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The Holy Grail – Week 1 RBs

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Lets get right into the meat of some week 1 rankings now , I tantalized you yesterday with the Quarterbacks. I teased you and just the tipped you guys, while painting the gorgeous picture of Mike Holmgren sans clothing. I gave you some great QB info and insight from the mind of a ranked icon of fantasy sports and noted money league PPR specialist. So lets move on to bigger and better things…like:

WEEK 1  PPR RB rankings


1 Jamaal Charles vs BUF- The guy is going to light it up this year. I am not worried about the sloppy preseason AT ALL. Cassel is banged up , Bowe will come back to earth , Thomas Jones is  , well , Thomas Jones , Moeaki fell victim to the Haley coaching nonsense , there really is not a lot of competition for touches there , oh and an improved Buffalo defense was worst against the run by a LARGE margin in the NFL last year so he should have no problem getting free. I say improved because there is nowheret to go but up.

2 Adrian Peterson vs SD – Sd is very good against the rush , they lock runners up and limit their yardage. But they are not impossible to beat and will give up TDs. Conversely AP scores TDs , and Mcnabb will dump a few off to him as well. A very safe back that I do not want to spend much time on , anyone who owns him is starting him anyway.

3 Lesean Mccoy vs STL – It is a great matchup for this PPR #megabeast. On turf , I expect the ALL of the Eagles to be flying  and Mccoy will be the beneficiary of a very beatable defense playing on a fast surface that actually will help the visiting team.

4 Chris Johnson vs Jax – that Jax defense is BAD BAD BAD capital S U C K. They gave up 4.7 yards per rush last year , and were in the bottom in almost every defensive category. I am DEFINITELY not scared of his missed training camp time , he is a physical monster and keeps himself in tip top shape , plus he derives power from those luscious locks. Maybe Del Rio will give a pair of scissors to his Middle Linebacker and even the odds , but , I doubt it.

5 Frank Gore vs SEA – Gore is going to Gash and Gore (har har) this hawks front 7. Two bad teams playing each other , the only #megabeast in the entire game is Gore ,and talent is always on display in games like these. Plus it’s the beginning of the season before Gore gets shelved for a month , start him and know he will have a nice day.

6 Darren Mcfadden vs Den – and the worst defense in the NFL award for 2010 goes to…. DENVER! The result OUT Mcdaniels , Draft Von Miller and bring in a defense minded coach , someone who will revamp the team and give them structure and the discipline they desperately needed. Broncos are a very interesting team for me and for fantasy purposes , but Mcfadden who claims he is healthy and ready will perform exceptionally in this game. The preseason is overrated and his multipurpose skills will be on display on MNF.

7 Arian Foster vs INDY- A cake matchup against a team that just hands out yards to running backs. He only gets moved down the list because of his health issue , Mcfadden has an orbital bone issue , that will not affect him , Foster has now come up lame TWICE on the same hammy , and that is a concern. Cuff him with Tate over Ward, Tate is the interesting back , Ward’s problem is the fact that he is Derrick Ward.


8 Ray Rice vs Pitt – He struggles vs them. But I do belive he will have some success against them this year , especially with a nice dump off or two. You didnt draft him to sit him any week at all so roll with him as he should get enough touches in that offense to get you a solid week.

MJD  vs TENN- Nice matchup against Tennessee. Has noone to compete for touches at all. Jennings on IR and Garrard gone , he will get the ball a ton against a defense that was horrible last year. That is usually a recipe for success.

10 Hillis vs CIN – Hillis will shred that defense. Rookie Qb will turn the ball over , or they will play so conservative it will give the Browns a few extra possessions from the 3 and outs. Brandon Jackson on IR , Massaquoi just started playing again , Rookie in Little , there is Little else but Hillis at this stage of the season .. hehe pun intended! I am also on record saying Hillis has great early season value that will fade as he wears out , well its early season!

11 Steven Jackson vs Philly – He will get the rock a ton in both the catch game and run game. He is their offense , Bradford will be able to move it better this year , tough matchup , but not an impossible one. You can run on the Eagles , and they will blitz a TON meaning I wouldn’t be surprised if Mcdaniels takes advantage of this and calls the perfect screen to sjax for a big gainer. I believe you need to roll with him and feel good about it.

12 Forte vs ATL – Atl is very good vs the rush , but Forte scores in PPR in so many different ways that you never sit the guy! He can beat good defenses , I expect an average game from him and thats still good enough for solid rb2 numbers

13 Mendenhall vs Baltimore – I am not convinced this Bal defense is all that good. Mendenhall will score this game , should have decent yardage totals and help move the chains. He certainly will get better matchups during the season , but playing FOR pitt helps because he never has to play against them!

