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The Holy Grail – Week 8 WRs

Teams on bye week: Falcons, Bears, Packers, Raiders, Jets, Buccaneers

Steve Smith, American football wide receiver f...

Gotta be happy for the guy!


1 Calvin Johnson vs Den – Champ wouldn’t be able to cover him in his prime let alone past it.

2 Nicks vs Mia – I take chances in my WR ranks  and he gets the nod because he is due for a huge game soon. Miami is the right matchup for it to happen.

3 Wallace vs NE – You have to think with the extra week to prep for the Steelers that Belichek will make it his goal to take Wallace out of the game. Regardless , he doesn’t have the personnel to execute his defensive gameplans.

4 Welker vs Pit – He is on fire this year , breaking yardage records and dominating the PPR landscape. Pit may contain him a bit , but you never sit him regardless.

5 Steve Smith vs Wash – Newton has really brought life back into a career that was floundering. You can’t help but feel happy for him.

6 Colston vs Stl – He is dominating everyone right now , and the Rams will be no different.

7 Vjax vs KC – Say what you want , but I am gonna keep rolling him out there; especially against a team as beatable for big plays as Kansas City.

8 Bowe vs SD – Same game as the above , worse QB but he still plays as a high end WR1 in almost any matchup.

9 Dez Bryant vs Phi – He has already surpassed Miles Austin as Romo’s most trusted wideout. He looks for him between the 20’s and in the Redzone. At his age and with his skill set he could dominate the position in the years to come.

10 Steve Johnson vs Wash – Had a week off and should come back ready to shine. He is so hard to cover and is all over the field. Fitz loves him and so do I.


11 Boldin vs Az – The Arizona defense is the cure for any and all fantasy football problems.

12 AJ Green vs Sea – He is already elite and that is so dangerous. I never had the chance to grab him in my dynasty , but you better believe I am regretting it.

13 Fitzgerald vs Bal – He falls a bit , but not too far because it’s PPR and he is all they have. By default he gets 10 targets a week and is a pretty safe play regardless of matchup.

14 Miles Austin vs Phi – He was horrible and looked disinterested last week. Dez is now the man there , but that just means Miles will get less attention and once Romo is 100% again you will see a spike in his numbers.

15 Marshall vs NYG – He is a matchup proof WR. Problem is he is not QB proof and Matt Moore is so bad.

16 Desean Jackson vs Dal – Big play WR playing in a big game should result in big things. I am a believer in his talent, it’s consistency that  he lacks.

17 Maclin vs Dal – Where Djax leaves off on consistency Maclin picks up. They are the perfect complementary WRs.

18 Garcon vs Ten – He should produce this week. I think the Colts and Titans will both score in the mid 20’s this weekend.

19 LLoyd vs NO – Look for some garbage time buckets for this big play WR. Bradford is going to miss the game again , but Mcdaniels offense clearly revolves around Lloyd in the passing game.

20 Nate Washington vs Ind – I expect a big play out of him this week. He had a monster play called back last weekend because of penalty. I love him at 5.9K on fanduel.


21 Little vs SF – I bought in to him hard last weekend and paid the price. The Browns have some WRs and TEs banged up and Little is their only big play threat. Because of that he makes for a low end WR2 in PPR.

22 Manningham vs Mia – Great matchup and still getting close to double digit targets every week. He could put it together this week and finally reach the endzone. Regardless he is a pretty safe bet for 10-14 points this week with upside for more.

23 Crabtree vs Cle – Cleveland is defending the pass well this year but Crabtree is getting healthier and getting targetted a TON. He makes for a safer than you would think start this week.

24 Rice vs Cin – Tjax is most likely going to start this game and he showed a good connection with Rice. Rice is a gifted WR and needs someone to drop back and throw it deep. Wobbly,  inaccurate , doesn’t matter.. JUST THROW HIM THE DAMN BALL!

25 Wayne vs Ten – He is the WR2 on that team with Painter there. Clark is horrible too , I can’t recommend starting him but if you own him , you probably drafted him too high to sit.

