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Out and Up: Week 2 Waivers

Chris Cooley was drafted in the third round of...

Cut the guy!

Tuesday is waiver days for most everyone in all fantasy football leagues. So every Tuesday I will release a new article detailing who I would throw out (cut) and who I would pick up (claim). None of this is set in stone , and every league and team should be treated differently. I am not saying to give up on all of these players , but what I am saying is if you needed to make room for another more promising and younger prospect , well it is safe to say goodbye to a player you may have loved previously. Do NOT make the mistake of holding on to an aging under performing player , there are ALWAYS early warning signs , read them and adjust. It could mean the difference between 6th place and a championship.

Out and Up : Week 2 waivers



Henne– Looked real good , but the Pats looked bad again on defense. Keep your hopes realistic , but Henne just became a nice matchup play.

Newton – This is a testament to how bad the AZ defense is. Newton just had his best game of the season , but he does have a top WR that he has shown early connection with and that counts for something. There are a lot of QBs out there, but if you want to take a chance on Cam , I can not say it’s a bad move.


Cassel – I am not one of those stubborn writers , I liked Cassel coming into the season , but Haley soured me on him because of the preseason nonsense and I am afraid that his week one performance lands him in the , “get the hell off my team” pile.

** One more performance like Bradford had in week 1 and he is gone too. Having a quick hook on the right players may win you the money at the end.



Cadillac – Steven Jackson will be back , but who knows when. He looked great against the Eagles ,  but the Eagles LBs are pretty bad so don’t expect this kind of week every week from Caddy.  Bradford and the passing offense was inept which should lead to more touches for Caddy until Sjax is healthy. Also Sjax might never be fully healthy again , especially with all the carries and punishment he has taken over the years.

Tate – He may be owned already , but you never know so check the waiver wire for this guy.

Mccluster – If you are desperate for a start next week in PPR , and nobody is left on the wire , he will prob be there. Claim him and expect 5 catches which makes him low end flex worthy.


Helu – He won’t factor in until an injury or two

Derrick Ward – Tweaked an ankle , Foster will get healthier and Tate look Great , no pun intended.

J Stewart – I am NOT saying to cut him , I am saying that you prob drafted him in round 8 or so , and IF you desperately needed to cut someone to make room for somone you really need , well Stewart is probably okay to cut. Though I would still give him a week or 2 more. But after last years debacle , I am cutting bait quickly with the  entire Carolina running game this year.




Early Doucet – The Cardinals have liked this guy for YEARS. He looks like he is finally ready to “get it” and Kolb showed he likes him a lot. Fitz will get the coverage and is good enough to beat a triple team , but Doucet will have a nice year, similiar to what Breaston did a few years back there.

Eric Decker – My MNF quick thought on Decker ” he will show he belongs on fantasy rosters” then I listed him as my sleeper pick for Denvers WRs. Well he showed he belongs on rosters , go pick him up, especially with Lloyd getting and MRI today.

Hartline – For early season matchups this guy has been PRETTY consistent even dating back to last year before he got hurt. He catches about 5 balls a game  , my MNF quick thought  “Hartline will get some catches” and also listed him as the sleeper for Miami in case you need a WR for that game.

Devery Henderson – Until Colston and Moore are back , he will be a good flex play weekly.


Roy Williams – Dump the mutt

Amendola – The injury is an issue, the bigger issue is the passing game looked atrocious and the defenses that STL faces in the coming weeks are very difficult.

Garcon/Collie – I am not saying to give up on either or both, but without Manning they will be too inconsistent to trust even as flex plays. Give them a week or 2 , but cut quickly and pick up someone that is trending.

**Note OBVIOUSLY cut players that are less talented then Garcon/Collie or Amendola , but if you had a tough waiver decision , you need to cut bait with them their value is pretty low right now with no imminent signs of it increasing dramatically.



 Fred Davis – Listed his as a sleeper in my rankings and he was just that. I have had my eye on him for a while. I think Cooley’s days are numbered.

 Ed Dickson – Feel free to take a chance , he is a good receiver and they don’t have much in the passing game besides Rice and Boldin

 Gresham – Liked him earlier in the summer , backed off , now I like him again.


Z Miller – Dear Ryan Horne , I won our debate about Miller , and Tjax took off quite a bit instead of checking down. I want NOBODY on that offense.

Cooley – I think he is too injured to be effective and Fred Davis is too good to be kept under wraps.

Heap – I think he should have done better , Doucet’s emergence might take away a ton of targets that Heap may have otherwise received.

Marcedes Lewis – Got Banged up , and I have listed him as  BUST.. ALL SUMMER.


 Always remember to HAVE FUN with your team. If you want to cut to a guy because someone else intrigues you , well do it , so long as those guys aren’t top players and it doesn’t ruin the integrity of the league! This is ALL about having fun , and winning money while doing it. Stick with me and you might be able to accomplish both.

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