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Livin on a Fantasy Prayer – a draft review musical?


Bon Joe-vi?

…..puts on Bon Jovi- living on a prayer sound track…

….grabs mic.. preps for draft… cuz it’s go time

…I mean it’s Joe time..

Living On A Fantasy Prayer

Lyrics by @iconfantasyJoe

Inspired by Bon Joe-vi

copyright iconfantasysports records

Joey used to work on his drafts ,

NFL’s been on strike , he’s down on his teams , it’s tough.. so tough

Tazzy  , Chet and and TO bloggin all day, writing for their men (lol)

They’re winning their leagues for love..  love of the game..

WE gotta hold on to the players we got , ‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference if they’re injured or not

we drafted them and that’s a lot for us – let’s give it a shot!!

Ohhh we’re half way there – mid season draft review and we’re living on a fantasy prayer!

Read our blogs and you’ll win I swear

Cuz it’s Midseason draft review and we’re halfway there!


HELLLLLLLLLLLO old readers , new readers , no readers , basically any and all readers; I would like to welcome you with open arms and excited eyes to the icon Joe’s first ever power blog , midseason draft review!

Feel free to listen to Bon Jovi’s “livin on a prayer” whilst reading  , substitute the above lyrics and prep for my career change.

I would like to thank TOFantasySports for the cordial invite , he no doubt has good taste when it comes to getting the best of the best (no not Eric Roberts and that amazing 80’s movie) to come out and make some midseason “fake football” picks.

First let’s meet the blogs (in their draft order):

1 @TerezOwens : Real Sport , Real Dirt – The authority on sports gossip.

2 @BNQuinlan – Full Time fantasy expert has twitter on lock down , or something.

3 @LaughAtLebron : the name of the site says it all – not 1 , not 2 , not 3….not 4 But ZERO championships for the “king”

4 @iconfantasyJoe –  just added lyricist to his growing list of skills. A true man for all seasons.

5 @FrankWWEClown – specializes in wrestling and scaring children as well as balloon animals and other clown type stuff.

6 @PacingPete – writes for New Jersey FFL – likely not about Gym , Tanning or Laundry. But maybe about those things.

7 @ChetRazzball – Loves chili and fake footballs – does his thing at Razzball.com  one of the most respected in the game.

8 @FantasyTaz  – The man  , the myth , the legend. Apparently the guy loves his sister… just ask him. Like me he is also from NJ  – so that makes him OKAY in my book.

9 @TOFantasySports– The cousin site to TerezOwens.com – Dishing dirt while giving primo advice.

10 @TooJiggy aka It’s On Like Ndamukong – Conducted his draft from a 1968 Apple beta tester PC and managed to autodraft every possible bust.

11 @Bill_Riccette aka The Fantasy Corral  -is a newish blog (like me) who is quickly making friends in the industry.

12 @TheFFAddict – addicted to sports (as the name suggests) and has ties to multiple blogs in the industry.

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The Holy Grail- Week 2 RBs

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 20, 2009

Image via Wikipedia



1 Ray Rice vs Tenn – Not spending much time on the must starts this week. We know what Ray Rice is , I had him as someone I believed would give his best year as a pro. Well he is off to a smashing start.

2 Peterson vs TB – He will exploit the Bucs who gave up 126 yards on the ground last week. Mcnabb is bad , but he will be better , you don’t sit AP anyway. Let’s move on.

3 Charles vs Det – It is AWAY on a fast track. The lions will score a ton , Charles is it for KC and he is about as explosive a runner you will find in the NFL. Det front 7 looked good but was barely on the field against TB, thats why they gave up so few rushing yards. Charles is a stud in any format.

4 Mcfadden vs Buf – Buf Gave up 6 yards per carry last week and DMC torched Denver for a huge yardage game. If he is healthy expect another monster game and an actual score this time. He falls behind Charles ONLY because of some minor injury news, could lead the week in scoring and if 100% healthy moved to #2.

5 Mccoy vs Atl – Torched STL last week, an obvious call but not a lot of people had him as high as I did. He comes down just a bit , but should factor in heavily , as Forte burned ATL last week through the air. Hopefully Vick doesn’t try to do too much against his former team and just sticks to the gameplan, that no doubt will feature Shady a ton.

