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The Holy Grail – Week 3 RBs

Leading you to the promised land each week


1 Rice vs STL – Great matchup and in PPR there is no better start.

2 AP vs Det – Any week he can score 4 tds. Him and Harvin are about all they have on that offense , should be great again this week.

3 Chris Johnson vs Den – Out on a limb , I think he puts it all together against a very beatable defense thats giving up 4.4 yards per carry

4 MJD vs Car – Looked half way decent there so far. Getting a lot of work which was never the issue with him , the issue is the bad offense and him wearing down. Carolina giving up 4.8 YPC as well.

5 Gore vs Cin – Cincy has done a very nice job vs the rush thus far and Gore has been bottled up in both games. Market correction coming as neither is indicative of what to expect going further , flood gates could be open for Gore in this game. —> BiG WEEK??!

6 Forte vs GB – GB has been stout against the rush thus far , but Forte will get his touches , and is a complete MONSTER in the catch game, better then ever in that facet this year.

7 Mccoy vs NYG – He beat them last year on a flukey touchdown. Giants were bottling him up all game until then , he will be wicked in the pass game this week , but I think he may find some tough running against the GMEN.

8 Mendenhall vs Ind – Great matchup , they won’t stop him , you won’t bench him anyway.

9 Mcfadden vs NYJ – Unstoppable force meets immovable object. Don’t expect him to pile up 150 yards , but should have a nice week as he not only gets volume touches but also is one of the most dynamic runners in the NFL right now.


10 Mathews vs KC – Another guy who is catching the ball well above expectations and also running with speed, power and explosion. The clear back to own there even after Tolberts ridiculous week 1 outburst , lost in that shuffle was Mathews week 1 which was his best game in the NFL. He is one more great week away from being a weekly top end RB1.

11 Jahvid Best vs Minny – The guy is fast as hell and with so much attention being paid to the deep threats he always has room over the middle for check downs , LOVE me some Best and Love me some me who is loving me some Best.

12 Turner vs TB – Looks strong this year and has broken some big gains. Still hating Turner but gets my respect even in PPR.

13 Fred Jackson vs NE – He always plays good against NE. As I said last week he would have a good game because he felt under appreciated. Very good all around back with a lot of miles on his legs.

14 Blount vs ATL – Said the bounce back game was coming , still had to sweat it out though but as per usual Blount went off later in the game as his bruising style just wears on defenses. Nice RB2 going forward.

15 Hillis vs MIA – Banged up , questionable , I am sure he will play , but the fact he is banged up already cements home two things : 1 Hardesty becomes a must own for Hillis owners and a flier for others and 2 I was right 100% about Hillis , “good early season back, will lose value as season goes once he gets nicked up.”

16 Bradshaw vs Philly – Always runs hard against them and is  a complete gamer. With Manningham out Bradshaw has to get 20 touches this week for them to succeed.

17 Tim Hightower vs Dallas – Helu will press him for touches very soon. But still a very nice runner and receiver for that offense , play him weekly , he is going to score.

18 Tolbert vs KC – Regardless of Mathews emergence this guy is still going to get his in that offense. By next year he will be an afterthought , this year he is still a solid weekly start. Oh and KC is bad.

19 Tate vs NO – Foster shaping up to be a bust , Hammys tend to linger and Tate looks really good , I would be scared if I bought hard on Foster this year , luckily I did not.

20 D Will vs Jax – I am going out on a limb , putting my credibility on the line , making a bold move and saying Carolina will actually employ a running game this week. The Jags are not as good against the run as their stats suggest , they are mainly a product of being so putrid against the pass people don’t run against them. It will change this week.

21 Daniel Thomas vs Cle – That guy looked dynamite last week. Thank god for Direct TV as I got to see him run and make some awesome cuts on a dime. He is the only back to own in Miami as Bush became an afterthought even BEFORE he gets injured.

22 Ingram vs Hou – My pick to surprise this week

FEARLESS FORECAST: 16 Carries 94 yards 2 tds 1 catch 0 yards


23 Green-Ellis vs Buf – Bills giving up 5 yards per carry and 3 tds so far. The lawfirm should be able to fall into the endzone at least once because of skill and possibly another time by pure accident.

