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The Holy Grail – Week 6 TEs

Dallas Clark

Sorry For Your Early Retirement!

Teams on bye week: Broncos, Titans, Chiefs, Cardinals, Chargers, Seahawks


1 Finley vs Stl – He is equally as talented , or even more so than any other TE in fantasy and out of all of them he is due for the biggest game.

2 Graham @TB – Brees clearly loves him and he is producing with volume targets and receptions.

3 Witten @NE – There are going to be a lot of mouths to feed there this week , but due to the sheer nature and scoring potential of the game this week , he is a top of the line start.

A. Hernandez vs Dal – He is another week removed from his knee ailment and was targetted heavily last week. He dropped a sure TD pass which no doubt was the result of some rust from not playing for a few weeks. The rust will be shaken and he will take another step toward regaining his early dominant form.

Vernon Davis @ Det – They are going to need to pass in order to win against Detroit. Davis has been on the come up since his meeting with Harbaugh. If he ever played with an elite QB this guy would be the #1 Te every year.

6 Gronk vs Dal – He scores this week after two weeks of not finding the endzone.


7 Olsen @ Atl – He is shaping up as one of the best buys in the 2011 fantasy draft as he is producing every week. Almost a lock for either a TD or 5-7 catches.

8 Pettigrew vs SF – He is getting a lot of targets there and making good on his size by providing a huge target over the middle for Stafford and company.

9 Owen Daniels @Bal – The only way to beat Baltimore is through the air, without AJ he will no doubt be a huge factor into the game plan. Jacoby Jones has shown that he has no ability to connect with Schaub and I don’t think Schaub has any other choice but to attempt an OD on OD this week. That being said I still am tempering expectations b/c of his opponent but still slotting him high enough on the solid starts to play as a TE1 with upside. Ahead of Tony G because the best of OD is better than the best of TG.. if that even makes sense.

**shout out to @OpenFieldAhead for the missing OD!**

10 Tony G. vs Car – Well the old guy just keeps on ticking and is showing no signs of slowing down. Never underestimate a future Hall of Famer with a legendary work ethic.

11 Keller vs Mia – I think he will get back in the action this week and have a solid game. He is too talented , but if he flames this game , then it will be way too much like last season where he came out on fire and just fizzled for the rest of the season. He belongs in the elite tier , so it’s time to put up or get cut.

12 Gresham vs Ind – nice matchup against a team giving up a ton of passing yards. Couple that with Dalton’s penchant for locating him in the RZ and you have yourself the last of the solid starts.


13 Watson @ Oak – It’s PPR and this guy is steady underrated. He is clogging up space for my man Evan Moore , but he is producing pretty good PPR numbers.

14 Dickson vs Hou – At home , off a Bye , Flacco on the up after a down week. I would start him if I owned him and he is a great buy in salary cap weekly games.

15 Fred Davis vs Phi – He is better than Cooley , but Cooley has cluttered up a potential break out for him. But he is still a big part of that offense regardless.

16 Dallas Clark @Cin – Painter doesn’t have any chem with him , prob because Garcon is making so many big plays.


17 Chandler @ NYG – Told Ya So – that being said he is an Ok start because of his Redzone presence

18 Miller vs Jax – Will he start becoming a factor in that offense again?

19 Shiancoe @Chi – Not a bad start against a team that struggles to cover the middle of the field.

20 Delanie Walker @ Detroit – For Deep TE leagues , he makes a few plays per week and has enough talent to start on any NFL team.

21 Dreesen @Bal – After last week , he has to be listed here , especially since Schaub needs to find other weapons without AJ.


Lewis @Pit –  He hold as much TD potential as anyone in this area and is being hated on too much.

**He would be and should be ranked in the mid teens on my board , but I wanted to separate him to give him some pub b/c the Lewis hate has gone too far in most leagues.**


Cooley vs Phi – He is definitely on your wire right now and has enough talent to produce of you are in a jam.


That’s it for the Grail this week. We get back on track , and ready to rock for the rest of the season.

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