6 Forte vs NO – After last week he has to become a must start. He is a PPR monster and should be considered a stud. He looked fast last Sunday.

7 Mendy vs Sea – He was quiet last week NOT because of the Ravens defense , but because the Steelers defense looked horrendous and couldn’t stop the Ravens offense. Roethlisberger had to throw it around to give them a chance , then the turnovers happened. Mendy will dominate this Seahawks game as the Steelers offense as a whole rebound and ground and pound while jumping on the TD merry go round! Yup.

MENDY FEARLESS FORECAST: 24carries 113yrds  2catches  8yrds    2Tds

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Fantasy Stocks: Who to Sell High (via DatsHeadlam)

DatsHeadlam Coming Out SWINGING! Read to see some shocking thought on some fantasy studs as he plays Devils Advocate!

Fantasy Stocks: Who to Sell High In Fantasy Football there are players that are drafted high and by Week 6 you are wondering why the hell did I draft that guy so high. These are the players that I think you should stay away from if you don’t want to be scratching your head in Week 6: Ray Rice (Ravens) – I don’t care if he is playing on the goal line and what he has done in the past, … Read More

via DatsHeadlam    

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QB & WR Rankings (via Horne’s Corner)

Steve Smith, American football wide receiver f...

Image via Wikipedia

a different look at the same players

nice post!

The time that you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. It is time for position rankings, just in time for your fantasy drafts! After profiling which players could be busts, along with which players could surprise in a good way, its time to just get down to ranking players by position. In this edition of the rankings, we’ll take a look at Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers. First up, we’ll rank the top-25 Quarterbacks with a little blurb on e … Read More

via Horne’s Corner

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Expert League write up and Power Rankings

I was asked by Mr. Jeff Paur at Rtsports to take a look at the expert league we drafted last monday and give a bit of insight into a few players I drafted , why I drafted them and my analysis of those players going forward. Rather than do the write for him and just send it to him I figured I would throw together a quick blog with those thoughts as maybe it will provide some insight to you , the reader and drafter , when making a critical decision on a certain player going forward in any drafts you have left this summer.

My thoughts on a few of my picks:

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Live Expert Draft Review 8/15/11

iCon was invited to do an experts draft with the top, elite , upper echelon players that reside over at fantasy games money site Rtsports.com. All of the top 15 were invited on a first come first serve basis and all of these players are friends of mine and have been for quite some time. This draft was put together by the Lead Sports writer for their website , Jeff Paur and we are playing for free entry into their one of their ALL PRO leagues next football season.

This is the BEST collection of skilled and competitive money league players that I have yet to see assembled  in all my years playing this game. Each player here wins thousands per year in this hobby, so I thought this would be the perfect time to run the next analysis of my live drafting and draft reviews followed by rating teams at the end.

Understand something right now , every single guy in this league has hundreds of fantasy titles under their belts so finding the bad values in each round may be a daunting task in and of itself because almost every pick will be the right one as each and every guy in here is a champion.

As usual I will analyze just the first 5 rounds for best and worst values , followed by a quick analysis of each team and a rating on a scale of 1-10. The first 5 rounds will NOT win you your league completely but they will provide the backbone and foundation for your team and will dictate how your middle rounds should go.

There will be no better tool if you want to see the true value of each and every player going forward in all competitive PPR drafts for the rest of this summer.


Round 1

#1  John’s Team   –   Jamaal Charles  RB, KAN

#2  Pearl Jam Randy   –   Arian Foster  RB, HOU

#3  icon   –   Ray Rice  RB, BAL

#4  Nuts for Henery   –   Adrian Peterson  RB, MIN

#5  Jeff P’s Team   –   Chris Johnson  RB, TEN

#6  The Calipari Way Will   –   Michael Vick  QB, PHI

#7  Romeo’s Team   –   LeSean McCoy  RB, PHI

#8  Brian’s Team   –   Darren McFadden  RB, OAK

#9  JW – Bull Rush   –   Andre Johnson  WR, HOU

#10  Midget Monkeys   –   Rashard Mendenhall  RB, PIT

#11  The Calipari Way-Logan   –   Calvin Johnson  WR, DET

#12  Azzurri   –   Roddy White  WR, ATL

Best value: Adrian Peterson – iCon has him as #1 on the ranking list as the best combo of safety and upside he fell to 5th here and thats as good a spot as you will see him – iCon passed on him to take Rice , simply because I do not own rice enough this year.

