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The Holy Grail – Week 1 WRs

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Lets check out my thoughts on the week 1 WR rankings list:

NOTE FOR THOSE NEW READERS:  WR rankings are THE single hardest position to rank weekly and have consistent success in PPR. When I nail them and you win your game because you read my thoughts, it will be THEN that I have arrived and it will be you, who unknowingly became a part of #iconnation.

Read On.


1 Andre Johnson vs INDY – Foster still might not play , even if he does that indy team heaves yards at opposing WRs in disgusting fashion.  Im 5’8 and I have been clocked at 8.7 in the 40 and im fairly certain I would have success running a 7 yard dig against the colts.

2 Calvin Johnson vs TB – scorched them last year , Talib wasn’t there and he should be shadowing Mega , but I don’t care and neither should you as he should have no problem catching a fade into the endzone either.

3 Fitzgerald vs Car – They will have no answer , none at all for this guy , either way you are starting Fitzgerald in any and all leagues you own regardless , he is back , I have said it numerous times and say it again , intermediate Route runner who adjusts to a ball in the airs meets a QB who throws a nice ball that should make Fitz DYNAMIC this year.

4 Nicks vs Wash – I expect Nicks to be heavily targetted from the opening snap. The guy is a monster , and will score , that Giants defense is reeling and I can envision a high scoring game , There will be no answer in that secondary for this dynamo.

5 Vincent Jackson vs Minn – Rivers will be at top form in this game , Vjax will get free for a long one and/or a back corner fade in the endzone. Chargers will put up points in this game and Vjax will be dynamic.

6 Roddy White vs Chi – He will have a very Roddy White esque performance , though all of his performances are Roddy Esque , since well he is the ONLY Roddy White in the NFL. I am not sure he will score this game , but his targets and receptions will be high and he will give you top WR1 numbers.

7 Desean Jackson vs STL – The offense will be all over the place , Maclin just came back and is proclaiming himself ready, that does not matter to me , Djax will get free and the Eagles will be doing the bird dance all over Ram country.

8 Mike Wallace  vs Bal – I think the quiet preseason was by design , I think the Ravens secondary and defense in general is on the downside, I think Ben is there and Wallace is going to be huge this year. Expect a nice game and he is an obvious must start this early in the season.

9 Mike Williams vs Det – Love the matchup , in his second year he improves , a redzone and td magnet , should be a highscoring game and Freeman I think is a riser in the NFL meaning Williams rises with him. He is a must start week 1.


10 Dez Bryant vs NYJ – Im just gonna ride the gut on this one and the gut is telling me he is going to be the best WR on Dallas this year and it starts in week 1. He is a solid start because of his potential and repoire he showed with Romo last year before the infamous shoulder fracture and Austin plus Witten will garner much of the defenses attention.

11 Bowe vs Buf- After Charles there is nobody else left on the offense to do much. Maybe Mccluster makes a play , but this guy has always been a RZ threat ever since he came into the league , I expect him to be consistent this year , score less points but more even type games and actually be a better WR while scoring less total points this year because of that reason.

12 Jennings vs NO -NO can not repeat their amazing aerial containment last year. Defenses tend to get geared up when they play on Nat Tv , But Jennings is still a safe bet to do his thing too, whatever that thing may be , but he is DEFINITELY going to be doing something Thursday night. He is someone you drafted to play every week anyway so let’s move on.

13 Holmes vs Dal – I am expecting a good game from this enigmatic smallish redzone threat. Sanchez and Santonio play nice together and this Dallas secondary was a gigantic mess last year , expect that defense to be much better by midseason as they learn Ryans complex scheme, the Jets should be able to move the ball.

14 Wayne vs Hou – Nice matchup , Collins can throw the deep ball and showed in Tennessee he can still chuck it around. Not too worried about Wayne here in this game , but am worried about the long term affect this Peyton injury will have on them..

15 Manningham vs Wash – I expect him to have a GREAT game tbh. I would start him with confidence in any format , Nicks and Mario are about all the passing game has to offer and Eli has shown a nice connection with both. Skins defense is pretty bad too.

16 Britt vs jax – The titans have 3 worthy offensive players and a QB who will look Britt’s way often. Plus he is an interesting guy that may or may not run over to the cheerleaders at ANY time and moon them. I like that, not his moon , the fact that it MIGHT happen. Plus the Jags are just horrible , might be the worst team in the NFL.

17 Colston vs GB – this is purely a product of Moore being out , I am down on him this year but he should get a lot of targets now and will give you decent WR2 numbers. Not an exciting start anymore , but solid , hence the SOLID STARTS section of th rankings.

18 Austin vs Revis – He should still be an okay and low end WR2 here , but Keep in mind Revis limits his overall upside and could be the single reason he gets 1 catchf or 8 yards. You have to start him anyway though.

19 Welker vs Mia – He owns Miami , the offense should be click on all cylinders , very nice start and matchup for the first game for Brady and company.

20 Brandon Marshall vs Ne – He is like Britt just thicker and crazier , I would not be surprised at all if Britt comes into a press conference one day, takes his face off and Brandon Marshall is actually underneath. Its almost a probable TBH.

Would you be surprised??

