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The Holy Grail- Week 7 QBs

Teams on bye week: Bills, Bengals, Patriots, Giants, Eagles, 49ers


Whitehurst , charming his way into your lineup!

1 Rodgers vs Min – Aaron is the #1 fantasy qb in the game  and it is not even close. Minny can stop the run , but can’t stop the pass ; 300 yards and 3Tds is practically his floor every week.

2 Brees vs Ind – Indy can’t stop anyone on defense and Brees has been torching teams this season. With Colston back and Graham becoming the premier TE in the NFL you have to like his 30 plus point upside every week.

3 Romo vs Stl – The Rams are putrid on both sides of the ball. Bradford is going to be out which means run, run, pass, punt all game for this struggling team. You have to wonder how long before the buzzards start circling around Spagnulo. Romo goes off this game start all the Cowboy WRs.

4 Stafford vs ATL – Falcons are getting torched on defense this year and Roddy White looks like he got one too many targets last year as he clearly isn’t reaching the level he held in 2010. Best is out , and may be out for a while but Morris is a capable receiver and that just means Stafford will throw it more to his other check down options such as Pettigrew. Maybe Burleson rejoins the WR corp with the Best injury freeing up some targets elsewhere.

5 Cam Newton vs Wash – I said it last week and I will say it every week: Unless he rushes for at least 1 TD a week his passing numbers are going to be supremely average. That being said he is almost a good bet to run one in every week , but against a good tackling team like Washington he will need to use his arm more. All that being said , read and digested Cam is a must start on any fantasy team right now which is completely shocking to me.

6 Ben Roethlisberger  vs AZ – Arizona is putrid in the secondary since they traded Rodgers-Cromartie and Ben will be throwing it to whomever he wants whenever he so chooses. Antonio Brown makes for a decent play this week as all of the Steelers have a chance at some big numbers with Ben being the beneficiary of his WRs running loose all game.

7 Rivers vs NYJ – Vincent Jackson is back at full strength and Gates will be returning this game. Mathews is coming into his own and Tolbert offers a shockingly versatile skill set to complement this offense. Revis had trouble guarding Marshall last week because of his size and speed and Jackson is built almost exactly the same. Do not be afraid to start any of your chargers this week , even though the Jets still demand respect. Gates is the only one I urge caution on , for the obvious reasons.


8 Schaub vs Tenn – The Titans have been decent this year on defense. I think this is shaping up to be a dominant Foster outing , but Schaub will get his too. Jacoby Jones offers a deep threat and Owen Daniels slumped last week against a strong Ravens defense and at 3-3 as long as they keep it together until AJ returns this team can be a playoff contender. Schaub is a safer start then Tebow , but let’s be honest it’s more fun to start Tebow this week , isn’t it?

9 Tebow vs Mia – I can’t believe he cracks the top 10. I am not sure if this rank is a product of the hype or because Miami is just so easily burnable. I think he will be used in so many different ways that he is actually a safe play. Flacco has been up and down this year and Ryan is not as exciting as a player. Starting a guy like Tebow is exciting and fun which is what fantasy football is all about.

10 Ryan vs Det – The Lions front 7 gets a ton of pressure and gets off the ball quickly. Schwartz might get out there and throw around a couple obscenities as he recovers from “The Handshake.” The Lions will score so the Falcons will need to catch up or keep up and for that reason Ryan will be passing more than usual making him a decent start. What the heck happened to Roddy White?

11 Flacco vs Jax – Horrible defense meets an ebbs and flows type QB. Good game , bad game , good game , bad game; you see the trend. I think he breaks the trend and following his good game last week he gives you an……. average game! Haha a line like 275 yards and 2Tds with some sneaky rushing yards is where I see him ending up which is ok to have in a deep bye week.

12 Cassel vs Oak –  Thanks to Charles going down he has had to start chucking it all over the place. Thanks to their defense regressing and Berry going down , he has had to start chucking it all over the place. So it is safe to say that this week Cassel will have to chuck it all over the place. Bowe is a good to great start this week and Battle. who is the waiver wire darling of the moment, will get 20 plus carries this game. I will be glued to this game to see how guys like Bowe, Cassel , Mcfadden, Battle and Ford do this week as I like them all this week and going forward.