Worst value: None , everyone went in a comparable spot and belongs here. Could be CJ2k if he never shows

Analysis: Nothing to see here , this is exactly what I would expect , Vick at 6 was a surprise but I can’t arguewith the pick at all , like the Mendy and Calvin picks at the end and White is rock solid.

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Sleeping Giants- QB’s and WR’s (via Ryan Horne and Horne’ Corner – iCon Sports)

Horne’s Corner is CHURNING out articles left and right , keep up the good work!

After spending time telling you what players you shouldn’t draft, now its time for me to find you some players that may not be on your radar. There are a couple of main factors that make a good sleeper, but there is no factor more important than a player’s situation in my opinion. Things like new offensive coordinators, new teams and new roles are all factors that play into a player’s situation and carefully studying those things will help find t … Read More

via Ryan Horne- iCon Sports

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Updated RB Rankings – Returns on investment 8/13/11

Ray Rice

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

Ok so here we are , I have been churning out articles about three to four times a week. I am already getting a ton of hits per day on a blog that I haven’t advertised for. The value of the company , the blog , the brand is increasing by leaps and bounds daily and the site has not even been launched yet (thanks to a coder who has his head up his…) I’ve got a partner who purchased his share in iCon at what will eventually be a bargain basement price because he saw value, he saw the passion I had for this hobby and frankly he believes by investing in iCon he is going to get a greater rate of return than he was putting out.

It is this exact concept and that approach that you HAVE to take during your drafts for the rest of this summer AND for the rest of your life. You have to develop the skill to be able to look at a player and decide what he is worth and where he should be drafted. You MUST become an expert on the ebbs and flows of the player market , these players are investments , these players are icon’s and with EVERY investment comes risk  and in every market there are winners and losers. If you follow iCon’s way of thought and you believe in a value system and you develop your own niche in this hobby and your own draft and team assembly style you WILL be a winner in this market just like Mister X will be a winner with his investment (we hope).

So I wanted to apply the concept of next years returns in order to update this years value and ranking list in order to take this ENTIRE blog to the next level.  I am going to TELL YOU just by my research , my breadth of knowledge of this market and these trends where you will draft a player this year and where you will draft him next year. It is a simple concept but by seeing this you can then better gauge the players you should be targeting , when you should be targeting them and how much I think they will play above or below their draft position.  Follow my lead , open your mind and treat your players like Mister X treated his investment in THIS company.


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Live Draft Review

This will be a similar type of series to the “Way of the iCon.”  Except here I am going to provide a round by round and team by team draft review for the first 5 rounds of the draft  followed by a summary of each team and grades on draft style and overall team strength. Each round I will provide a brief analysis while discussing the best and worst value selections of the round. So wish me luck , and pay close attention as there will be NO BETTER tool for you to use in your very own PPR style drafts  for the rest of this summer!


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RB Rankings and Analysis

Adrian L. Peterson in 2009 NFC Wild Card Game

Image via Wikipedia

TOP 25 and the best of the rest RB Rankings

PPR Scoring

1 Adrian Peterson– Mcnabb still garners respect , still the best combo of power/speed in the NFL , gets better each year at the dumpoffs

2 Chris Johnson– Titans telling him to get to camp to discuss a contract , he will show , still the most electric runner in the nfl(sorry JC) AP and CJ at their low was equal to almost every other RB at their Ceiling last year

3 Jamaal Charles–  The guy can flat out run the rock , that offense is going to be good , that offense is going to be his offense , youth plus speed plus energy plus centerpiece is a good offense = LOCK

4 Ray Rice– I KNOW there is a big 4 out there , I am aware of it , I just know we saw Fosters best year as a pro , and we haven’t seen Rice’s, signing Ricky takes some TDs away , but they had Mclain anyway to vulture , Flacco takes the next step , Rice gets double digit rushing TDs this year

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