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Livin on a Fantasy Prayer – a draft review musical?


Bon Joe-vi?

…..puts on Bon Jovi- living on a prayer sound track…

….grabs mic.. preps for draft… cuz it’s go time

…I mean it’s Joe time..

Living On A Fantasy Prayer

Lyrics by @iconfantasyJoe

Inspired by Bon Joe-vi

copyright iconfantasysports records

Joey used to work on his drafts ,

NFL’s been on strike , he’s down on his teams , it’s tough.. so tough

Tazzy  , Chet and and TO bloggin all day, writing for their men (lol)

They’re winning their leagues for love..  love of the game..

WE gotta hold on to the players we got , ‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference if they’re injured or not

we drafted them and that’s a lot for us – let’s give it a shot!!

Ohhh we’re half way there – mid season draft review and we’re living on a fantasy prayer!

Read our blogs and you’ll win I swear

Cuz it’s Midseason draft review and we’re halfway there!


HELLLLLLLLLLLO old readers , new readers , no readers , basically any and all readers; I would like to welcome you with open arms and excited eyes to the icon Joe’s first ever power blog , midseason draft review!

Feel free to listen to Bon Jovi’s “livin on a prayer” whilst reading  , substitute the above lyrics and prep for my career change.

I would like to thank TOFantasySports for the cordial invite , he no doubt has good taste when it comes to getting the best of the best (no not Eric Roberts and that amazing 80’s movie) to come out and make some midseason “fake football” picks.

First let’s meet the blogs (in their draft order):

1 @TerezOwens : Real Sport , Real Dirt – The authority on sports gossip.

2 @BNQuinlan – Full Time fantasy expert has twitter on lock down , or something.

3 @LaughAtLebron : the name of the site says it all – not 1 , not 2 , not 3….not 4 But ZERO championships for the “king”

4 @iconfantasyJoe –  just added lyricist to his growing list of skills. A true man for all seasons.

5 @FrankWWEClown – specializes in wrestling and scaring children as well as balloon animals and other clown type stuff.

6 @PacingPete – writes for New Jersey FFL – likely not about Gym , Tanning or Laundry. But maybe about those things.

7 @ChetRazzball – Loves chili and fake footballs – does his thing at Razzball.com  one of the most respected in the game.

8 @FantasyTaz  – The man  , the myth , the legend. Apparently the guy loves his sister… just ask him. Like me he is also from NJ  – so that makes him OKAY in my book.

9 @TOFantasySports– The cousin site to TerezOwens.com – Dishing dirt while giving primo advice.

10 @TooJiggy aka It’s On Like Ndamukong – Conducted his draft from a 1968 Apple beta tester PC and managed to autodraft every possible bust.

11 @Bill_Riccette aka The Fantasy Corral  -is a newish blog (like me) who is quickly making friends in the industry.

12 @TheFFAddict – addicted to sports (as the name suggests) and has ties to multiple blogs in the industry.

( MNF football voice): Are you ready for some drafting?!

Following the format of the draft reviews I did over the summer , I will go pick by pick in each of the first 5 rounds followed by giving you a quick synopsis of the best pick , worst pick and my analysis of the changes that we have seen in player value halfway through the season.

There will be no greater tool to be used in evaluating players going forward and could be the deciding factor on who to start each week as well as who to trade away and trade for.


Rule number 1 – You do not talk about fantasy football fight club (wtf?)

Rule number 2 – It’s ok to talk about fantasy football fight club just to tell people this is standard Point Per Reception league.

Rule number 3 – Get back on topic and cut the BS singing and movie references – show the people you know your shit.

Midseason Draft – Bon Jovi Style


1.1 @TerezOwens : Arian Foster

1.2 @BNQuinlan – A. Peterson

1.3 @LaughAtLebron : L. Mccoy

1.4 @iconfantasyJoe –  Ray Rice

1.5 @FrankWWEClown – Forte

1.6 @PacingPete – Calvin

1.7 @ChetRazzball – Welker

1.8 @FantasyTaz  – Gore

1.9 @TOFantasySports– Rodgers

1.10 @TooJiggy – Chris Johnson

1.11 @Bill_Riccette – Fred Jackson

1.12 @TheFFAddict – Vick

Best PickFoster – Simply because he had the first overall pick and took the best player available without over thinking it and screwing it up. After the hamstring scare everyone was screaming that Foster was a bust , but now all is back to normal and he is the best combination of huge game potential and safety in any format.

