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The Holy Grail- Week 2 RBs

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp August 20, 2009

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1 Ray Rice vs Tenn – Not spending much time on the must starts this week. We know what Ray Rice is , I had him as someone I believed would give his best year as a pro. Well he is off to a smashing start.

2 Peterson vs TB – He will exploit the Bucs who gave up 126 yards on the ground last week. Mcnabb is bad , but he will be better , you don’t sit AP anyway. Let’s move on.

3 Charles vs Det – It is AWAY on a fast track. The lions will score a ton , Charles is it for KC and he is about as explosive a runner you will find in the NFL. Det front 7 looked good but was barely on the field against TB, thats why they gave up so few rushing yards. Charles is a stud in any format.

4 Mcfadden vs Buf – Buf Gave up 6 yards per carry last week and DMC torched Denver for a huge yardage game. If he is healthy expect another monster game and an actual score this time. He falls behind Charles ONLY because of some minor injury news, could lead the week in scoring and if 100% healthy moved to #2.

5 Mccoy vs Atl – Torched STL last week, an obvious call but not a lot of people had him as high as I did. He comes down just a bit , but should factor in heavily , as Forte burned ATL last week through the air. Hopefully Vick doesn’t try to do too much against his former team and just sticks to the gameplan, that no doubt will feature Shady a ton.

6 Forte vs NO – After last week he has to become a must start. He is a PPR monster and should be considered a stud. He looked fast last Sunday.

7 Mendy vs Sea – He was quiet last week NOT because of the Ravens defense , but because the Steelers defense looked horrendous and couldn’t stop the Ravens offense. Roethlisberger had to throw it around to give them a chance , then the turnovers happened. Mendy will dominate this Seahawks game as the Steelers offense as a whole rebound and ground and pound while jumping on the TD merry go round! Yup.

MENDY FEARLESS FORECAST: 24carries 113yrds  2catches  8yrds    2Tds


8 Hillis  vs IND – Tate gashed that defense last week , its Hillis’ turn. Bracket is out for the Colts. Couple the fact that he catches a few per game I think Hillis rebounds for a low end Rb1 game with potential for a lot more and he will actually make me look good, unlike last week.

9 Gore vs Dal – Dallas looks swarming and might be a tough matchup for any RB this season , let alone a RB with no passing game. I have seen Gore time and time again blow away an 8 man front , but this season may be different, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt that his volume touches this week will provide much greater returns.

10 Chris Johnson vs Ravens –  I am seeing EVERYONE on twitter cower in fear over the Ravens defense. Listen , they might be a good defense but facts are they still gave up over 4 yards per carry on Sunday. Their numbers were purely a product of the Steelers being down so much and the Ravens knowing that every play had to be a pass play. I move him down this week til he gets his legs , but please stop worrying about CJ , he is too talented to bench. Caught 6 balls too.

11 Best vs KC – Nice matchup , KC gave up a ton of yards last week , and Best looked pretty good. I said the passing game would explode and Best would do OKAY. Nailed that. I think he breaks a long gainer here and scores a TD while also factoring into the pass game. I am very in tune with Detroit this year. I feel connected to Linehan in a hetero , fantasy football way.

12 Turner vs Phi – The Eagles LBs are bad , Turner looked good. I admit I was wrong about him week 1 AND he caught some balls , I dunno what that was all about , but he will score this week. ( wow talk about going out on a limb).

13 MJD vs Jets – Jets will stack the box , stop the run and crack down on MJD. They will blitz the hell out of that team and I dont see how the Jags will be able to move the ball at all. Start him because you have to , but he def has bust potential. He will score some because of sheer volume touches , but a very tough matchup for this horrible offense , his volume touches , and his TD potential and PPR potential will almost always keep him in solid start territory though.

14 Felix vs SF – Performed ok vs the Jets and did get a score. I want to see more and I expect a good game this week if he is going to become the strong weekly play some see him becoming. It has to start this week , so here is your chance Felix ,  light it up this week or get banished to rb 2/flex play very soon.

15 Reggie Bush vs Hou – Factors in as a great weekly start until he gets hurt and nicked up. He is a glorified WR and should have room to work the flats and circle routes in this game as per usual. 9 Catches per week is not going to happen all year, keep that in mind. And still a 1 trick pony there are A LOT of great defenses in the NFL that are going to snuff the hell of out him. Houston isn’t one of them though and this is a PPR blog.

16 Bradshaw vs STL – So many yards given up on the ground by the Rams last week. Most were a product of Vick. Still a nice dual threat and will score some TDs this year. I think the Giants offense is A LOT better then it showed , and will right the ship on MNF starting w/ Ahmad.

17 Wells vs Wash – Looked strong as HELL running the ball last week. Running with passion and power is what we want. He can beat this washington defense , and I expect him to be at it again this week.

18 Hightower vs Az- Relax everyone he had 72 yards rushing and his TD vs the Giants was the result of a hold. Take that one play out and he is sitting in flex territory. He is a good RB2 , and should be started weekly , but temper your expectations , Dwill and Stewart had rough sledding against this bad Cards defense last week , lets see what Timmy can do.


19 Cedric Benson vs Den – Hate to say it , I would start him this week if I owned him. But I don’t , so you guys can start him , great matchup even thought I hate the criminal.

20 Tolbert vs NE – Nice matchup here , Bush killed them in the air , and it could be a shoot out which means Tolbert is almost a lock to score. I know what he did last week , I also know thats his best game of the season.

