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The Holy Grail- Week 8 TEs

A picture of Washington Redskins TE Fred Davis...

Big things the rest of the season!

Teams on bye week: Falcons, Bears, Packers, Raiders, Jets, Buccaneers


1 Graham @STL – Great matchup , great player , great stats  , move on.

2 Gates @KC – Word is the foot responded well which is great to hear since he came back and scored. Great matchup this week puts him at 2 on my list.

3 Witten @Phi – The Eagles had 2 weeks to prep for this game. Romo is going back to the rib support jacket and that means more conservative play calling from the Cowboys. Murray will get his share and Witten will be the security blanket that Romo has come to know and love.

4 Aaron Hernandez @Pit – He is a freak at the position , a hybrid WR/TE and that makes him an exciting start each week. He does get nicked up a bit here and there , but right now he is healthy and playing and if it’s PPR he is a surefire must start.

5 Fred Davis @ Buf – The Bills have a hard time covering anybody. With Moss , Cooley and Hightower all seriously injured , Davis may end up with 15 targets this game.

6 Vernon Davis vs Cle – He looks to get back on track this week after a needed break. He tends to follow up down weeks with good weeks. The Browns are not this good vs the pass , so something has to give. Start him with confidence this week.

7 Daniels vs Jax – AJ will be a GTD and my gut feeling is that he is not going to suit up. Daniels has been consistently average this season and is due for  TD. Dickson was open all over the field last week , but Flacco missed him a ton. Schaub is better than Flacco so start Daniels and feel good about it.

8 Gronk @Pit – You can argue that he is too low , and that may be the case , but in reality after the first few must starts everyone is about the same value. Davis and Daniels get the nod for me because they have better matchups and less competition for some QB love in PPR settings.

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MNF- Quick Thoughts wk1

Knowshon Moreno, a player with the Denver Bron...

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Tonight is one of the MOST important nights of the season for many fantasy football fans as multiple games are teetering in the balance , waiting for the outcome of the last game or games to be played. This one is supremely important to iCon Joe as I have long been professing my man love , my bro bond , my chauvinistic charm for Knowshon Moreno in a PPR setting.

What to look for tonight:

Miami vs New England:


Brady to explode

Aaron Hernandez to improve his stock in all settings

Ocho is be average

Welker to get targetted and have a WR2 night

Gronkowski to score

The Law Firm to score

Woodhead to be sparingly used

Sleeper: Branch


Marshall to be very good and targetted A LOT

Bush to have a nice game , up his stock then limp off the field in the 4th

Daniel Thomas to look horrible ,  but have a sneaky decent stat line (Edit INACTIVE)

Hartline to get some catches

Bess to be boring

Sleeper: Hartline




Campbell to become relevant this season

Mcfadden to dominate

Ford to be involved and involved often becoming a solid flex play for next week

Michael Bush to score

Sleeper: Ford


Orton to throw 3 tds

1 of them to Moreno

Moreno to be on display looking faster and shiftier and more elusive

Mcgahee to look powerful and become a menace for opposing teams on the goalline

Lloyd to be targetted and make a spectacular catch

Decker to look like he belongs on fantasy rosters

Sleeper: Eric Decker



Thats all for now!

Check out the game , see if I am right or wrong , either way let me hear it!


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The Holy Grail – Week 1 TEs

Greg Olsen (American football)

makes the top 10 this week!

Intro , intro , intro. Catchy sentence here , funny line there. You laugh , I laugh , you become interested enough to click read more. You read more , you see I know a bit about fantasy football. You surf the blog, you change a starter or re think a strategy because of some insight from a different person. You subscribe for free, you get put in the mix for a free midseason team on icon fantasy sports dot com, you come back and read next week.

Wash rinse repeat!

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD , there is the intro , lets move on to some grail worthy info regarding  TE rankings!

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