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The Holy Grail – Week 2 WRs

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgera...

Needs a Pro Bowl week to get back on track!



1 Andre Johnson vs Mia – After what he did last week and what Brady did to the MIA passing game last week , he belongs number 1 , especially with Mega nursing an ankle injury. Safe to say Miami’s passing defense was M. I. A. last week… keep reading , they get worse.

2 Calvin vs KC –  Great matchup , you are starting him , he is playing , he plays he most likely scores and always has a chance at an all time day.

3 Roddy White vs Phi – The matchup doesn’t scare me , he did not score last week , I think he scores this week and the Falcons will need to keep up with the Eagles , plus Ryan and the offense are always all systems go at home.

Larry Fitzgerald vs Wash – Nicks beat them pretty easily last week , Fitz should have no issues getting free and finding room , could be a sneaky high scoring game and he will give closer to what I expect out of him this year.

5 Greg Jennings vs Car – Another great matchup , Doucett burned them deep last week , Jennings is a lot better then Doucett , sometimes it is just that simple.

6 Mike Wallace vs Sea – Everyone scores in this game! Final score Pitt 84 Seahawks 2.

Miles Austin vs SF – Should do good here , Dez is banged up , Miles will be targetted heavily.

Vjax vs NE – Thanks for making me look like an idiot last week. Looking forward to what you have in store for me this week.

9  Marshall vs Hou – Great matchup , another potential shootout that could benefit Marshall’s volume work as he looked very good on MNF.

10 Djax vs ATL – Fast track , should be flying , next time don’t drop the long TD.


11 Nicks vs STL – Banged up , but still should play and produce , I would normally have him top 10 because of what he means to the Giants offense , but the knee injury may slow him down a bit. I always lean toward health over talent which is why he moves out of must start territory for the week.

12 Bryant vs SF – Another banged up soon to be stud. If he is legit healthy he will be flying , but he needs to get a grip on these nagging injuries.

13 Welker vs SD – In PPR this guy gets a huge bump. BUT he had his best game of the season last week , a regression is in order and should come back to earth this week for a solid yet unspectacular WR2 game. Ocho needs more run there too.

14 Steve Johnson vs Oak – Looked strong last week , young , and ready to be a consistent WR2 all season.

15 Santonio vs Jax – Nice matchup , I think he scores this week. Jax is bad. Jets might put up over 30 and the connection be has with Sanchez is really strong.

16 Wayne vs Cle – Collins will catch up to him sooner then later , but he is playing the Browns this week , so the catch up will happen just a bit later. Haden is a HELLUVA corner for the Browns , so this will be interesting. Haden Island?

17 Boldin vs Tenn – Could be dynamite again , versus a very Beatable defense. Flacco seems to have a grasp on this offense and Boldin is the beneficiary of Rice looking like he will challenge for the top RB spot this year.


18 Britt vs Bal – He is all they have in the passing game , but is young and talented enough to beat all the attention he gets from opposing defenses. Mike Wallace played well against Balt last week , Britt should do enough to get you WR2 numbers. His long TD was a fluke and inflated his numbers. Holds big time bust potential this week , but still deserves a start.

19 Mike Williams (TB) vs Minny – A helluva young talented RZ threat. Still gets the targets to succeed in receptions and yards as well. Minnesota gave up over 300 in the air last week , and Freeman and Co will do a better job of moving the chains. They honestly don’t have many TD scorers on that team , MW is their best shot at scoring.

20 Santana Moss vs AZ – I know what Smith did to AZ last week, but that team was practically daring them to do that as they purely set out to stop Dwill and Stewart. They will have a more solid gameplan as Grossman and Co garner more respect then Cam Newton (sounds ridiculous I know). Love the matchup though and a solid WR2 , close to MW , its a toss up b/w the two.

21 Bowe vs Detroit – Cassel AND Haley suck , high scoring game keeps him in WR2 territory. I am Giving you another shot as a WR2 Dwayne, in what should be a high scoring game, so Do NOT let me down!

22 Steve Smith vs Gb – Can’t wait to see them vs an actual pass defense. Brees tore them up on opening night, But Cam is not Brees.

23 Harvin  vs TB – Mcnabb sucks- I hope he has 10 td returns this year.

24 Manningham vs STL – Fast track will benefit this young speedster. Eli needs to get on the same page with him quick or that offense is toast.

