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The Holy Grail – Week 2 TE’s

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1 Gates vs NE – Gates is the supreme TE in all the land. The Alpha , the Omega , the Kama Sutra? ANYWAY , has a great matchup with NE , which threatens to be a shootout. Fasano , who is not an Alpha Mega Sutra TE of fantasy dominated the matchup last week , expect Gates to be great.

2 Finley vs Car – Heap did not take advantage of a cushy matchup vs Car last week. But I believe Finley will explode this game. Rodgers should have looked his way more often , but Nelson picked up the slack and Jennings was on fire. Finley will show you this week why he is a stud and why you spent a 5th round pick on him in your PPR drafts.

3 Witten vs SF – Witten was solid as always vs a better defense than SF. Dez is banged up , Miles Austin should also have a very nice day , expect top end TE1 numbers from this fantasy football warrior.

4 Vernon Davis vs Dal – At home , should have to play catchup and is the only legit #megabeast in the passing game for SF. I am UNDAUNTED by his pedestrian showing last week. Vernon will be nice this week , he has to in order for them not to be embarrassed.

5 Owen Daniels vs Mia – A Hern AND Gronk slaughtered this porous fins defense. Owen is more talented. Prob is Schaub is not in the same stratosphere as Brady. But if that two headed TE monster can do it , then this 1 headed TE monster should have plenty of room to roam free in the middle of the field. My biggest problem with Miami adding Bush : he is not a slow it down type player , they don’t have the fire power to keep up with the Pats and the Texans ETC of the NFL , now they are caught in no mans land , shoot outs will be prevalent , and Miami is in for a long year.

6 Jimmy Graham vs Chi – Gotta go Jimmy here. I LOVE my Jimmy. I would love to be playing with this Jimmy in any league. Oh , Hi , yea anyway , sorry Clark , Collins will not move the ball like Brees and this Jimmy is going to get large this week. Yikes…

7 Clark vs Browns – Yea I may be low on him , but can you blame me. Browns are obviously beatable , but he is older , and the entire pass offense outside of Wayne looked cuttable. I am thankful I only own Clark once in 50 money league teams. Show me SOMETHING , ANYTHING to justify your must start status , or next week you get banished to Keller Land.


8 A Hern vs SD – Chargers have always had a hard time covering TE’s. EVERYONE in the NFL will have a hard time covering this TE. I was a year too early on Hernandez and he looks elite. He runs like a WR and for all intents and purposes plays WR for the Pats. Loving him week to week.

My thoughts on Hern last week ” He will have a ton of room to roam , and will up his value tremendously” Just saying.

Pettigrew – Looked good vs TB , will look SMASHING vs KC. He is going to eat that smallish defense up and will only get better as the season goes. Start him with confidence.

My thoughts on Pettigrew last week ” Don’t be surprised if he pushes for 7 catches as the entire Bucs passing offense explodes” just saying

10 Gronk vs SD – Young , different role then A Hern. They actually don’t cannibalize each other because like I said A Hern. is practically a WR. Gronk is a true TE who has a chance to score each week. And each week Brady has a chance at 5 tds with Gronk getting one.

My thoughts on  Gronk last week ” Will score for sure and have a nice week”  just saying.


11 Olsen vs GB – Looked good last week , BUT that entire Carolina offense is in for a rude awakening this week. Graham had mediocre success until his TD last week , but I expect 5 catches from Olsen as he will be a must use weapon for Carolina each week regardless of the matchup.

My thoughts on Olsen last week “I think Olsen torches that defense and shows the Bears what a mistake they made.” Just saying

12 Dustin Keller vs Jax-  Thanks for making me look good Dustin! I called you as a nice play , knew you were an early season player and you produced against a good defense. Expecting more out of you this week with an even better matchup.

My thoughts on Keller last week ” Dallas will blitz more. Keller HAS to stop dropping passes , he is almost impossible to cover. I still vividly remember his amazing early season games last year , so maybe he is just an early season player.” Just saying

13 Fred Davis vs Az – Has a cushy matchup. He looks explosive and Grossman obviously likes him. Move Cooley , get out da way cuz Freddy Davis is about to take over in Washington.

My thoughts on Fred last week “Cooley is a GTD and if he doesn’t play Fred Davis has a nice matchup against some bad coverage LBs for the Giants.”  Just saying.

14 Winslow vs Minn – Boring , average , no excitement PPR Te that will score some points. Again only worth a confident start in a  PPR setting. Could be a low scoring game , the type of game Winslow might be targetted heavily in. Also called him as a bad standard start and a good PPR start. I really do have the TE position on LOCK right now.

15 Jermaine Gresham vs Den – Oak has no TE so never got to use one against Denvers beatable , bad defense and Gresham was heavily used last week. At his age , I believe I was right in calling him a breakout candidate this year , and could be a decent play this week.

16 Kendricks vs NYG – Davis beat the Giants. Bradford needs to use him more ,and he will have a better chance at success this week against a banged up defense.

17 Tony G. vs Philly – Are you still alive? I am not starting you , but you get a higher ranking then some of the other slop that’s out there.

I Screwed up my draft


18 Watson vs Indy – Looked good , like I said he would and Moore scored too , LIKED I SAID HE WOULD.

19 Heap vs Wash – You get another week

20 Cook vs Bal -You get another half

21 Dickson vs Tenn – You do it again you move up significantly next week

22 Z Miller vs Pitt – Not starting anyone on that offense , pretty soon I am going to stop writing about all of them too , odds are the Seahawks would lose to Boise State right now.

23 Marcedes Lewis vs NYJ – TEs can beat the Jets , problem is I don’t even know if the Jags will score more then 3 points this game. Plus he is banged up , plus I called him as a bust this year , plus I am usually right.


24 Evan Moore – A few more weeks people won’t be sleeping on you anymore – I have tracked you more then Chandler so you get sleeper status again , especially because Watson is brittle and will get hurt or nicked up soon.

Shot in the dark

25 Scott Chandler – I don’t take stock in one performace from a 4th year player , do it a few more times and Ill pimp you to my readers , until then you get the Dark status.


Thats All for TE’s!

I CLEARY have a top of the line ELITE status grasp on the TE position. I am seeing it clearly which means you are too.

I practically called everyones good game and told you exactly what they were going to do and how.

As the season goes you will see me dominate these rankings lists weekly and give you CLEAR , concise logic as to why I believe each player will succeed or fail week to week.

Follow along if you want to win and have some fun while doing it as we work our butts off giving you as much info as possible to make the right lineup decisions each week!


Tune in Tomorrow

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