Worst PickChris Johnson – For obvious  reasons he takes the award as worst selection in round 1. Too jiggy was apparently having major internet issues , which is understandable  – after all it is 1987 and broadband hasn’t been invented yet… oh wait.

Analysis: The pick that sticks out the most to me is Fred Jackson. He has clearly increased his value the most out of any player in all of fantasy football from previous drafts (the summer) until now (now). He will continue to be a great back going forward as long as he doesn’t get nicked up because of his huge workload (foreshadowing).


2.1 @TheFFAddict – Turner

2.2 @Bill_Riccette  Mcfadden

2.3 @TooJiggy Brady

2.4 @TOFantasySports Steven Jackson

2.5 @FantasyTaz MJD

2.6 @ChetRazzball Sproles

2.7 @PacingPete Mendenhall

2.8 @FrankWWEClown Newton

2.9  @iconfantasyJoe Mathews

2.10 @LaughAtLebron Brees

2.11 @BNQuinlan Wallace

2.12 @TerezOwens  Jennings

Best Pick :  Mcfadden – In a PPR format a healthy Darren Mcfadden should be taken in the top half of round 1. He falls to 2.2 because of the injury. If  Bill aka fantasy corral can hold it together at the position for a few weeks he may have had a steal there.

Worst Pick: Brady – After blowing the first pick because of an auto draft issue it is inexcusable in a PPR format to come back with a quarterback this early. Chris Johnson is a blown first rounder and if he wanted to be competitive in an expert draft he had to cut bait on QB and TE and stock up on RB/WR and fill those other postions later. He did not and because of that he lost this league before round 3.

Analysis:  Two running backs stick out to me in this round , Sproles and Mathews. Both of these guys were being cast aside and over looked during the summer , but have at times been dominant and brilliant for their fantasy teams. Both are excellent PPR Rbs. My Mathews pick was met with some apprehension , but that was only because I identified him as someone who would not make it back to me and I had eyes on a WR that I thought would.


3.1 @TerezOwens : Stafford

3.2 @BNQuinlan – Steve Smith

3.3 @LaughAtLebron : Desean Jackson

3.4 @iconfantasyJoe –  Andre Johnson

3.5 @FrankWWEClown – Larry Fitzgerald

3.6 @PacingPete – Maclin

3.7 @ChetRazzball – Blount

3.8 @FantasyTaz  – Wells

3.9 @TOFantasySports– Austin

3.10 @TooJiggy – Roddy White

3.11 @Bill_Riccette – Dez Bryant

3.12 @TheFFAddict – Bowe

Best Pick : Andre Johnson – I took the chance his injury would land him on my team in round 3. I knew I could get both players I had targeted in rounds 2 and 3 using this strategy. I also know that WRs are very deep this year and I would be able to grab a ton of wr2 type players to fill his void while I wait for him to get healthy in a few weeks. Upside is worth the risk in a competitive league. Bowe was also a great pick and should have been taken over some other guys – too much micro managing going on in this draft as the experts were citing strength of schedule far too often as reasons for passing on players like Bowe who dominate their position at times.

Worst Pick : Blount – Now this is not indicative of my thoughts on this player or owner because I believe it was the right pick for how the board looked.  I do believe he will be a fine play going forward. But Blount has to be the worst pick simply because his value remained unchanged by where he was selected versus where he was taken in the summer. He has been a borderline bust , putting up some awful games and then getting hurt. He was being taken in this spot 8-12 weeks ago and has done nothing to justify his draft position….yet.

Analysis: A few guys jump off the page to me – Beanie Wells is now a legit fantasy football running and was drafted 3 rounds earlier than his ADP over the summer. Another guy who fell was Roddy White and if he gets his act together he just became the steal of the draft. Miles Austin is still being drafted in round 3 which is very risky until Romo gets it going.