21 Blount vs Minn – This could be an ideal game for him. Slugging it out , eating up the clock , then BAM the big yarder somersault jumping over people run we expect. 5 for 15 is NOT going to be a normal stat line for this young dynamo. Bounce back week and makes it as a RB2. Still though 5 for 15 , my gosh how horrid.

22 Matthews vs NE – See Tolbert, Gets a bump in PPR.

23 Arian Foster vs Mia – If he plays and is healthy he is a must start, I am not certain of his health or how much he will be used with Tates emergence last week. Bad time to be injured and bad team to be injured on. I can see Tate getting run even if Foster is 100% , I also reserve the right to move him way up the rankings Sunday if reports are his workload will be close to normal.

24 Greene vs Jax – Love the matchup , Greene has to be used more this week to keep Sanchez from getting dinged up. Maybe a big lead and a clock run out in the second half giving Greene nice RB2 numbers. He needs to start scoring TDs in bunches or he becomes  a bust REAL quick.

25 Caddy vs NYG – will be used and relied upon heavily. Always looks good early in the year, Well its early and he will be good enough to high end flex on MNF.

26 Fred Jackson vs Oak – picked up 112 on the ground last week , but was not used in the pass game. Spiller will get the catches and apparently some TD work too. Jackson is being treated as per usual , do all the work but get none of the glory. I think spiller cuts his touches as the season goes too.

27 Dwill vs Gb – Yes you are going to take a free fall to flex this week. Stewart looked better , flat out , but the passing offense coming to life is a good sign. I am not ready to give up yet , but another couple weeks may be a different story.

28 Addai vs Cle – Needs to be used more in the pass game , if he doesn’t produce a RB2 game this week , he gets banished to the screwed up your draft pile.

29 Willis Mcgahee vs Cin – looked horrible at times on MNF against a beatable defense. Should look better , but Moreno is nicked up and will prob be a GTD. Moreno honestly looked slick and powerful once he started getting used properly. But he wasn’t used properly until Q3 and I may be saying this all year.

NOTE this is if Moreno is out!! Moves to the mid 30s if Knowshon is A Go..shon .. yikes..


 Joe Please Save ME!

30 Green Ellis vs SD – Another lock to score almost every week , but thats about it. Woodhead got more run then I thought he would , Belichek prob likes his versatility. If he doesn’t score you have a tough time winning so keep that in mind.

31 Pierre Thomas vs Chi – Going to get a lot of catches there , has more TD and yardarge potential then Sproles who is purely a receiver.

31 Ingram vs Chi – Good bet to score this week , but tempering expectations til I see it in action , some other options are safer , his 4 point clunker and no receptions is enough to scare off even his biggest PPR allies.

32 Starks vs Car – Looked powerful , really powerful , should increase his workload as the season goes , but the offense is on fire and will score a ton , he could get in the action again But offers a ton of bust/inconsistency potential.

33 Grant vs Car – I tend to rate time shares pretty closely until I see a few games out of them. Coaches will change it up on the drop without telling us and Grant could be in for a decent day in a great matchup, Wells killed them last week and I expect Starks/Grant to have no trouble finding room as decent flex plays.

34 Spiller vs Oak – Grabbed a score , had about equal touches to Freddy and will get more catches over the long season then Freddy. Will be an okay PPR flex all season with some big game potential.

35 Woodhead – Will be used in the pass game more and the run game less as the season progresses , but still versatile enough to get you some flex points if in a bind.

36 Sproles vs Chi – We prob saw his best game of the season last week , but still will get enough catches to be worth a start in PPR. 1 trick pony but doesn’t offer enough TD or rushing yards potential to be consistent in any format.

37-39  Lynch/Stewart/Jacobs – Lynch you suck bad enough we will pretend you are in a time share, Stew its ashame because you have top 10 talent and should be given a workhorse title and Jacobs 29 total yards.. get off my blog you mutt , maybe MNF gets you jacked and you accidentally score a TD.

40 LT vs Jax – 6 catches but barely any rushing yards , its ashame you have reached Dexter Mccluster territory, should have retired when people revered you like Barry Sanders , now you’re playing second fiddle to a bust look a like in Shonn Greene , How’s that feel?


McCluster vs Det – Will have to be used more for them to succeed on offense. If I can see that then maybe their coaches can? I am not banking on it , and Haley should be out of there , bring in an actual HC please. Nice PPR guy , similiar to LT/Sproles but gets less pub because of his name. Not so Lackluster McCluster! Yea.. im allowed at least 1-3 bad jokes per article.

Shot in the Dark

Marcel Reese vs Den – I wanna give this guy some pub. He is only the FB , nobody should or prob will start him , but he is an insane matchup problem coming out of the backfield and the Raiders know this. Caught 3 balls week 1 and I expect him to get some more as the season goes. He has talent , and if you are DESPERATE and you need me to save your season and its 49 seconds before lineups lock and its PPR and im at the helm looking to start someone from the waiver wire. I probably start Reese b/c I know he will be there , then I would quickly throw up in my own mouth. \


**Note If Moreno Plays he falls into flex category because of his PPR skills , looked good when used , but wasn’t used enough , the slick field played too much into it and will be better as the season goes.


Thats all for now!

I stayed up late getting some RB rankings out as quickly as possible!

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Holy Grail: Week 2 WRs

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