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Livin on a Fantasy Prayer – a draft review musical?


Bon Joe-vi?

…..puts on Bon Jovi- living on a prayer sound track…

….grabs mic.. preps for draft… cuz it’s go time

…I mean it’s Joe time..

Living On A Fantasy Prayer

Lyrics by @iconfantasyJoe

Inspired by Bon Joe-vi

copyright iconfantasysports records

Joey used to work on his drafts ,

NFL’s been on strike , he’s down on his teams , it’s tough.. so tough

Tazzy  , Chet and and TO bloggin all day, writing for their men (lol)

They’re winning their leagues for love..  love of the game..

WE gotta hold on to the players we got , ‘Cause it doesn’t make a difference if they’re injured or not

we drafted them and that’s a lot for us – let’s give it a shot!!

Ohhh we’re half way there – mid season draft review and we’re living on a fantasy prayer!

Read our blogs and you’ll win I swear

Cuz it’s Midseason draft review and we’re halfway there!


HELLLLLLLLLLLO old readers , new readers , no readers , basically any and all readers; I would like to welcome you with open arms and excited eyes to the icon Joe’s first ever power blog , midseason draft review!

Feel free to listen to Bon Jovi’s “livin on a prayer” whilst reading  , substitute the above lyrics and prep for my career change.

I would like to thank TOFantasySports for the cordial invite , he no doubt has good taste when it comes to getting the best of the best (no not Eric Roberts and that amazing 80’s movie) to come out and make some midseason “fake football” picks.

First let’s meet the blogs (in their draft order):

1 @TerezOwens : Real Sport , Real Dirt – The authority on sports gossip.

2 @BNQuinlan – Full Time fantasy expert has twitter on lock down , or something.

3 @LaughAtLebron : the name of the site says it all – not 1 , not 2 , not 3….not 4 But ZERO championships for the “king”

4 @iconfantasyJoe –  just added lyricist to his growing list of skills. A true man for all seasons.

5 @FrankWWEClown – specializes in wrestling and scaring children as well as balloon animals and other clown type stuff.

6 @PacingPete – writes for New Jersey FFL – likely not about Gym , Tanning or Laundry. But maybe about those things.

7 @ChetRazzball – Loves chili and fake footballs – does his thing at Razzball.com  one of the most respected in the game.

8 @FantasyTaz  – The man  , the myth , the legend. Apparently the guy loves his sister… just ask him. Like me he is also from NJ  – so that makes him OKAY in my book.

9 @TOFantasySports– The cousin site to TerezOwens.com – Dishing dirt while giving primo advice.

10 @TooJiggy aka It’s On Like Ndamukong – Conducted his draft from a 1968 Apple beta tester PC and managed to autodraft every possible bust.

11 @Bill_Riccette aka The Fantasy Corral  -is a newish blog (like me) who is quickly making friends in the industry.

12 @TheFFAddict – addicted to sports (as the name suggests) and has ties to multiple blogs in the industry.

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Expert League write up and Power Rankings

I was asked by Mr. Jeff Paur at Rtsports to take a look at the expert league we drafted last monday and give a bit of insight into a few players I drafted , why I drafted them and my analysis of those players going forward. Rather than do the write for him and just send it to him I figured I would throw together a quick blog with those thoughts as maybe it will provide some insight to you , the reader and drafter , when making a critical decision on a certain player going forward in any drafts you have left this summer.

My thoughts on a few of my picks:

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Live Expert Draft Review 8/15/11

iCon was invited to do an experts draft with the top, elite , upper echelon players that reside over at fantasy games money site Rtsports.com. All of the top 15 were invited on a first come first serve basis and all of these players are friends of mine and have been for quite some time. This draft was put together by the Lead Sports writer for their website , Jeff Paur and we are playing for free entry into their one of their ALL PRO leagues next football season.

This is the BEST collection of skilled and competitive money league players that I have yet to see assembled  in all my years playing this game. Each player here wins thousands per year in this hobby, so I thought this would be the perfect time to run the next analysis of my live drafting and draft reviews followed by rating teams at the end.