4.1 @TheFFAddict – Bradshaw

4.2 @Bill_Riccette  Nicks

4.3 @TooJiggy Graham

4.4 @TOFantasySports Vjax

4.5 @FantasyTaz Colston

4.6 @ChetRazzball Romo

4.7 @PacingPete Steve Johnson

4.8 @FrankWWEClown AJ Green

4.9  @iconfantasyJoe Witten

4.10 @LaughAtLebron Shonn Greene

4.11 @BNQuinlan Marshall

4.12 @TerezOwens  Gronkowski

Best Pick: Colston – He is still not getting enough love even after putting up some of the best games of the year at his position. He has the skill and offensive role needed to give you both upside and safety. Taz picked up a late round 2 WR value wise in the middle of round 4. That is winning fantasy football.

Worst Pick: Bradshaw – He would probably have been a 2nd rounder if not for the injury , but some reports I have read have him out indefinitely because of the broken bone in his foot. That is some real risk there and I do not identify him as a game changer like Andre Johnson or Darren Mcfadden , thus making his upside not high enough to risk blowing a pick this early in a half season league.

Analysis: We see some Tight Ends go off the board in this round as I got back to back sniped with Steve Johnson and AJ Green. I did not want Marshall and I identified Lloyd as my next WR but figured he would slip to me in the following round so I grabbed Witten who is a top PPR TE and is as consistent at the position as they come.

ROUND 5      


5.1 @TerezOwens : Lloyd

5.2 @BNQuinlan – Big Ben

5.3 @LaughAtLebron : Boldin

5.4 @iconfantasyJoe –  Garcon

5.5 @FrankWWEClown – Green – Ellis

5.6 @PacingPete – Finley

5.7 @ChetRazzball – Manningham

5.8 @FantasyTaz  – Eli Manning

5.9 @TOFantasySports– Mcgahee

5.10 @TooJiggy – Holmes

5.11 @Bill_Riccette – Daniels

5.12 @TheFFAddict – Tolbert

Best Pick:  Boldin/Lloyd – This round went as expected and Boldin is the safest pick in the entire round. I love the Lloyd pick as he is reunited with Mcdaniels and should produce like a high end WR2 the rest of the way. My greediness on TE cost me Lloyd , but I came back with Garcon who has been surprisingly consistent with Painter under center. They trail every game and the run game is non existent which makes Garcon sneakily safe. As safe as anyone with Curtis Painter at QB can be.

Worst Pick:  Green-ellis – I understand the RBs were decimated at this point. But to take someone with no upside and no solid role who does not catch passes is a big mistake. Green-ellis has been horrible at times this year and for every good game there are 2 games where he scores 1-3 points.

Analysis: Ben has played his way up the rankings. Over the summer he was drafted in rounds 6-8 and due to his stellar play and an offense that has gone from pass first to pass only (killing Mendenhall and booming Wallace) he should have no problem giving returns as a 5th round pick.


@TerezOwens :  Stafford , Foster , Starks , Stewart , Jennings , Lloyd , Gronk, plus some junk

 will contend because of Foster/Jennings  but Stewart/Starks have questions – solid 7.5/10

@BNQuinlan – Ben, Ryan Fitzpatrick , AP , Pierre Thomas , Jacobs, Wallace , Smith , Marshall , VD.

He will need Thomas and Jacobs with Bradshaw injured to step up and contribute. AP will mask the stench of his lack of RB depth, but will it be enough in the long run?  Nice WRs and VD has potential and he will contend for sure – solid 7.5/10

@LaughAtLebron : Brees , Mccoy , Battle , Greene , Grant , Boldin , Djax , the worst bench in the league

He wasted crucial picks in the middle rounds on a kicker and a defense drawing the ire of some of the harcore players. He has some big game players on his team , but  will he have enough in the long run to take down a really stacked team? My answer is no and he loses points and credibility for a bad draft strategy – Mediocre 6.5/10

@iconfantasyJoe – Rivers , Rice , Mathews , M. Bush, R. Bush, Tate, Andre Johnson , Garcon ,J. Nelson , Crabtree , Witten

Deep team that took a chance on AJ and could be paid off huge. Stacked the middle rounds w/ enough receivers to get me through the AJ less weeks and took Witten to sure up my pass catching players. Rivers could  be a steal and Mathews needs to get healthy but Ray Rice is a top back that can anchor any injury filled roster. Rating = N/A

@FrankWWEClown – Newton , Best , Forte , Moreno , BJGE , Fitz , AJ Green , Nate Washington , Fred Davis.

Versatile team that took a chance on Best. If Best can recover he has a team that can win it all. I am way too concerned about this concussion to set my hopes on a player like that. I like what he has here , regardless of my take on Green Ellis.

