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The Holy Grail – Week 6 QBs

Washington Redskins vs. New Orleans Saints at ...

Can't Stop This Guy!

Teams on bye week: Broncos, Titans, Chiefs, Cardinals, Chargers, Seahawks


1 Rodgers vs STL – St Louis has limited yards this year , but has already given up 8 TD tosses and that was factoring in a week when they didn’t even play. Rodgers throws for a minimium of 3 TDs this week with potential for huge yardage.

2 Brady vs Dal – Brady has been held in check for two straight weeks but this will not be the case in what could be the biggest scoring game of the week.

3 Brees @TB – TB is in the bottom third of the league in pass defense and we saw what the Niners did to that defense last week. Brees can’t be stopped by a good defense let alone a defense that routinely gets burned deep.

4 Romo @NE – The worst pass defense in the NFL meets one of the most dynamic receiving corps in the league plus a stat hog QB. Cowboys will have no problem moving the ball in big chunks this weekend.

5 Vick @ Wash – Washington has been at the top of the league in pass defense this year , but Vick is not like most QBs. With their backs against the wall I simply can not envision a scenario that doesn’t end with a huge Vick day.

6 Stafford vs SF – Stafford was held in check last week , but that was something to expect since he was on too ridiculous of a pace. That being said he is at home against a defense that has been playing well , but they will still have no chance to stop that pass offense. Best should be held in check which means Detroit will have to throw it to win.

7 Cam Newton @Atl – the Falcons defense has been a huge disappointment this year giving up huge yardage numbers and creating no pressure or turnovers. The Panthers offense is clearly on the come up with Cam Newton, who is just a monster right now. Keep in mind thought that the early season passing yard numbers by Cam were flukey and he really bumps his points by running for TDs , which is killing Stewart’s fantasy value. The guy is a must start already though , and that is impressive.


8 Eli Manning vs Buf – The Bills have already given up 10 passing Tds and the Giants offense can score in bunches. Nicks is an impossible to guard WR and Cruz is providing an overall excitement to that offense. Missing is their TE and Jacobs from last week , but yards and Td potential is there for Eli this week.

9 Matt Ryan vs Car – He is at home this week and will look to get their offense back on track. The average QB rating against the Panthers is approaching 100 and Ryan at home is usually on his game. Put those together and you have yourself a top 10 start.

10 Big Ben vs Jax – The Jax passing defense is not as dynamic as their stats suggest. Ben threw for 5 tds and starts every game with 3 TD potential. Mike Wallace is impossible to guard and Heath Miller finding his way back into the offense last week should be a help going forward. He makes for a very safe start this week , but has no chance at 5 Tds again so keep your high upside expectations in check as both teams like to run the ball which will limit the games  overall offensive production.

11 Fitzpatrick @NYG – The Giants will come out with more energy than they did last week; they have to because they played like the undead cast of any of the Resident Evil games. Though I guess they can be forgiven because future Hall of Famers Doug Baldwin and Charlie Whitehurst were lining up for the Seahawks against them last week…. yikes.

12 Flacco vs Hou – I know the Texans defense seems invigorated this year , but I just don’t see them keeping it up all season. The one competent offense they played this year put up 40 against them. Coming off a bye , at home , off a bad passing week , the ebbs and flows game tells me Flacco is going to have one of his good games and Boldin , Dickson , Rice all get involved in the action.


13 Schaub @ Bal – The Ravens are beatable in their secondary and Foster can run on anybody. That being said without Andre Johnson that entire offense is pedestrian. However , Schaub will throw it enough here to nail a few Tds. I have to wonder how much they will use Mason in this game which is intriguing as he plays his old mates, regardless Mason doesn’t have much left anyway.

14 Bradford @ GB – On a limb here but Bradford is ready for a good game. The Packers are giving up huge yardage numbers this year , and Steven Jackson is back at full strength. Danario Alexander gives him a deep threat and Sims Walker will be good enough on possession plays to help move the chains. So against conventional wisdom I would have no problem starting him this week as he offers more upside then any of the QBs in this area.

15 Rex Grossman vs Phi – Being at home helps and the lack of a competent Philly defense also helps. They are playing against an explosive offense with their backs against the wall which will keep this from being a plodding game giving Grossman some TD and yardage potential in this game.

16 Sanchez vs Mia – Great matchup , but if Keller doesn’t get involved this week Sanchez will have pedestrian numbers. Burress is old , and Holmes needs more work. Greene looked strong last week , but LT needs more dump offs. I wish I could run that offense because I am 675% sure I would do a better job then their current horrible OC.

17 Cutler vs Min – The Vikes gave Kolb and the Cards a really hard time last week , but that was a product of it being painfully obvious the Cards had to pass every down. The Bears do a great job using Forte all over the place and Cutler is under siege all game every game, but he is usually good enough to make some plays and give you some points.

18 Campbell vs Cle – Cleveland has limited pass yards this year simply because they are getting gashed on the ground. Couple that with a big Mcfadden game on the horizon and you have a QB that might not get enough chances to give numbers this week. THAT being said Ford intrigues me and Heyward- Bey looks like a real NFL receiver this year so he still offers some stability right now. Plus Darren Mc is great in the catch game.

19 Freeman vs NO – Freeman is horrible and so is that entire offense right now. Benn needs more targets and Mike Williams need to get his act together. Blount being injured is actually a help right now because Graham offers enough versatility in the pass game to allow Freeman some early game high percentage confidence gaining dump offs. Winslow needs more targets as well right now in order to get their pass game on track.


20 Dalton vs Indy – Indy is 29th in QB rating against. That’s bad and that usually translates to yardage and Tds against. Dalson has a very good  , young , energetic , receiving corp plus a TE that is great in the Redzone and a defense that is bottling up teams this year getting him the ball back. Not a bad start if he was your backup to Rivers who is on a bye this week.

21 Mccoy @ Oak – Hello Greg Little , welcome to the NFL! Mccoy should be better this week with more explosive weapons at his disposal. Watson is an above average receiving TE and Hillis is back and 100% healthy and should assume his big role in that offense.  Hardesty also offers another look for defenses to worry about and is versatile enough to catch a few from Mccoy as well. None the less you probably aren’t starting , nor should you start anyone down this low.

22 Alex Smith @ Det – Detroit is still getting a lot of pressure on the QB. Cutler was all over the place in the pocket to make any kind of small plays and the Lions do a great job of moving Suh all over the place. Smith is not as adept at picking up what confusing defenses are doing and should struggle this game.


TE’s released later today!

Thanks for reading and I am interested in seeing how Bradford does this week as he hopes to turn around his season

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