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Bump and Run: iCon Joe vs Ryan Horne – week 1

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Every week I will be going 1on1 with Ryan Horne, writer of Horne’s Corner and icon fantasy sports correspondent. This week we discussed his support for Michael Turner , my man-crush on Knowshon Moreno and his defense of fantasy disappointments Zach Miller and Braylon Edwards.

For discussion purposes, I will be known as iCon while Ryan will be known as HC:

And now for  the Bump and Run:

HC: You’re high on Knowshon Moreno this weekend, ranking him ahead of some pretty good options at RB, why do you see him breaking out to such a big-time start?

iCon: Moreno came into camp with a chip on his shoulder.  The addition of John Fox and his running scheme can only help Moreno as a runner to couple with his elite receiving skills out of the backfield. Willis may vulture the TDs, but Moreno will still score, the Raiders have a porous run defense that was gashed for 4.5 yards per carry, while their pass defense was very good last year, they lost Asomugha which hurts the entire defense as a whole. With Fox playing the hot hand I am expecting Moreno’s shifty moves to be on display for the country to see. It is Moreno’s time to put up or shut up. And week 1 vs a bad run defense is the perfect seasonal springboard matchup for a young guy looking to realize his potential. I am all in on Moreno in PPR.

HC: The fact that Willis vultures the TD’s concerns me. This is a player who hasn’t had double-digit TD’s in his 1st 2 years in the league and really has been stuck around 1100 total yards during his first two seasons. I also think the Broncos may be playing from behind in this one, the Raiders have an explosive offense. I just think there are better options, Ahmad Bradshaw is one that comes to mind. Even a Michael Turner who doesn’t get you the receptions will get you the TD’s in the end.

iCon: Speaking of Turner , talk to me about what makes you so high on him this weekend, especially in a PPR setting?

HC: Michael Turner is the epitome of consistency. He is a player who averages nearly a TD a game and will give you a minimum of     75 yards, usually closer to 100. Even in PPR formats, you can’t underestimate the value of a guy who puts 6 points on the board at least once a game. No doubt the lack of receptions hurts him a bit, but overall I still think he rates as a very solid RB2.

iCon: Point taken, but the way I see it Turner offers no upside in a PPR setting. Playing AWAY in Chicago against a team that was near the top in rushing yards against and rushing yards per carry last year makes him less then a lock to hit paydirt this weekend. Couple that with his nonexistent pass catching ability and he is a low end rb2 or high end flex play this week. Turner is not the burner he once was. Plus the dude is so damn boring , I need something exciting to watch!

HC: Moving on to WR, there was one player I noticed you seemed to have quite a bit of hate for and that’s Braylon Edwards. What has Braylon done to make you such a hater?

iCon: In Allen Iverson voice, ” We talkin bout Braylon Edwards here , Braylon Edwards??! We not even talkin bout a good player here, we talkin bout Braylon Edwards!” CMON MAN , Braylon has long been a player that is still living off his ONE breakout season a few years back for the Browns. He has HORRIBLE hands, runs sloppy routes, and now has the joy of catching passes from a QB who may throw the most inaccurate intermediate ball in the NFL. Crabtree is set to get more work week 1 then expected, Vernon Davis will be featured heavily, Josh Morgan is still alive…I think AND Gore is going to get the rock a TON vs the Hawks, PLEASE avoid this guy.

HC: I agree with some of your points, mainly that he runs lousy routes and he doesn’t have a great QB throwing to him. He had very few dropped passes last season though and did have 900 yards receiving. While Davis is probably going to be the #1 target, Seattle’s pass defense was porous last season and I think Braylon makes a good WR3 in 3WR leagues and a Flex play in other leagues. I think the guy is determined to have a decent year so he can get paid a bit better next off-season.

iCon: Lets talk a bit more about the Niners- Seahawks matchup, I am a bit down on Zach Miller, but he found his way into the top 10 in your TE rankings, let the readers know your thoughts on this talented but always on the wrong team TE.

HC: I feel like Miller is in a similar position to Greg Olsen and Marcedes Lewis. These three TE’s play on teams with bad QB’s, meaning they’ll use the TE’s as a safety valve quite often. While I rated Olsen and Lewis above Miller, I have them in the same general area of the rankings because I think they’ll put up the same general statistics. I think Miller is the best threat for a TD for Seattle, that is if their offense manages to score one.

iCon: That is the problem, I don’t think their offense is going to be able to score one. They are going to be putrid this year and I feel the Niners defense will be re-energized and Harbaugh will be a LEGIT NFL head coach instilling the toughness AND the discipline they lacked under Mike “No Pants” Singletary. The possibility of Sidney Rice being out week 1 may open up some targets for Zach, who really could be a top TE in this league similiar to Owen Daniels, but Tarvaris Jackson will rely on his legs in the face of pressure NOT Miller as a safety valve. I am sitting him til I see a game, Olsen to me is in a higher tier, had a good preseason and plays in an offense that will feed that TE. Carroll needs his TEs to block , hence Carlson (equally as talented as Miller) having a really bad year last year. Verdict for me… SIT


And that’s it for our first edition of Bump and Run!

Make sure to check back each week for our debates as we go at it weekly.

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We will be answering all of your Sunday Morning lineup questions tomorrow morning in a tweet and greet chat!

Tune in to to twitter Sunday morning for more details!

Thats all for now!


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