13 Freeman vs Chi – Looked pretty good last week as the Bucs stepped up and possibly saved their season. Benn is going to be their best WR by next year as Mike Williams just isn’t getting it done in the Red Zone this year. Graham helps their offense a ton like I said because he provides more versatility than Blount. Winslow makes for a decent start this week against a Bears team that leaves the middle of the field wide open and Freeman , who is never sexy , should be okay here.

14 Cutler vs TB – “The curse heard round the world” as I will dubb it from now on. I think Mike Martz finally got the picture; 7-10 step drops do not work in the NFL unless 1) you have a possession receiving who dominates the middle; they don’t  2) you have a top TE that you actually want to use as a safety valve or 3) you actually keep your backs in to block. Too often in Martz’s scheme does he send in these long developing passing plays using minimium protection, HELLO! It may have worked for the Rams 15 years ago because it was new and the offensive revolution was just under way, but in today’s NFL 4 and 5 wide packages aren’t scary anymore and they certainly aren’t taking anybody by surprise. Regardless TB is a below average defensive squad and Cutler should make a play or 5 this week to be worthy of QB2 status. Hopefully he tosses a few less obscenities Mike Martz’s way and a few more passes toward Johnny Knox and Co.

15 Mccoy vs Sea – The Colt will be bucking this game! Yes , that’s the best I could come up with. Humor aside err lackthereof , the Seahawks are dominant at the line of scrimmage this year; bottling up every RB they have seen so far. Hardesty will have some tough sledding (though I believe he will still get enough touches for numbers) that the Browns will be forced to continue their hyper active passing attack. Little is going to be a star and he slipped last week on what would have been a long TD strike. Mccoy has some weapons there and my gut says Watson catches 7 balls this week making him a low end but feasible bye week replacement.


16 Hasselbeck vs Hou – The Texans front 7 is no joke right now as they are flying all over the middle of the field. They are getting gashed in the run game and Chris Johnson should take advantage of that. Nate Washington is a decent WR there and Damian Williams had a nice week last week. Watch out for Cook as by default he had to start getting used. Low end start for Matty this week and I would probably look elsewhere.

17 Kolb vs Pit – The Steelers are not the Steelers of old and they are giving up some points. The AZ defense is always asleep forcing their offense to have to pass it a lot. This has yet to result in actual numbers though because other defenses are just loading up the right blitz packages. Fitzgerald needs to be leaned on heavily this week , but Kolb is shaping up as a sit em QB in almost any league.

18 Sanchez vs SD – He made some plays vs the Dolphins last week , but it was like pulling teeth in the first half to get the Jets to move the ball. Chargers are going to offer a stiff test this week for the Sanchize and Greene will have limited running room. This will be a mid-scoring game that will need Keller’s and Burress’s involvement. LT draws the start but that is just for emo sake as he clearly has nothing left in the tank.

19 Whitehurst vs Cle – I actually like him this week but I can’t bring myself to rank him any higher. He will throw it around a bit and has a very good WR to work with in Sidney Rice. I mean how can you not love the ‘Stache/Beard and his 70’s porn look. The dude had me at hello…no joke.


20 Beck vs Car – Nice start for him as he gets to line up against a very bad defense. This will ultimately be a low scoring game filled with mistakes from both offenses so Beck really doesn’t offer a ton of upside. Torain and Davis are the plays for Washington , that being said Beck offers a decent price in weekly cap games which is at least worth investigating.

21 Ponder vs GB – I actually believe this guy will be a legit NFL QB. However , AP might get the ball 60 times this week to keep the pressure of Ponder. Either way this has to be better for Harvin’s and his value as Mcnabb was just horribly inaccurate and horribly horrible. Yea, he was bad.

22 Painter vs NO – He seems to get off to quick starts then gets sucked up by the game. Garcon is making plays there and Wayne is still around. Clark came back from the dead last week and Addai is said to be giving it a go this week. They will need to score against NO so that means they will need to pass  , though I am unsure if more Painter passing is actually a good thing and because that is actually a plausible sentence you are only going to start him in a 4 QB league. Verdict – No Finger Paintering this week!



WR’s released later tonight.

The QB position is shaping up and really becoming an interesting watch.

The initial reports of Palmer starting have been rescinded and because of that he does not find his way this week into my writings and musings.

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