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The Holy Grail – Week 6 WR’s

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker ...

Sorry for doubting You Wes!

Teams on Bye : Broncos, Titans, Chiefs, Cardinals, Chargers, Seahawks


1 Calvin vs SF – Not even going to say a word. I am just going to smile because he is the one player I own the most in 50 fantasy leagues.

2 Welker vs Dal – Not even going to say a word. I am just going to frown because he is the one player I do not own once in 50 fantasy leagues.

3 Nicks vs Buf – He is a TD freak and the Bills secondary is very burnable.

4 White vs Car – Julio Jones will either be out or ineffective and the Panthers are only in the middle of the pack in pass defense.

5 Mike Wallace  vs Jax – At home , Ben had a 5td game last week and he is unguardable by any defense, let alone a defense that is purely the product of an easy schedule so far.

6 Jennings vs STL – At home against a bad defense. It’s just that simple.

7 Steve Smith @Atl – Falcons have a lot of holes on defense and have been a pure disappointment on both sides of the ball right so far. Smith on the other hand has not.

8 Dez Bryant vs NE – Worst pass defense in the NFL meets a top 5 and healthy passing offense in the NFL. It’s gonna be a big scoring game so you start all your Cowboys and Pats this week.

9 Miles Austin vs NE – He is back and Romo clearly will look his way. Dez should be healthy and they both will get their fill against a horrible secondary.


10 Steve Johnson @NYG  – After a down week last week he will be on the up this week , this is a pure ebbs and flows type game and you have to recognize that he is too good to be down too long.

11 Desean Jackson @Wash -see the Mccoy blurb as exciting NFL talent with back against the wall usually ends in in big things.

12 AJ Green vs Ind – Bowe demolished them last week and you have to love an explosive guy scoring TDs AND getting a ton of targets. The Bengals might be on to something there in a few years but for now start Green and enjoy his early career returns.

13 Maclin @Wash – He is a product of the horrible Philly defense because they just have to pass it so much to come back on teams. Guys like Avant are also benefiting from this too.

14 Boldin vs Hou – Flacco should have a lot of time to throw with no Mario Williams bearing down on him and the Ravens will put up points this week at home. I also like Dickson in this game.

15 Colston @TB – The Bucs defense is a joke and the Saints offense is unstoppable. Another week removed from the shoulder injury puts him at full strength.

16 Holmes vs Mia – Another horrible pass defense but Holmes is becoming less trust worthy because Sanchez and the O Coordinator Schotty simply look lost out there. Yes the coordinator looks lost out there because he is a huge problem for that offense.

17 Moss vs Philly – He is a gamer pure and simple and a bye giving him all that extra time to prep for the Eagles makes Santana a very good start this week.

18 Wayne @ Cin – Regardless of what Garcon has done in the last two weeks he simply can’t do it every week. Wayne is the WR to start on that team this week. I don’t own him at all though so I guess I hope he continues his string of average games.

19 Garcon @ Cin – Has a helluva connection with Painter and is .. dare I say it.. Painting a masterpiece for fantasy teams! Either way it’s really close between him and Wayne this week with the edge to Wayne as Garcon has to come back to earth one day.

20 Jordy Nelson vs STL – I am going to hammer home this point again – Nelson is 100% an ebbs and flows type player and is due this week for one long catch not resulting in a TD and one long catch resulting in a TD.

21 Manningham vs Buf – He is still getting targets , but I warned everyone including the pundits that he was being overdrafted because he reached his ceiling last year. That being said a 6 catch 75 yard 1 TD game is on the horizon.

22 Cruz vs Buf – He won’t do it every week and expect lower numbers this week, but man is he an exciting player who makes some crazy catches. Everyone is single covering him because of all their other weapons much like  opponents were doing to Manningham last year.

23 Marshall @NYJ – Horrible matchup , bad QB and we saw what Matt Moore did to Smith last year. Bust city in MIA this year for Marshall.

24 Harvin @ Chi – He was a product of the fact that Az is just a horrible offense AND defense right now. They did not need to pass the ball because AP did the rest. This week they will and he will be okay enough to start. Has been sneakily consistent in the low double figures each week but (prior to last week) but he needs a few 20 plus point games soon to continue to be considered a WR2. Watch closely this week.

