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The Holy Grail- Week 3 WRs

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Leading you to the promised land each week.

Very important week for the WRs . The position is shaping up so get your research swag going and win yourself a game this week!


1 AJ @NO – You don’t bench him , should be the number 1 PPR WR each week regardless of matchup

2 Calvin @Min- see Andre Johnson , then add 1A PPR WR each week

3 Vincent Jacksonvs KC – Gates out , Floyd hurt , Jackson , Mathews and Tolbert will all be busy in the passing game -KC stinks

4 Roddy White @Tb – Big week a coming… ohhhhhhhh a big week is a coming – one of these weeks anyway , maybe this one.

5 Mike Wallace @Ind – This guy is a flat out monster right now – must start each week , fast , slick , wirey..lots of adjectives and a whole lot of superlatives.

6 Larry Fitz @Sea – You’re welcome for last weeks call when some writers jumped ship , lower expectation in SEA though only because of the whole ebbs and flows thing , unguardable.

7 Britt  vs Den – This guy is legit , Hasselbeck has been a boom for his fantasy value , he is ONLY 22 years old. WOW

8 Steve Smith vs Jax – Makes me puke in my mouth , but I do feel good for the guy because  he really deserved an actual QB after almost a decade of that slop they were throwing out there. – Yes he became a must start already


Nicks @philly – Manningham out , taking a chance , calling him as a top 10 play , getting healthier and is a freak with  capital WOW.

10 Djax vs NYG – gives them trouble , too fast for their secondary , but he will get hit hard a few times.

11 Dez vs Wash – If healthy an easy top WR play. That is a big if though so grab Ogletree if you want to start him , but be prepped in case be does not play.

**Risk vs Reward here – Check your opponent, if you need a big game , if you’re playing some megabeastmode team  , you’re staring at Stafford , Rice , Tate , Wallace , Britt etc etc well you Prob need to start Dez Bryant to match talent for talent – If your opponent is bad or isn’t stacked but you respect his players  , maybe you want to start someone else in the “Solid Starts” category**  Guys like Harvin , Maclin , Lloyd etc.**

Always remember a win by 1 point or a win by 100 is still just 1 win.

12 Steve Johnson @ NE – Guy is a beast , was wrong about him and he keeps on chuggin. Pats Pass defense is the Pitts!

13 Welker vs Buf – PPR monster , Hernandez out , will be rock solid this week against a bad secondary , Pats might score 80.

14 Marshall @ Cle – Great season so far , Haden is a tough CB , but Marshall has size and speed and loves sipping on the Henne each week hoping to get wasted on Haden island.

15 Boldin @Stl – Nice matchup , last week was a down week , this week an up as Flacco and the passing game get back on track

16 Holmes @ Oak – Called his TD last week , the injury limited him some , getting healthy on Da Rayduhs.

17 Moss @ Dal – Notoriously kills them , them being the Cowboys, loves MNF and the big stage , loves Rexy and Rexy loves him. Lotta love here , loving the love to be honest.

18 Jennings @ Chi – He won’t score every week , he will get enough targets every week to be a never sit WR. Tough matchup and I bet I am on a limb here saying Jennings should be moved down this week.

19 Harvin vs Det – Getting more work this week , wasn’t on the field enough last week , why do the coaches in minny always suck? Someone please tell me how they thought it was normal for their only catch threat to only get 20 or so plays.

20 Maclin vs NYG – Too bad week 1 , WAY too good last week , the real Maclin please stand up as just above average and a mid range WR2

21 Lloyd @ Tenn – Healthy and back , great deep ball threat. Tenn can score now , and Orton is still throwing the ball a lot. This game will see it’s fair share of TDs.

22 Mike Williams vs Atl – Horrible last week , will be better , that offense better feature him more or they will disappoint and he will be bust city.

MW owners pay attention this week , I think A LOT is riding on it for his fantasy prospects going forward.

23 Green vs SF – Yes I am giving love to a rookie who is close to the top of the position in targets going into week 3

24 Wayne vs Pit – I am not starting him , he is here by name only , a top money league player I know just traded him straight up for Starks and it was a GOOD trade. The poor guy has lost a year of his long, exciting career because of Kerry Collins.

25 Branch vs Buf – Well I must say he keeps on playing and keeps on scoring in that offense. Great trade for the Pats to get him last year. I am impressed with that offense. Brady could be the GOAT when it’s all said and done.