26 Branch vs Pit – He has a TD threat this game for sure. The Steelers will give so much attention to Hernandez and Gronk that Branch will be a serious red zone threat.

27 Harvin vs Car – Nice matchup , Ponder helps but he is not producing so he gets dropped down about 7-10 spots.

28 Decker vs Det – They are going to need to score this week. Putting him this low makes him a bye week fill-in or low end flex and that is exactly what he is. He has some big play upside , but Tebow is so inaccurate that you can not count on him to break loose. He was missed on 2 long TDs the last two weeks that’s the potential that keeps him in the top 30.

29 Gaffney vs Buf – Was sneakily consistent in PPR before all the injuries hit. He does not have the skill set to really take off with those injuries , but will get a bump in targets and has a truly great matchup against Buf this week.

30 Demaryius vs Det – He falls below Decker as a safer option since Tebow seems to throw it his way a lot. Thomas looks like a 5 catch weekly player , but he scored last week so I am not expecting a score this week.

31 Antonio Brown vs NE – Ward is 50/50 to play. I think he will play but not very often. Brown has a nice skill set and could shine in better matchups, this qualifies as one.

32 Cruz vs Mia – Most of his huge scoring plays were very fluky but you have to love the potential and penchant for making those plays. Will not offer consistency , but does offer the right upside that a start in this area is worth it.

33 Lance Moore vs Stl – Gotta keep rolling him out there and should be due for a bump in productivity soon. 7-8 targets against a porous Rams defense seems about right.

34 Jason Hill vs Hou – He has over taken Mike Thomas as the target monster in Jax and I must adjust my rankings to reflect that.

35 David Nelson vs Wash – Takes over as the WR2 in buffalo with Donald Jones out. Should end up producing more TDs but less targets and receptions moving out of the slot.

36 Meachem vs Stl – Still getting in on a lot of plays , but not producing. He is only here for his TD potential.

37 Bess vs NYG – Sneakily putting up close to double digits in PPR every week. Should be no different this week as the Giants will swarm Marshall and the Dolphins will need to score in order to keep up with the Giants.

39 Baldwin vs Cin – Put up a fat ZERO last week , but we can write that to a case of the Charlie Whitehurst’s. Tjax is back and Baldwin becomes a decent spec play in a deep bye week.

40 Burleson vs Den – Ruined my sleeper call on him last week , but the week prior he was targeted heavily. He could be good in Denver this week as Calvin draws all the over the top safety help. Stafford being healthy is a must if you are going to use him. Too risky for my taste.

41 Jerome Simpson vs Sea – No more contact high jokes from me , ok maybe one more.. THIS GUY SMOKES A TON OF WEED AND HIS JERSEY MAY HAVE THE HINT OF IT AND IT MAY CAUSE THE GUYS COVERING HIM TO GET WASTED OFF HIS SCENT… sorry.. had to , but that was the last one.. promise.

42 Mike Thomas vs Hou – Added punt return duties to his slate plus MSW came back to the team which really muddles up his situation.

43 Jacoby Jones vs Jax – AJ is OUT this week , but Jones has no real chemistry with Schaub. He needs a fluke long play to be relevant and I can not predict that against a conservative defense like the Jags.

44 Doucet vs Bal – Lookin pretty decent as the early season waiver wire darling I claimed he would be. He is  victim of  a bad matchup this week , so I can’t recommend him  , even if you are desperate.

45 Floyd vs KC – He might shake loose this week , and if you have him , this may a great time to start him if you’re in need of a risky upside play.


Sanders vs NE – With Ward aching this guy becomes a heavy sleeper against NE since a ton of points are going to be up for grabs for Pit.


Torrey Smith vs AZ – A good chance he shakes loose for a couple long pass plays against the worst secondary known to man. Prob still on your wire in non-paid leagues where people are a bit more lax in their claims.


And that is it for the weekly Grail/Rankings!

No need to post more links , you guys already have enough things to click!

Make sure you get  your questions in on my twitter before next Thursday

and let me know how your season is going!

Good luck this weekend and win a game or 3 for me!



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