25 Garcon vs Cle -Wayne will get the attention ,I was right about my taking of Garcon OVER Collie WHEN EVERY WRITER WENT OPPOSITE. I have watched Collins A LOT over the years and I know Garcon is more his type of WR.  BUT Collie did get some RZ targets and is talented. – My pick to surpise people this week as Haden blankets Wayne.

Garcon Fearless Forecast: 5 catches 67 yards 1 td

26 Nelson vs Car – Looked fast last Thursday. Clearly ready to be a weekly flex play with some big game potential because of the offense , his role , and his QB. Could we be seeing this years version of Collie , but healthier?

27 Maclin vs ATL – Will have a better showing , because frankly he can’t have a worse one.

28 Meachem vs Chi – Colston out , Moore on the mend and he looked good last week. Henderson not a bad start either as everyone gets involved there each week.

29 Julio Jones vs Phi – Will be needed in this game for them to win. If I know that , then so does Matty Ryan.

I Screwed Up My Draft

Joe Please Save me!

30 Plaxico vs Jax – Got some decent targets last week , but that was because they had to play catchup. He is always a threat to score , and down in this area the questions are abundant. Hovers with some real time bust potential , start him if you have to, but only as a low end Flex.

31 Collie vs Cle – See : Garcon, Pierre

32 Malcom Floyd vs NE- Should be a shoot out vs New England and Rivers will need to get all his weapons involved in this one.

33 Mike Thomas vs NYJ- Horrible matchup , but as a PPR guy he really will be the only guy that gets passes thrown his way, which should lead to a low end Flex day. His lack of real upside lands him in down here

34 Lance Moore vs Chi – Unsure , my gut says he will surprise this week and play almost up to capacity , but it may take a week to realize his potential in that offense. Start him if he plays and you need a WR.

35 Knox vs NO – They will need to keep up with New Orleans this week and Knox is their best WR.

36 Decker vs Oak – Lloyd is not on my list because he is a GTD. If Lloyd is out , Decker moves up to the late 20’s , even if Lloyd plays I think this guy might be a decent flex matchup play if you are in a jam. All the injuries to the WR corp has me creeping him up the board for this week.

37 Doucett vs Wash – Love the big play ability , I think he will surprise this year and produce another solid performance this week.

38 AJ Green vs Denver – Who knows what to make of this passing offense. Dalton won’t play but is that a good or bad thing? I dunno I wouldn’t be shocked if i saw a goose egg nor would it shock me if he hauled in a 50 yarder. I have him lower b/c I am shading toward the former.

39 Ocho vs SD – Should be more involved , low value  , but even lower expectations , start him at your own risk.

40 Burleson vs KC – Will be a candidate to score weekly in that offense. With Calvin not practicing all week Burleson should have a chance to get involved in the action again. He is always an underrated weekly player.

41 Devery Henderson vs Chi – With Moore still unsure and finding himself , and Colston out , Henderson becomes a low end flex play weekly who is usually feast or famine. Famine this week.

42 Hines Ward vs Sea – I think Mendy has a huge day , and Wallace , but Ward will pitch in, I wouldn’t start him , but down in this area you could certainly do worse.


Massaquoi vs IND – I have been on this guy for two years , I think he finally has the right offense and QB to actually be effective. His upside is low , but he will get a decent amount of targets per week and is certainly on your waiver wire right now if you needed to take a shot.

David Nelson vs Oak – Keep an eye on this guy , I picked him up late last year and actually started him and WON with him in a first round playeroff game. He needs to be on your radar as a heavily targetted WR in the Bills offense and could bail you out in a jam at any time. I’ve had my eye on him for a while.


Greg Salas vs NYG – Amendola is out , and Nicks is banged up. If you own Nicks this guy is almost a must have so you can start Nicks without worry in case Nicks is a sit on MNF. These two factors moves him to Dark Status.


Thats it for the weekly rankings!

I will put out a list tomorrow night as a reference that will have an injury updates and and will NOT include all the blurbs and my thoughts. It will be a simple reference list that you can quickly hit on Sunday mornings while setting your lineups.

Speaking of Sunday Mornings I will be readily available via twitter @iconfantasyJoe  to answer all of your lineup questions!

I get pelted with a ton of them daily and I will NOT miss yours! So tweet away!

Thanks for Reading my weekly Holy Grail Series

as we work our tail off leading your team to the fantasy football promised land!

Win REAL money playing FANTASY sports!


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