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The Holy Grail- Week 7 WRs

Lollipop (Lil Wayne song)

Lil Wayne better than Reggie Wayne?


1 Calvin vs Atl – Oh, Hey amazing player on all my teams. Thanks for being you.

2 Miles Austin vs Stl – Romo to Austin for 2 Tds this week , lock it down he will be a monster.

3 Bowe vs Oak – Cassel to Bowe has been a theme for the last couple of weeks and it will continue this week as he looks strong and fast; which is scary , not like Michael Myers scary , more like Amityville scary because it’s based on a true story.

3 Wallace vs Az – See the Big Ben blurb , realize Rodgers-Cromartie is now on the Eagles. Put those together and Wallace is a monster. I couldn’t decide between him and Bowe so they both get ranked 3rd.

5 Dez Bryant vs Stl – If you can’t tell I’m high on the Romo to Dez to Miles to Witten arrangement they will have going on this week – it reminds me of a 4 way marriage or whatever it is the Mormons call it; Romo is the Daddy.

6 Steve Smith vs Wash – He is due for a score and 100 yards  , he is guaranteed at least one of those two things , and if he gets both he becomes a top 3 play. So I think 6 is a great spot for him this week.

7 Marshall vs Den – Looked unstoppable last week against Revis of all people. Champ is shutting people down this season for Denver so far but Marshall is a wack job so that gives him an edge.

8 Colston vs Ind – After last week how could he not be in the top 10 in a PPR blog during such a deep bye week. Even if he spells his first name wrong; Seriously: Marques?  CMON MAN.

9 Vincent Jackson vs NYJ – He is healthy and he is built like Marshall who dominated the Jets last week.

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The Holy Grail: Week 4 QBs

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsbur...

Big Week Comin!


1 Brady vs Oak – He is who he is and he could throw 5 ints this week and still score 30, never sit him.

2 Rodgers vs Denver – 400 and 4tds is a distinct possibility this week , gotta feel good about having him in your lineup.

3 Brees vs Jax – Jax has been surprisingly good ,but Brees has been unsurprisingly amazing.

4 Stafford vs Dallas – Dallas run D has been good so far. There pass D will get better and Ware could cause some problems. None of this matters as a healthy Stafford has become an elite QB already.

5 Rivers vs Mia – He is at home , he made me look bad last week , but if you drafted him you are starting him , especially in this matchup. Some injuries to their key offensive players is a bit worrisome.

6 Roethlisberger vs Hou- Expecting a big game from him this week and gets a nice bump up from his usual spot in my weekly rankings.

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MNF Quick Thoughts- Week 3

Tony Romo (en) at a Dallas Cowboys (en) preseason.

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What to look for in tonights game.

Let’s break down each teams key players and get some sleepers out there.

Was on the money last MNF calling Hixon a sleeper and he made a spectacular TD catch. Also called the Giants win and Eli stepping his game up.

Even gave you this nugget ” Mike Sims Walker is enough of a primadonna that he will bring his A game for a national tv audience” Sure enough MSW delivered which made me look REAL GOOD!

On to tonights game:

Dallas Cowboys:

Romo – will play and play fine , he showed last week that he has a high pain tolerance and he will need it as rib injuries are VERY painful – 275 yards 2 tds

Dez – Expected to play a monumental role on the Dallas passing game regardless of the injury. Was very aggressive about his treatment this week as he no doubt realizes on  a national stage with Austin out he could grab some league wide headlines with a great performance.


Witten – Looks great so far and Romo obviously has great chemistry , with Felix playing but being nicked up , Witten will be the safety valve he always has been. Not much in the passing game right now so something like  6 for 75 1 td  is where I see his stat line ending up.

Felix – I would avoid him , I have discussed a few times how I do NOT think he is a top end fantasy player and he proved that to me last week. He scored a td week 1 but that will be the abberration NOT the rule.


Ogletree – Everyone is all over this guy Holley. Why? Because he caught a long bomb in OT to help beat the niners? REALLY? That one catch is the reason Holley became a potential matchup play? NOT A CHANCE!Ogletree is actually a pretty good WR , and with Austin out , he is my pick to surprise this week as Romo and him have created some decent chemistry.