26 J. Nelson @Chi – Jennings will have a tough time , I believe Finley and Nelson actually are set up for great weeks.The middle of the field should be open for Finley and I can see Nelson getting a few deep digs over the middle.


27 D. Nelson @ NE – Target monster , had him on my radar since late last year , Fitz and the Bills look like they can put up some points , they will need to this week if Brady is going to throw for 700 yards. Will continue to do his best George Jefferson impersonation in my rankings… MOVIN’ ON UP!

28 Bowe @ Sd – Just horrible for the entire offense that Charles is out and Cassel is there. My god , it’s sad. The humanity! I feel sorry for those who bought Bowe hard this year , he has ZERO upside now that the offense will spend entire games going 3 and out but should catch 5 balls a week.

29 Meachem vs Hou – scoring Tds with Colston out , still not convinced he will keep it up , but until Colston comes back he is a high end flex play in an offense thats spreading it around.

30 Mike Thomas @ Car – Gabbert helps , Carolina pass defense helps even more , double digit targets weekly , and is a nice PPR matchup play.

31 Decker @ Tenn – You’re welcome – been on him since week 1 , I have him in about 30 money league teams and featured him in my first ever Out and Up waiver wire article.

32 Julio Jones @ TB – That passing game should be on display , I really do like Julio….in a year. This year he will be a borderline flex matchup , but always with decent weekly upside because of his offense and skillset.

33 Burleson @Min – Dunno how many different ways I can tell you about this guy. He is always underappreciated but ALWAYS puts up contributing numbers. This week is no different as I back off my love for Pettigrew who has an injured shoulder and keep solid my like for Burleson.

34 Plax @ Oak – Called him as a bust last week , the positions are really shaping up now and I am nailing certain players on a week to week basis , of course I am going to get some stuff wrong , EVERYONE does as that’s the nature of this game. But read the signs and react , should be decent this week , I would start him if I had to.

35 Gaffney @ Dallas – Still not a believer , but getting some decent work , start him if you have to , and he will get a few balls against a weak Dallas secondary.

36 Mike Sims Walker vs Bal – Bal pass defense is atrocious , told you! But MSW is someone I would NEVER trust  , ever ever ever ever ever.. and ever. But maybe Bradford will be more consistent with him and he could start to become a safer option going forward….throwing another EVER here just to bring my point home better.

37 Alexander vs Bal – Love his big play ability , long, lanky and fast. Young enough to be intriguing , talented and skilled enough to have upside, injured enough to keep your hopes in check.

38 Devery Henderson vs Hou – Not all that good , once Moore is at 100%  I would cut him

39 L Moore vs Hou – See Devery , but Moore isn’t there yet.

40 Doucett @Sea – 6 targets, will make good on the catches as it goes and will always have nice matchups as Fitz gets 6tupple teamed.

41 Sidney Rice vs Ari – Nice matchup to start the season as he is coming off injury , but will take a couple weeks to get up to speed in that offense , the same offense being helmed by Tjax and powered by Lynch , HAHA wow- no wonder I cut him all over the place.

42 Bess vs Cle – Good PPR player , low end flex play-  safe , and boring and not your BESSt option any week haha.

43 Denarius Moore vs Jets – Tough matchup , but he should be on the board after last week.


44 Ocho vs Buf – Right matchup , 3 weeks in , Injury should free up some targets , roll the dice if you have to. ONLY if you have to


45 Victor Cruz @ Philly – Manningham is out , Stokely just got there , Philly will score , Cruz better give them something or it will be a blow out.  Cruz… WELCOME TO THE DARK STATUS.

* Manningham is inactive

*Collie/Garcon should be treated as if they are inactive

*Knox not on my radar , he sucks

*Floyd if he plays moves to the late 20’s because of Gates being out and KC being horrible.


We did it , we got out all of the rankings this week. A little late but the same great infomation leading to the same great results.

The WR position is changing this year,

we are seeing some guys like Britt come in and turn the postion on its head

Manning being out sapping the value of all the Colts

Many mid sleepers not panning out but some deeper ones looking stellar (Decker , and both Nelsons)

And a couple rookies looking GREAT!

As long as you adjust to the positional changes week to week and work the wires and play matchups , then WRs is a position that can really make the prepared owner stand out from the rest. It is the hardest to predict week to week  , so do your homework , read the blog and win yourself some money this year!!


See you guys tomorrow for some Sunday morning lineup advice on twitter @iconfantasyJoe

Thanks for reading!!


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