24 Starks vs Chi – Looks like a breakout guy this year. He runs strong and hard and pushes people back. That passing offense is so good its almost unfair if you add a guy with this type of running ability to the fold. I’ll never understand what ANYONE saw in Grant , but he is toast and has been for a while.

25 J Stewart vs Jax – See D Will – Carolina HAS TO RUN THE BALL to win. Maybe Cam loosened that up for them.

26 Shonn Greene vs OAK – The Raiders are employing a nice set of run stoppers on their front line. Greene looks horrible.What’s he averaging 2 yards per carry? He might score a few times because the Jets will move the ball and his work and role keep him solidified as a low end RB2 , but I don’t trust him and neither should you. Some injuries to better RBs this week put him here.

27 Mcgahee vs Tenn – Moreno should be back , but he will be limited. Tennessee is beatable and last week Willis got 28 carries , and barely broke 100 yards. Seriously , stop trying to sell me on Willis people , he needs 30 touches a week to get any significant yardage and if that’s the case he will be on IR by week 7. He is here purely because 20 touches this week is a lock with Moreno still on the mend. I am convinced Moreno is the back to own there , if he can get out of his own way , problem is I am not sure he can.

28  Wells vs Sea – The late week Hammy tweak is a concern as he drives hard with his legs. Looks great so far , but Sea has been good against the run , bottling up Gore week 1 and limiting Mendys yards last week. Look Elsewhere if you can.

29 Sproles vs Hou – Can’t deny he is a flat out force in the flats (pun intended). A threat to score every time he touches the ball, better then Bush ever was running circle and flat routes.

30 Felix Jones vs Wash – You should prob have Murray or Choice or Helu on your roster if you decide to roll with Felix this week. Too risky for my taste , not to mention I was not high on him coming into the season when he was healthy , let alone after being banged up- I would look elsewhere and this rating is if he is healthy enough to play good.

31 Benson vs SF – Niners are pretty good right now , Benson is pretty bad , but he will be suspended next week so he might as well be given 25 rushes this week.

32 Pierre Thomas vs Hou – Under utilized but it will keep him around all year. Decent bet for 10 rushes and 3 receptions a week making him a low end flex play.


34 Woodhead vs Buf – Hernandez being out actually helps him tremendously. He will get back to being  PPR pest now that Brady has one less guy trolling the middle wide open.

35 Moreno vs Tenn- Who knows how much work he will get , but he makes it as a flex b/c of a nice matchup and his pass catching ability

36 Bush vs Cle – Will get more catches this week , but he sucks , even if it’s PPR

37 Helu vs Wash – Going to get some run there , Hightower better watch out.

38 Lynch vs Az – Told you so

39 Mccluster vs SD – With Charles out Mccluster gets a bump in touches , and receptions making him a good bet to up his value significantly over the next few weeks. SD is going to be a tough matchup but still will surprise going forward.

40 Jacobs vs Philly – A candidate to score , Manningham out and both runners need more touches for them to win. Not buying his upside because he has none.

41 Spiller vs NE – He needs more touches , seriously give the guy a legit shot , 6 carries and 1 catch won’t cut it  , but he certainly possesses big play ability.

*Sjax not rated b/c of injury and not practicing , will be a GTD though and if he plays he becomes a flex start.


Hardesty vs Mia – Took all the first team reps Friday , Hillis still never made it back to practice Saturday. In line for more work this week, the future number 1 in Cleveland.


Demarco Murray vs Wash – Nice back to own going forward if Felix keeps getting banged up. Decent play this week as he is for sure going to get some more carries with Austin out , Dez and Romo banged up and Felix doing his best Felix impersonation. For those reasons Murray gets some love in the “Dark Status.”


Thats it for the RBs!

Will be putting out the WR list later on today and it will be a more simplified ranking to provide easier access and use when setting lineups. I planned on doing that with the RBs but I thought this week was an important week as a lot of things are taking shape in this position and I wanted to get my thoughts out there , ready for your consumption.

Thanks for reading!

I am available @iconfantasyJoe  for all your twitter questions

#iconnation is about to wake up and start growing!



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