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The Holy Grail – Week 1 TEs

Greg Olsen (American football)

makes the top 10 this week!

Intro , intro , intro. Catchy sentence here , funny line there. You laugh , I laugh , you become interested enough to click read more. You read more , you see I know a bit about fantasy football. You surf the blog, you change a starter or re think a strategy because of some insight from a different person. You subscribe for free, you get put in the mix for a free midseason team on icon fantasy sports dot com, you come back and read next week.

Wash rinse repeat!

ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD , there is the intro , lets move on to some grail worthy info regarding  TE rankings!

Must Starts

1 Gates vs Minn – Rivers will be on display. Gates is healthy and Minny can’t guard average TE’s to save their lives , let alone a complete and utter freak at the position. The flood gates will be open in this one as SD looks sharp.

2 Jimmy Graham vs GB – I am buying in HARD this week. Moore is out 100% and this guy is going to get SO many targets now its ridiculous. Clay Matthews will be a menace to Brees who will get in a check down rhythm and keep the sticks moving with Graham who will be a PPR monster.

Jimmy G. Fearless Forecast: 8 93 1 td

3 Finley vs NO – He is back , he is healthy he is a freak athlete. He is young , he is energetic and he will not let you down in this matchup. While Jennings is a bit more iffy , Jermichael is not. Lock it down.

4 Vernon Davis vs Sea – Great matchup. Only moves to 4 because he has the worst Qb of the bunch here.  Nobody in the NFL can cover him, let alone someone on the Seahawks. Should have a great game , but Alex Smith isn’t really all that good , and that is an issue.

5 Witten  vs NYJ – Romo loves him , I think he will get some coverage , but for PPR purposes he will be a TE1 ALL YEAR regardless of the matchup. However , he has to start slowing down , he got a ton of targets and receptions last year and takes so much punishment that I wonder out loud if he won’t get nicked up and slowed up at some point early this season.

6 Dallas Clark vs Hou – Collins in , Manning out for who knows how long. Collins did show some love for Bo Scaife who actually has some talent. I think Collins will lean on Clark this year, as he should, but if any of the elite TEs have questions coming into this game it is him.

7 Owen Daniels vs Ind – Looks good , but its the same old song and dance for him. Plays great when healthy , gets hurt , rehabs , struggles , comes back to form then gets hurt again. If he can break that rhythm he will certainly exceed his draft position and give you some solid games , and some spectacular games. This could be a spectacular one and he is a solid TE1 this week. Considering putting him above Clark , but I believe Clark still earns the right to his ranking.

Solid Starts

 8 Greg Olsen vs Az – Great matchup here , I think Olsen torches that defense and shows the Bears what a mistake they made. He was never used properly , he will be in this offense and I am excited to see him play. The rookie QB scares me , but Olsen should be relied upon heavily.

9 Pettigrew vs TB – the entire offense should be great here. Pett might actually have a HUGE game because of mega being doubled. I bet he catches 7 balls.

10 Aaron Hernandez vs MIA – Looked stellar this preseason. He runs like a WR and the Dolphins give up a lot to the TEs. Plus with Ocho and Welker there getting all the defensive attention this guy might have free roam between the 20’s. Tell me who is going to cover him.

11 Winslow vs Det – Nice matchup , but he has some old legs that no doubt feel even older. Creaky knees Winslow should still get the targets and PPR catches to have a nice day here. I would start him no problem but only in a format that rewards 1 point per reception.

12 Marcedes Lewis vs Tenn – Horrible team , horrible Qb play , but the young QB should prob look Lewis’s way a lot on sunday. He is a huge man , and a nice bet to score a TD every week. This offense is a joke though. What the hell did they do to that promising team.

13 Gronk vs MIA- Always a RZ threat and could and probably will score this week. I really don’t like my PPR TEs to only get their points from TDs , but he is on the field enough to chip in with some extra catches because of his blocking ability, which eases my concerns. Plus he is one of the best RZ Te’s in the NFL and that has to count for something. 10 Tds this year is practically a lock for him.

Some Questions

14 Keller vs Dal – Dallas will blitz more. Keller HAS to stop dropping passes , he is almost impossible to cover. I still vividly remember his amazing early season games last year , so maybe he is just an early season player. I am starting him in a few leagues and I am on the Keller bandwagon , he will have a decent year and exceed his draft value by a bit.

15 Cook vs Jax – Jax is horrible , Cook is not. Hass loves his TEs and besides Britt there is NOBODY else over the middle or on a short curl. Great matchup to start the season.

16  Kendricks vs Philly – Love the guy , really think he could be dynamite , but I need to see it first before I start him over some others this week.

17 Tony Gonzalez vs Chi – God he is ancient. I think he will fair ok in a physical matchup , after all thats about all he has left , he runs at a snails pace. But it is PPR rankings we are talking about here and Ryan will target him on the road. Also Julio Jones has all but killed his value for me IMO.

The i screwed up my draft pile

18  Z Miller vs SF – Nice matchup but bad Qb = story of this guys career. I guess he can’t get worse QB play.. can he?

19 Heap vs Car – Nice team for him to be on , Kolb will use him A LOT. I promise , really , I do , I bet Heap is going to be good this year , he is probably on your waiver wire if you forgot to draft a TE or missed your draft , grab him he might save your week!

20 Cooley vs NYG – if he plays he is a decent start , But you might have other options , most likely you do , but you could do worse. And if he doesn’t play , then don’t start him , wtf.

21 Watson vs Cin – Has a minor hip issue but will play , he is a decent PPR TE , but I think Evan Moore is going to cut into his work. Moore is quite athletic and I could see a Mccoy to Moore connection growing. Keep that in mind Dynasty enthusiasts if he is out there on your wire in a deep league and you can afford the roster spot.

PPR Shot in the Dark

If you need a TE or 2 each week and someone drafted 6 Tes on purpose and you are desperate:

Fred Davis vs NYG – Cooley is a GTD and if he doesn’t play Fred Davis has a nice matchup against some bad coverage LBs for the Giants. Plus the safeties are hard hitters and run stoppers which means Davis might catch them cheating , same can be said for Cooley if he plays. Did I just talk Cooley further up the rankings? Too late to change em now!

Evan Moore vs Cin – Look,the guy is 100% on your waiver wire. Watson has a hip issue. I am not saying to grab him and start him,  but if you have NOBODY. You can get him and he might catch a few balls.


and thats it for my week 1 positional rankings!

I am 100% interested in seeing how well I did come Monday and Tuesday!

I will be available all week/weekend and sunday mornings on twitter @iconfantasyJoe to take your lineup questions in real time!

I want nothing more then for you guys to succeed in fantasy football like I have over the last decade and I really do enjoy writing and sharing my insight on all of these players.

So again , thanks for reading!

I will post next weeks schedule by Saturday night so you guys know exactly when and what I will be posting each week!


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