Understand something right now , every single guy in this league has hundreds of fantasy titles under their belts so finding the bad values in each round may be a daunting task in and of itself because almost every pick will be the right one as each and every guy in here is a champion.

As usual I will analyze just the first 5 rounds for best and worst values , followed by a quick analysis of each team and a rating on a scale of 1-10. The first 5 rounds will NOT win you your league completely but they will provide the backbone and foundation for your team and will dictate how your middle rounds should go.

There will be no better tool if you want to see the true value of each and every player going forward in all competitive PPR drafts for the rest of this summer.


Round 1

#1  John’s Team   –   Jamaal Charles  RB, KAN

#2  Pearl Jam Randy   –   Arian Foster  RB, HOU

#3  icon   –   Ray Rice  RB, BAL

#4  Nuts for Henery   –   Adrian Peterson  RB, MIN

#5  Jeff P’s Team   –   Chris Johnson  RB, TEN

#6  The Calipari Way Will   –   Michael Vick  QB, PHI

#7  Romeo’s Team   –   LeSean McCoy  RB, PHI

#8  Brian’s Team   –   Darren McFadden  RB, OAK

#9  JW – Bull Rush   –   Andre Johnson  WR, HOU

#10  Midget Monkeys   –   Rashard Mendenhall  RB, PIT

#11  The Calipari Way-Logan   –   Calvin Johnson  WR, DET

#12  Azzurri   –   Roddy White  WR, ATL

Best value: Adrian Peterson – iCon has him as #1 on the ranking list as the best combo of safety and upside he fell to 5th here and thats as good a spot as you will see him – iCon passed on him to take Rice , simply because I do not own rice enough this year.

Worst value: None , everyone went in a comparable spot and belongs here. Could be CJ2k if he never shows

Analysis: Nothing to see here , this is exactly what I would expect , Vick at 6 was a surprise but I can’t arguewith the pick at all , like the Mendy and Calvin picks at the end and White is rock solid.

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Live Draft Review

This will be a similar type of series to the “Way of the iCon.”  Except here I am going to provide a round by round and team by team draft review for the first 5 rounds of the draft  followed by a summary of each team and grades on draft style and overall team strength. Each round I will provide a brief analysis while discussing the best and worst value selections of the round. So wish me luck , and pay close attention as there will be NO BETTER tool for you to use in your very own PPR style drafts  for the rest of this summer!


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The Way of the iCon – 8/6/11

Actor Jude Law at the 2007 Toronto Internation...

Image via Wikipedia

Ok , the iCon is at it again!  We will have some real time , real life , real serious , real money blogging coming on up. Another vanilla standard PPR setup against some no names , some kinda names , and some who shall remain nameless. This installment comes to you from the top end of the draft as iCon was fortunate enough to land a pick in the top 4 which is the reason I decided to blog live about this draft. After giving you an intense look into the war room from the back end of the draft against some of the best that money gaming has to offer , I wanted to give you another look at how to approach a $100 dollar PPR draft from the opposite end of the spectrum.

What to expect: similiar targets , different targets , good values , bad values , overrated players and underrated players.

What not to expect: Sex , Drugs or Jude Law. Jude Law will not be involved in any way shape or form in this draft , not even if he texted me would I let that pouty she-male take part in this draft.

What possibly to expect: A blown pick or two because Mila Ricci aka Mrs iCon woke up from a nap and seems to be hell bent on making the rest of my night as miserable as possible.


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the Way of the iCon

Before we go any further , before I set some stuff up for future blogs , we are going to get RIGHT INTO some knock down , drag em out live draft fantasy football PPR strategy.With the season EYEING us down like the bastard son of Mike Singletary and Gary “Crazy Eyes” Busey; With  the season SNARLING at us straight out of a set of coked out nostrils that would make Michael Irvin and Lawrence Taylor jealous; With the season CACKLING at us, MOCKING us like Joan Rivers mocked her own genetic code; I bring to you The WAY of the ICON , a live look into iCon Sports DRAFT WAR ROOM exactly as the selections unfold in real-time.

     =    ?????????????????

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