21 Steve Johnson vs KC – decent matchup though the KC defense is young and could surpise people this year. I think Steve has shown enough to be trusted in a matchup that is not very imposing , nice WR2

22 Harvin vs SD – I like Harvin this year , I think he will do ok to start the season , it is a tough matchup for him , SD is a physical defense but he is still a top end wr3 low end wr2


23 Amendola vs Phi – this is a bit of a shocker , the guy is a PPR monster and I am betting in the face of the Eagles blitzes Bradford hits this slot receiver on short patterns a ton.

24 Maclin vs Stl – nice matchup still questioning him , but I think he will have opps to make plays and the Eagles will get up and down the field easily and quickly this Sunday.

25 Lloyd vs Oak – I am not a believer , I do not own him once and I think he busts once he has some tougher matchups. I will be GLUED to this game though.

26 Santana Moss vs NYG – He might give the Giants some trouble , Webster is an underrated lock down defender , but Moss and Grossman seem to connect pretty good . I think The skins will have to keep up with the Giants and that makes Moss a nice PPR starter.

27 Ocho vs Mia – brady and company come to life , Mia has a nice pass rush , but im gonna bet A LOT of those NE players do well as Brady has a monster game.

Best of the Rest Guys that I’d flex

28 Mike Thomas vs Tenn – I personally think Garrard being cut can only help this guy. Garrard has long been inaccurate and Mccown should be OKAY in a matchup against a pretty bad defense. Could be a high scoring game and he might score a lot of his points after half time.

29 Boldin vs Pitt – tough matchup , but he beat them for  a TD last year. They have nothing else in the pass game so he gets sheer volume points , but I am down on Anquan this year , and this matchup could be a brutal one for him.

30 S. Rice vs SF – should get all the RZ targets possible , there is nobody there. This is only a  bad matchup because Alex Smith might not be able to score a single TD and could keep this a low scoring game when Rice prob needs shootouts to get his volume targets. I would stay away if I could.

 31 Plax vs Dal – Nice matchup for the shooter , I bet he has some rust though , but he is the type of guy who is a gamer and might get free for a score.

 32/33 Garcon and Collie – I have NO idea what to make of these two coming into the season. I am betting Garcon is the one to own and Collie gets nicked up all year. I think Collins will be fine throwing the deep ball and Garcon is really explosive and the two could mesh. Great matchup though , so you could definitely do worse.

The I screwed up my draft pile

34 Steve Smith vs Az – good matchup , but a rookie QB , im staying away completely.

35 Nate Burleson vs TB – Everyone gets in on the action in TB. Not a bad flex if you needed someone or were desperate.

36 Julio Jones – I think he might come out of the gate here and show he belongs , I could even see him having a WR2 type game in numbers and really increase his value , BUT he is  a rookie so lets see what happens.

37 Malcolm Floyd  vs Minn- Nice matchup , Rivers will be on fire , I like him in this spot start if you are in need.

38 Jordy Nelson vs NO – I am gonna say that I think this guy might do pretty good against NO , Jennings and Finley will draw all the coverage and Rodgers will be on fire like I said , Nelson could be in for a nice day.

39 Meachem vs GB – Could get free with Moore out and Colston getting volume targets , I like his chances to score.

40 Green vs Cle – He was the talk of Cincy’s camp early on , but then got nicked up. I think he might do ok , but you do not start a WR4 this early in the season unless you screwed up your draft.

41 Braylon vs Sea – Nice matchup , but the QB is horrible and he is horrible , I’m positive Braylon Edwards doesn’t even start himself on his own fantasy teams , and thats a bad sign.

Sleeper Alert

Little vs Cin – Cushy gig going against the bengals , I really wanna see what this guy is made of once the season starts , a very intriguing and interesting play , you prob won’t need to start him , but in deeper leagues you could do worse.

Ford vs Den – another guy with explosive ability , but someone better served on the bench until you need him as a spot starter which prob isn’t yet.

PPR-  Shots in the Dark

Gonna pick WRs each week that might still be on the waiver wire that could bail you out in a jam!

Earl Bennett vs Atl- Most likely undrafted , Slot WR in a pass happy system. Falcons are talking all this junk about throwing the ball around , so maybe they throw the ball around and Cutler has to keep up. If you are in a bind you could certainly do worse than Earl Bennett week 1.

Benn vs Det – Looks good and could surpise this year. Plus I own him in a dynasty league so he interests me.

Gibson vs Philly – showed good connection last year with Bradford , is a young guy and might be on the field quite a bit this Sunday.

Donald Jones vs KC – Starter opposite Steve Johson , and he retweets your stuff if you ask him to , I like that and I am going to ask him to.


Open Letter to Donald Jones

Donald Jones,

My name is Joe H. I will keep you on my ranking list weekly as long as you start and then keep tweeting me.


                                                                                                                                            Joe  H.

GOSH I Hope He Reads That.

if anyone wants to forward it on to him you can find him @daJones19


On tap : TE rankings

I will have them out before gametime

though Finley and Graham are most likely being started by you if you own them anyway.

I will also have a set schedule put together detailing all series I plan to run and when they will be published during the season.

THANKS for all your support so far , hit me up for some football debate , I eat sleep and breathe this stuff!

But thats all for now!

PS. Donald Jones , can I call you DJ?

Oh and the offer still stands.

Best Payouts ANYWHERE!



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