25 Branch vs Dal – Start all your Pats , especially the ones Brady loves because they will all get some love, looks and points this week.


26 Mike Williams vs NO – Welcome to bust city population you.

27 Lance Moore @TB – Something seems like a Lance Moore kinda week this week. Maybe it’s the horrible TB secondary who will give Colston and Graham a ton of attention.

28 Heyward-Bey vs Cle – Welcome to the NFL DHB  – You will be moving up after this week , but I don’t want to go crazy just yet.

**pats self on back for selecting him really late in my dynasty draft**

29 Meachem @TB – Colston back saps his value and it’s been the same story for years with him. He has TD potential but there are too many other options in NO especially with Graham shaping up as the best TE in the NFL right now.

30 David Nelson @NYG – Donald Jones will be out for a while , so he assumes his role in the offense. This actually hurts his value because he was really good in the slot there, but he is still big enough to get some redzone targets and the offense moves it enough to consider him a low end flex during bye weeks.

31 Burress vs Mia – He will just be too hard to gauge the rest of the season. Start him if you have to as a fill in because of his cush matchup , but you will never know if he is going to give you 15 or 5 so keep that in mind.

32 M. Thomas @ Pit – He is a product of volume targets. He doesn’t have a high ceiling , but 5 for 50 seems to be his floor.

33 Gaffney vs Philly – He is a nice Vet and he is quietly hitting double figures or close to it each week. The Redskins will have to score this week and that will open up some target and yards potential which is nice to have during the byes.

34 D. Alexander @GB – My pick to surprise this week and again I am going to hammer home this point: When you are down this low and you are choosing between someone with upside but risks and someone safer but no upside , always go upside- ZZZ Sleeper

35 Little @ OAK – The coaches are 6 weeks late , but they are finally starting Little over Robiskie. It’s about time!  ZZZ Sleeper.

36 James Jones vs Stl – Start your packers this week and note that Driver is now an afterthought there as Jones has put together two decent weeks in a row. (Start your packers not named Ryan Grant- he stinks)

37 Ford vs Cle – He is getting more touches which is likely the reason D. Moore took a goose egg last week. ZZZ Sleeper. 

38 D Moore vs Cle – DHB’s emergence should only help the offense as a whole. Moore being shut out last week was surprising but he is an electric player and in this low area you should be playing upside over consistency.

39 Ward vs Jax – After last weeks somesault jump into the endzone Ward has proven he has something left in the gas tank. With Mendy banged up and the rush offense practically non existent he makes for a very low end flex because of his TD potential and 5 catch probability.

40 Knox vs Min – Minny pass defense will give up at least 1 big play to Cutler and the Bears , Knox will have a shot at being the beneficiary of that play. Either way I don’t own the guy and he has never  become what the fantasy football world has wanted him or even needed him to become.

41 Crabtree @ Det – Niners will have to score this week , but Crabtree still sucks and I don’t own him once after I cut him on the 3 teams I even drafted him on.

42 Avant @Was – Vick clearly has shown he trusts Avant and that’s good enough to make a desperate flex in a bye week.

43 Antonio Brown vs Jax – He doesn’t get the ball enough and Ward’s big week last week should make that an even more cluttered WR situation.

44 Walter @Bal – Jacoby Jones and Schaub just look lost together. Walter should get enough looks to be a speculative play if you are desperate.

45 Sims Walker @GB – Even MSW might be needed to produce in a week where the Rams are going against a top of the line scoring team, but he is untrustworthy in a good offense let alone an offense that looks lost.


Jerome Simpson vs Indy – He might be high during the game and he might be facing felony drug charges , but he is going against a horrible defense and that counts for something! PRISON YARD RULES!

Shot in the Dark

Titus Young vs Chi – Stafford looked elsewhere last week and the Lions never really went bonkers in the pass game because Best blew up. Young might be good for 6 targets and a few nice plays and he is probably on your waiver wire right now if you need a big upside play to make up for injuries or byes.


That is all for week 6 Wrs!

I hit on a huge amount of players because this is the deepest position in fantasy and often teams hold 6 to 7 WRs on their roster , especially in PPR.

Check on the TEs and QBs coming tomorrow as we round out this weeks edition of the Grail and get the blog and your season back on track in the same week.

My teams are cruising right now… but my biggest concern is.. are yours?

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