Rex – Love the matchup , he is stupid enough to honestly believe he is a better QB then Romo and maybe tonight he will perform that way. I think they need 300 and 3 tds from him in order to win this game , 250 and 2 more like it , but the upside and potential is there for a very nice game , start him confidently , he will score.

Hightower – Nice back so far , I think his value will decrease as the season goes along , Helu will start to vulture touches but is a good enough runner in this system that he will be worth a start each week regardless of matchup. The cowboys have been GREAT against the run in the first two weeks and will give Timmy some trouble , but he should produce low end rb2 numbers.

Helu – 15 touches a week seems probable , needs to be owned by EVERYONE that owns Hightower , if one back was going to burn the boys tonight it would be him. I love adding youth to my fantasy teams.

Moss – Burns the cowboys , should have a great game on a big stage , long underrated , but always producing.

Fred Davis -I have loved this guy FOREVER! Been pimping him in my rankings as a sleeper and someone to own well BEFORE he broke out in week 1. My readers know this. I will say Cooley is NOT fully done yet and will get healthier soon , but Davis is the TE to own there. 5 for 60 is where I see his stat line ending.


Gaffney – Another underrated guy , his problem is the fact he has no substantial upside. But he is consistent enough and the Dallas secondary is bad enough that starting him is a safe bet for 4-6 catches and some low end flex points.

Everyone is picking the skins to win, I think Dallas wins this game:

Dallas 27  Skins 21

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The Holy Grail- Week 3 QBs

Rex Grossman

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

Dear Readers,

I missed some deadlines this week. iCon Joe has been in the lab all day every day prepping for a amazing midseason launch that will give you guys just a taste of what to expect from this fantasy outlet.

This is NO EXCUSE. I am a gamer , I am expected to deliver results when results are due and I will deliver this each week on time in the future.

HOWEVER : ALL MONEY LEAGUE PLAYERS PAY ATTENTION , iconfantasysports is going to do something to kick off the website that has NEVER been done before!

Details will be released next week to coincide with the sale of midseason leagues!

Week 3 Qbs- Ranks and Thoughts

Must Starts

1 Rivers vs KC – Due for a huge game. My pick to light it up #beastmode this week. Gates may be banged up, but so is the KC secondary without Berry. Oh and KC has allowed 8 passing tds in 2 weeks, worst in the NFL.

2 Brady vs Buf -Bills play him tough , so did the Dolphins. A Hern. is hurt , it won’t matter and I actually believe Ocho will now be given a fair chance.

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MNF- Quick Thoughts Week 2

Capture of Eli Manning in a public service ann...

Looking Dumbfounded as Usual!

What to look for this week fantasy wise:


Eli will be better , plain and simple

Gilbride will call more running plays , upping Bradshaws’s value in this game

Nicks is playing , and if he is playing I expect him to be close enough to full speed – Big Game

Manningham – much bigger game then last week – I Expect them to move it vs the Rams and use Play Action to set up Manningham.

Tuck – is in , but the Giants pass defense is still ravaged by injuries.

Sleeper : Hixon – He complained this week , and in life the Squeaky Wheel gets the grease.


Sjax is out

Bradford will be better and the WRs will drop less balls

Caddy will not have as much running room this game as last week – but could be decent in the catch game

Kendricks to be involved much more – should up his stock this week

Gibson = the most average WR I’ve ever seen , average is good enough for 10 points in game that could be higher scoring

Mike Sims Walker – One of the most enigmatic WRs of all time , often times follows 0 pt games wtih 30 point games ,

I think he will surprise people tonight because he is PrimaDonnish enough to get his act together for the Nat Tv audience.

Sleeper: Salas – Filling in for Amendola at the slot , could get some decent work tonight if Tuck can help get a nice pass rush on Bradford.

Prediction: Giants 27 – Rams 24

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The Holy Grail- Week 2 QBs

Matt Cassell throws a pass. Patriots v. Bills,...

