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The Holy Grail- Week 3 TE’s

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1 Witten vs Wash – He is dominating in yards and catches and this is PPR. Austin is out , Dez is banged up , this guy just keeps on chugging.

2 Gates vs KC – Okay well I am not the only guy that ate crow last week when it came to Gates. I know he is banged up , but you trust your studs , and he is a stud.

**EDIT: Gates inactive this week , adjust your rosters accordingly and obviously BENCH him as this ranking was for an active player**

3 Vernon Davis vs Cin – Has been a disappointment thus far. Had a meeting with Harbaugh and as I said last week about my sleeper play in Hixon “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” Should produce nicely this week.

4 Finley vs Chi – Due for a couple TDs , Chicago will have a hard time covering him.

5 Gronkowski vs Buf – Should KILL them with Hernandez out.

6 Graham vs Hou – Looks good so far , getting a decent amount of work , and in a high scoring game should produce big numbers , a 30 point week is coming soon , don’t have him on your bench when it happens.

7 Daniels vs NO – The breakout is coming , I would love to see him and Graham go off this week


Pettigrew vs Minny – My pick to surprise at this position this week. Minny has been decent vs the pass so far , but Pettigrew will get more work this week. Fantasy football is always a game of ebbs and flows , he struggled last week and could be great this week.

Keller vs Oak – has been dynamite so far. Please consult my draft rankings and what I have said about Keller prior to this week and the season , most writers completely jumped ship on him this season , I stuck with him and will continue to do so.

10 Fred Davis vs Dal – The guy is a playmaker , Cooley getting healthier and this concerns me , but outside of Moss that passing offense is one Jabar Gaffney injury  away from putting Davis into the elite TE tier.

11 Clark vs Pit – I am glad I drafted Clark only once this year , can’t say the same about Garcon and Collie though.


12 Winslow vs Atl – Producing each week as a decent PPR TE , well here we are , another week another average but starter worthy PPR stat line on top.

13 Olsen vs Jax – Disappointed last week , but clearly in the right offense for him to blossom. Smith needs to slow down , which means others on that offense will get theirs and Olsen is due to get some run this week.

14 Tony G vs Tb – I think White goes off this week , but Gonzo played so good last week he has to get noticed.

15 Dickson vs STL – Too good week 1 , too bad week 2 , the real Dickson is somewhere in between , Flacco better find someone else to throw it to besides Boldin or Rice otherwise losing to Tennessee will be a habitual thing rather then an abberation.

16 Lewis vs Car – Nice matchup. Gabbert is starting and he should play this week after missing last week. Not a bad start this week , you could do worse this week as the TE position starts to take shape.

17 Gresham vs SF – Had a bad week last week. Great week the first week , like Dickson , the real Gresham lies somewhere in between making him a low end start and matchup play.

18 Watson vs MIA – its PPR but Moore is clearly the better TE there.

19 Moore vs MIA – a few weeks away from being the clear TE to own there , another guy that’s been on my radar and should have been on yours.

20 Chandler vs NE – Still not a believer  , saw some top money players cut Daniels for him , and I was really surprised. Don’t buy the hype he is a new name who will only be good when he scores TD’s making him a below average PPR TE.


Top 20 TEs with some thoughts and info to chew on. I am available on twitter practically all day to field any questions you may have! @iconfantasyjoe

Again I would like to reiterate – Chander is NOT GOOD!

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