Solid 7.75/10

@PacingPete – Schaub , Mendy , Benson , Ogbonnaya , Torain? , Addai? Calvin , Stevie J , Maclin , Finley

Easily the worst group of RBs in the league. The WRs are good because of Calvin , but he needs Finley to play bonkers to compete. I don’t see him making the playoffs because of his RBs- 6.25/10

@ChetRazzball – Romo , Blount , Sproles , Welker , Harvin ,Manningham , A.Hern.

He went the surpreme PPR route and came back with Blount to even out his Sprole PPR pick. Will have a chance at a title because Manningham will step up in Nick’s absence and Harvin just got a bump because of Ponder. I like Hern more than Gronk in PPR as well. Romo due for some big games as well    7.75/10  because Sproles is for real.

@FantasyTaz  – Eli , Gore , MJD , Beanie ,Felix, Colston , Cruz , Heyward-Bey , Gresham , Winslow

Loved the Colston pick and Gore looks dominant. Felix was an interesting pick and paired Eli w/ Cruz which could be hit or miss. MJD is a good PPR back but his team is horrible and that is concerning. I think DHB was a premature  pick but could work out if Palmer gets going. I Hate his TEs and w/ this roster I expected a dominant TE but he paid too much in value to get Cruz and DHB to land a better TE. For that reason I thin he will be on the outside looking in unless Colston keeps going off and Cruz sustains his unsustainable pace.     7.0/10 b/c the backs can carry this team.

@TOFantasySports– Rodgers , Steven Jackson , lynch , Daniel Thomas , Mcgahee , Austin , Vjax ,S.  Rice , Gates

Sjax looks like he is going to dominate the second half , Mcgahee and Thomas are boring players who don’t offer huge game potential but Rodgers is a god at the QB spot. Austin/Vjax are two underperforming guys as he banks on their talent and situation to win out. Gates is a nice grab.

Solid team 7.5/10 losing points for drafting Lynch who is junk – has a legit chance to win it all.

10 @TooJiggy – CJ2K ,Hillis , Brady , White , Dwill , Wayne , Roddy , Jimmy Graham.

He would be fine if this was 2009. It isn’t , but he auto drafted half of this team so he gets a breaks because of internet issues.  6/10 

11 @Bill_Riccette – Ryan , Fred Jackson , Ingram , Mcfadden , Dez ,Nicks , Little , M William , Daniels , Olsen.

He has assembled a boom or bust roster anchored by Fred Jackson. Mcfadden , Nicks and Dez can all blow up or bust the second half because of injury or inexperience. Little is an X factor if he can even put it together. Ultimately I think he will be on the outside looking in because of the risky plays throughout his lineup.However , he is a healthy Mcfadden away from being dominant 7/10

12 @TheFFAddict – Vick , Tebow , Bradshaw , Turner , Tolbert , Bowe , Branch , Gaffney , Julio  , Tony G.

Not a fan of this team. Turner is solid, so are Vick and Bowe but Bradshaw might be out a while and his WRs are a mish mash of waiver wire guys and decent flex starts. Turner, Julio and Tony G. all being on 1 team really hurts his upside potential and in a league where points are at a premium this could backfire. Tebow is a good fantasy backup to have though and that could work out in case of a Vick injury.  6.75/10

My pick to win it all : @ChetRazzball  – He has enough paired underperforming high end talent that is due for some huge games  with safe PPR picks giving him the most potential plus safety out of all the teams.

However , if Andre Johnson and Mathews get healthy, I have the type of roster up and down that can run away with this thing as well!



And that’s it.

I hit you with some pristine lyrics and hopefully got some of New Jersey’s own Bon Jovi stuck in your heads.

A little bit of laughter , and little bit of fun and a lotta bit of football is what we are all about as expert bloggers. It was one of the most fun experiences I have had to date since I started this blog and site 2 months ago and because of that I want to thank TOFantasySports.com again for incuding me!

I learned so much about myself during the draft as well as Taz’s love for his ultra hot sister…or something (inside joke ya gotta ask him).

But most of all I am honored to have been included in any draft that features a blogging clown, because in reality – every fantasy football addict has a little bit of clown in them.

Good luck this weekend my friends

go out and win a game or 3 for me!



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