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Must Starts

1 Rodgers vs Car – Great matchup, He torched NO last week. Carolina gave up Yards , 2tds and 0 int’s to Kolb , Rodgers is better than Kolb.

Vick vs ATl – Claimed to play lights out , this was not the case. Djax dropped what would have been a 50 yard TD too. But he still is the most explosive QB in the game , running and passing with a chance at 40 plus points every week.

Brady vs SD – SD made Mcnabb look putrid. They will have NO CHANCE to slow Brady down like that. He is a monster , a beast , a goon , a goblin… He ain’t bad.

Rivers vs NE – Another elite QB with an elite matchup. If Henne can throw for 400 plus yards , Rivers can throw for 700. Expect 300 and 3tds as a lock.

Brees vs Chicago – They gave Ryan trouble last week. Brees is better than Ryan  , you are starting him anyway, let’s move on.

6 Romo vs SF – Looked really good at times vs the Jets. Dez might be banged up , but Austin , Felix and Witten there still make this guy a top end QB1. SF recorded 5 sacks last week , but I do not expect them to get this much pressure on Romo who will pick them apart in ways Tjax could only do if playing as Romo in Madden ’12.

7 Stafford vs KC – KC got torched by Fitzpatrick. They are going to get torched doubly by Stafford , PLUS Berry is out for the season , Stafford could be huge , and Could be a top 3 QB this week but settles in behind the sure things with longer track records.

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Out and Up: Week 2 Waivers

Chris Cooley was drafted in the third round of...

Cut the guy!

Tuesday is waiver days for most everyone in all fantasy football leagues. So every Tuesday I will release a new article detailing who I would throw out (cut) and who I would pick up (claim). None of this is set in stone , and every league and team should be treated differently. I am not saying to give up on all of these players , but what I am saying is if you needed to make room for another more promising and younger prospect , well it is safe to say goodbye to a player you may have loved previously. Do NOT make the mistake of holding on to an aging under performing player , there are ALWAYS early warning signs , read them and adjust. It could mean the difference between 6th place and a championship.

Out and Up : Week 2 waivers



Henne– Looked real good , but the Pats looked bad again on defense. Keep your hopes realistic , but Henne just became a nice matchup play.

Newton – This is a testament to how bad the AZ defense is. Newton just had his best game of the season , but he does have a top WR that he has shown early connection with and that counts for something. There are a lot of QBs out there, but if you want to take a chance on Cam , I can not say it’s a bad move.


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MNF- Quick Thoughts wk1

Knowshon Moreno, a player with the Denver Bron...

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Tonight is one of the MOST important nights of the season for many fantasy football fans as multiple games are teetering in the balance , waiting for the outcome of the last game or games to be played. This one is supremely important to iCon Joe as I have long been professing my man love , my bro bond , my chauvinistic charm for Knowshon Moreno in a PPR setting.

What to look for tonight:

Miami vs New England:


Brady to explode

Aaron Hernandez to improve his stock in all settings

Ocho is be average

Welker to get targetted and have a WR2 night

Gronkowski to score

The Law Firm to score

Woodhead to be sparingly used

Sleeper: Branch


Marshall to be very good and targetted A LOT

Bush to have a nice game , up his stock then limp off the field in the 4th

Daniel Thomas to look horrible ,  but have a sneaky decent stat line (Edit INACTIVE)

Hartline to get some catches

Bess to be boring

Sleeper: Hartline




Campbell to become relevant this season

Mcfadden to dominate

Ford to be involved and involved often becoming a solid flex play for next week

Michael Bush to score

Sleeper: Ford


Orton to throw 3 tds

1 of them to Moreno

Moreno to be on display looking faster and shiftier and more elusive

Mcgahee to look powerful and become a menace for opposing teams on the goalline

Lloyd to be targetted and make a spectacular catch

Decker to look like he belongs on fantasy rosters

Sleeper: Eric Decker



Thats all for now!

Check out the game , see if I am right or wrong , either way let me hear it!


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