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The Holy Grail- Week 2 QBs

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Must Starts

1 Rodgers vs Car – Great matchup, He torched NO last week. Carolina gave up Yards , 2tds and 0 int’s to Kolb , Rodgers is better than Kolb.

Vick vs ATl – Claimed to play lights out , this was not the case. Djax dropped what would have been a 50 yard TD too. But he still is the most explosive QB in the game , running and passing with a chance at 40 plus points every week.

Brady vs SD – SD made Mcnabb look putrid. They will have NO CHANCE to slow Brady down like that. He is a monster , a beast , a goon , a goblin… He ain’t bad.

Rivers vs NE – Another elite QB with an elite matchup. If Henne can throw for 400 plus yards , Rivers can throw for 700. Expect 300 and 3tds as a lock.

Brees vs Chicago – They gave Ryan trouble last week. Brees is better than Ryan  , you are starting him anyway, let’s move on.

6 Romo vs SF – Looked really good at times vs the Jets. Dez might be banged up , but Austin , Felix and Witten there still make this guy a top end QB1. SF recorded 5 sacks last week , but I do not expect them to get this much pressure on Romo who will pick them apart in ways Tjax could only do if playing as Romo in Madden ’12.

7 Stafford vs KC – KC got torched by Fitzpatrick. They are going to get torched doubly by Stafford , PLUS Berry is out for the season , Stafford could be huge , and Could be a top 3 QB this week but settles in behind the sure things with longer track records.


8 Roethlisberger vs Sea – I am expecting a top end day with  Ben putting up great TD numbers. Mendenhall will get in on the action here as they come out firing and running up the scoreboard after being embarrassed by the Ravens last week. Oh and the Seahawks are BAD , they were just lucky in matchups last week to face a horrible offense , Steelers are not a horrible offense.

9 Schaub vs Mia – Was not impressed with him last week or last year. He had a chance to put up some nice numbers against a defense that was on its heels ,but instead he dropped the ball. AJ , Jones , Daniels should get A LOT of free room to roam,  similiar to how much room the Pats got on MNF. But Temper your expectations , this ranking is more a product of what Brady did to MIA which means what Schaub COULD do to MIA. Foster should come back this week too which makes the offense more explosive as a whole.

10 Flacco vs  Tenn – Torched a great defense last week. Plays against a reeling team and defense this week. The Titans may be bad all around , and expect Hasselbeck to lead them on numerous 3 and outs giving the ball to Flacco and company for much longer then they will even know what to do with it. Plus Rice is a complete stud and will keep the chains moving.


11 Kolb vs Wash – He looked good but never connected with Fitzgerald which is troublesome. Doucet emerged as a big play WR and Wells looked AWESOME. Washington defense is very beatable even if Eli look horrible , but Nicks had a great day. Expect Fitz to get back on track and Kolb to hit him for a score. I am liking how bad the AZ defense looked and that could help Kolbs value on the whole as he will be forced to score all year in order to win games.

12 Fitzpatrick vs Oak – Fitzpatrick is a sneaky good QB. He is gutty , gritty , and that offense snuffs people. The Raiders will be able to run on Buffalo , but Conversely Buf will move the ball and it should be a higher scoring game then what we saw on MNF. The ball and the  field was slick because of the rain in Denver and the Bronco receivers dropped it or fell down an exhorbitant amount of times. If not for the slick conditions Orton would have surpassed 300 yards which bodes well for the ivy leaguer.

13 Cutler vs NO – NO will score , we know this and Cutler will have to keep up. He looked good last week and has a nice grip on the Martz offense. He is always boom or bust in fantasy, the Saints will make some adjustments and sure up their pass defense. Cutler is NOT Rodgers , but he is still a professional gunslinger in what could be a shoot out.

14 Ryan  vs Phi – Bradford looked bad vs Philly.  Ryan also strugged last week in Chicago. But the Eagles are beatable and Ryan is A LOT more seasoned then Bradford at this point in their respective careers. Plus White and Jones are going to be an elite 1 2 WR combo this year. The Eagles quick strike  , explosive offense does not tend to help their defense and could give Ryan an extra possession or two and could lead to a shootout. Turner should have a good day moving the chains as the Falcs play ball control offense leading to a safe day and some points with limited upside.

15 Grossman vs Az – We saw what Cam did to them last week. But I do not want to get crazy  so I think this is the perfect spot for him.I know Grossman looked good against the Giants and Fred Davis is emerging as a nice , big play TE. But there are SO many Qbs I can not justify a higher ranking. Are you going to play him over Matt Ryan? Plus Cutler looked good against a good defense. So yea , he settled in at 15.

16 Freeman vs Minn – Rivers threw for 330 last week against Minny. Freeman will look better this game. Blount should too , but it is VERY worrisome that Blount can’t pass block. However this should be more of a slug it out game and Blount will get a chance to strut his stuff. Freeman is savvy enough to throw for a few Tds in this game but his overall upside is limited and that lands him lower then Grossman who has a cushier matchup and looked solid week 1.


17 Eli vs Stl – An interesting game for me , Stl got beat by Vick a few times and should have been more if Desean did not drop a long TD pass. MNF , Nicks should play. He is ONLY this low because of the Nicks injury , and he should have no trouble against that defense. Coughlin is very good at making adjustments and it is clear they need to adjust.

18 Henne vs Hou – One more elite performance and I will be drinking Henne all year. Do it vs Houston and iCon Joe will be a believer! Shootout in the making here , and Henne will be the Benny of that! WOW…Moving on..

19 Sanchez vs Jax – Nice matchup for the entire offense. Has a great connection with Holmes and you drafted him to be a matchup play. This is a nice matchup , BUT if he does not score early , expect a below average day as the Jets take a lead and Green and LT milk the clock in the second half , that is the only concern for me.


20  Orton vs Cincy – Looked decent at times vs Oakland. Moreno is banged up , but so is LLoyd. Decker is a nice threat for him and the conditions should be better. Expect less drops and some decent yardage.. You could do worse.

21 Colt Mccoy vs Indy – Schaub did not take advantage of them like he should have. Mccoy could be a nice play this week. Hillis will help move the chains , but Mccoy could do okay here and if you are desperate you could certainly do worse.. Like starting Matt Cassel or Mcnabb.

On Alert

Bradford vs NYG – After last weeks debacle I am sitting him until I see some starter worthy performances. He will be on MNF this week , so the pressure will be on and it will be interesting to see how he reacts amidst the Sjax injury and his banged up hand. Could be a springboard to future fantasy glory , or could sink him further in the hole.


Thats it for the QBs!

Read and Enjoy!

Later on tonight I will release my rankings thoughts on TEs

Made some AWESOME calls in my rankings last week , called certain players and games to a T.

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