seat

For Actual payouts keep reading..

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The Way of the iCon – 8/6/11

Actor Jude Law at the 2007 Toronto Internation...

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Ok , the iCon is at it again!  We will have some real time , real life , real serious , real money blogging coming on up. Another vanilla standard PPR setup against some no names , some kinda names , and some who shall remain nameless. This installment comes to you from the top end of the draft as iCon was fortunate enough to land a pick in the top 4 which is the reason I decided to blog live about this draft. After giving you an intense look into the war room from the back end of the draft against some of the best that money gaming has to offer , I wanted to give you another look at how to approach a $100 dollar PPR draft from the opposite end of the spectrum.

What to expect: similiar targets , different targets , good values , bad values , overrated players and underrated players.

What not to expect: Sex , Drugs or Jude Law. Jude Law will not be involved in any way shape or form in this draft , not even if he texted me would I let that pouty she-male take part in this draft.

What possibly to expect: A blown pick or two because Mila Ricci aka Mrs iCon woke up from a nap and seems to be hell bent on making the rest of my night as miserable as possible.


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