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The Holy Grail- Week 3 QBs

Rex Grossman

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Dear Readers,

I missed some deadlines this week. iCon Joe has been in the lab all day every day prepping for a amazing midseason launch that will give you guys just a taste of what to expect from this fantasy outlet.

This is NO EXCUSE. I am a gamer , I am expected to deliver results when results are due and I will deliver this each week on time in the future.

HOWEVER : ALL MONEY LEAGUE PLAYERS PAY ATTENTION , iconfantasysports is going to do something to kick off the website that has NEVER been done before!

Details will be released next week to coincide with the sale of midseason leagues!

Week 3 Qbs- Ranks and Thoughts

Must Starts

1 Rivers vs KC – Due for a huge game. My pick to light it up #beastmode this week. Gates may be banged up, but so is the KC secondary without Berry. Oh and KC has allowed 8 passing tds in 2 weeks, worst in the NFL.

2 Brady vs Buf -Bills play him tough , so did the Dolphins. A Hern. is hurt , it won’t matter and I actually believe Ocho will now be given a fair chance.

3 Rodgers vs Chi – You don’t sit this guy , EVER. You also don’t put him out of your top 5 weekly rankings , EVER.

4 Brees vs Hou – Great matchup , still chugging along even without Colston. Sproles has been a godsend in the passing game and he should be a complete matchup nightmare again this week. Waiting for Graham to explode and Moore will get better each week.

5 Stafford vs Min – Minny has a decent pass defense so far. Limiting TDs to 3 and keeping Qb ratings under 90. Stafford is on a whole different level this year. That passing game is unstoppable.

6 Vick vs NYG – That defense is reeling. Maclin looked awesome last week. They routinely have a hard time containing Jackson , and they don’t lack the discipline on defense to lock up Mccoy all game. Very fast team goes against a less athletic defense should lead to big things for the Eagles this week. You’re starting him anyway , let’s move on.


7 Fitzpatrick vs Ne- AMAZING matchup. Henne torched New England and Fitz is having a great start to the season. Nelson is emerging as a legit PPR threat and someone I LOVE going forward , start Fitz with confidence this week.

8 Ryan vs TB – Stafford tore them up , they are VERY beatable. Roddy is due for a huge game, sometimes I just play the odds and after he beat the Eagles for 4 tds last week I am sure he will be a nice play this week.

9 Schaub vs NO – New Orleans was torched by Rodgers but bottled up Cutler last week LIKE I SAID THEY WOULD. I expect this to be a higher scoring game (really going on a limb there). Schaub will have success and Daniels will you explode please!

10 Romo vs Wash – I dunno what to make of this guy. He is couching it up all week , not practicing. The lung is healed , the ribs aren’t and I know from experience ribs are PAINFUL! One time I sneezed and popped a rib out of place! True Story!

11 Grossman vs Dal – WOW, I can’t believe Rexy is sorta sexy. I am starting him , I picked him up in 3 leagues and put him in the lineup. Is there anything more exciting then being down 18 and you only have Rex Grossman left on MNF? ANYTHING? The answer is no , Rex playing on a national stage for your fantasy football team is exciting, I say do it.

12 Big Ben – Boring player. Great offense , should pile up yards , but Mendy may score 2 or even 3 times this week against a bad run defense. Still a solid start almost every week.

Some Questions

13 Flacco vs STl – you let me down last week , and now you are dropped to the some questions. Nice matchup and I expect you to be better this week , but ONE MORE TIME Flacco and you seriously drop to the low teens all year. I promise!

14 Cam Newton vs Jax – What can I say, this makes me sick to be honest , but all they do is chuck it around and I have to rank you each week now. Even if I expect 5 interceptions each week.

15 Freeman vs Atl – That offense is SO BORING. Blount had an exciting TD run last week but Williams was bottled up. Benn looked good on his TD catch , he is a candidate for 250 and 2tds each week which is the bench mark for a decent week.

16 Kolb vs Sea- I actually believe he is a risky play this week. It is very tough to play in that Dome. It is VERY loud , but still its the seahawks and Kolb looks very good and is savvy enough to play through the noise. Seattle is allowing QBs a 106.4 rating so far as well.

17 Sanchez vs Oak – What can I say , I called this guy a sleeper to begin the year and he is even exceeded my love for him. By midseason , depending on the matchup he may be a low end starter each week in an offense that should be consistent enough to score every week. A LOT depends on Keller sustaining , I am on board and he has made me look good.

18 Hasselbeck vs Den – Great matchup , torched Baltimore last week and has connect with Britt twice now. I expect Cj2k to fly this week , but they will score enough for him to reach the benchmark , 2tds 250 yards.

19 Eli vs Philly – Giants will have to keep up , a risky start for sure , but he made good on my “decent play vs St Louis” last week and because of that he gets some pub this week. Philly is beatable.

20 Bradford vs Bal – 300 yards last week and I was impressed with some of his throws. I think he has a bad matchup this week but Danario being back certainly helps this offense.


Thats ALL for Qbs – Top 20 this week , There will be no resource list , But Expect posts coming soon about the other positions. We play catchup , but still get some great info and thoughts about each player each week.

I am nailing certain players and positions almost scary good right now! My leagues and teams performed VERY well last week and I expect them to get even better going forward.



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