14 Moreno – Moreno needs to strut his stuff against a bad run defense in the raiders on national TV , MNF heading into what should be his best season as a pro. I think he blows up this game , but due to Willis being there I have to put him behind backs that have noone there stealing carries.

MORENO FEARLESS FORECAST: 16 87 5 47 1td  and breaks off a run of 20 plus.

15 D Will vs Az – GREAT matchup , this should be a good game for fantasy purposes. Lot of players that are of interest to good ol ICON Joe here. Dwill/Stew/Olsen Fitz/Kolb/Wells – I will be watching this game very intently. I expect a very nice game from all of them.

16 Locomotive Blount vs Det – Nice matchup in what  should be a high scoring affair. Another game that peaks my interest for fantasy purposes. 100  and a td.          LOCK. IT. DOWN. LEGARRETTE.

17 Bradshaw vs Wash – A great matchup for Ahmad. He will have to stave off the reinvigorated mountain of  man B Jacobs , but he will definitely put up nice numbers here in what threatens to be a shoot out. I like him in the pass game this one.

18 Best vs TB – I love Best this year , I really do , I just think that Stafford and Mega and the passing game blows up here. But Bestshould still get enough touches to have a  low end rb2 worthy game. TB is horrible vs the run , but Best is not a guy that will get 20 carries anyway, errr at least he SHOULDN’T. But what do I kno , im just some schmuck writing a free blog. Oh and the Best is yet to come for this young player….. yeah.

19  Wells vs Car – All this talk about him being the workhorse scares me. If there is one thing I know about headcoaches is they lie. He is a great flex play , with nice RB2 potential this week and a very tantalizing matchup. Ill take my steak WELLS done! YIKES (sorry thats the BEST I had)  YIKES.. double sorry!

20 Greene vs Dallas – I expect a decent game from him to open the year. But he is also a rb that gets better with reps and time played. Early on in the season I don’t expect him to show his true form until a few games in. Plus I think Sanchez to Holmes to Keller to Shooter Mcburress is something that can give the Boys some problems. BUT I think he will score.


21 Hightower vs NYG- The giants stop the run first , its why they get burned in their secondary a lot , they run blitz constantly , their ends get up the field and lose contain to get after the QB , but their safeties , namely Rolle ,and their Dbs are some of the best in the nfl at run support which allows them to gamble this way. The blocking scheme for Shannahan should have success against the Giants , the problem is I do not believe Grossman will regardless of T. Thomas injury and the Giants secondary woes. Solid flex play and will be factor in the pass game for sure.

22 Matthews vs Minn – Ok , I am going to be the first FF blogger in history to write a ranking list and tell you its wrong. Matthews deserves a higher spot against a defense that is a shell of it’s former self. A defense that doesn’t have BOTH Williams in the middle anymore. A defense that doesn’t make good on that Mullett power is once received from Jared Allen AND I think Rivers shines here. Don’t be surprised if he blows up this week , then at least when he does I will  have noted that I believe I am too low on him so I won’t have to hear it from my readers … all 3 of you 🙂

23  Turner vs Chi – is there any1 I hate writing about more? The answer is no. Moving on. Oh and the Bears are good at home vs the rush and he catches no passes. Should score , but man he is about as boring a player in the NFL.

24 Reggie Bush vs NE – I expect a great game from him TBH. I expect him to catch it , run it and make sports center for people seeing his secret Kim Kardashian tat across his backside. Start him now before he gets injured. Did I mention I HATE writing about Turner?

25  Felix vs NYJ – I think he is going to struggle in this game vs that defense. But I think he will get enough touches to give you flex numbers. Plus you drafted him to start him , not sit him vs any defense regardless the matchup. Maybe the Jets get caught in a blitz and Felix breaks a long run or a long catch and run… Maybe…

Best of the rest- guys that I’d Flex!

26 Fjax  vs KC- starter , nice matchup , should be good this week for high end flex numbers.

27 Addai  vs HOU- Nice matchup again , going to be needed in the catch game especially , but Collins has this weird elongated throwing motion that for some reason strikes me as detrimental to quick passes  , screens and dump offs.. again WTF do I know , maybe I’m wrong but Addai makes the cut as a nice flex starter this week.

28 Benson vs Cle – Fresh out of jail  , hopefully he got some time in the yard to toss the pigskin around. Browns are not a bad defense btw.

29 Lynch vs SF – He gets volume touches , but MAN that guy is ugly , I guess he makes it as a flex play because he may or may not cause 3 out of every 4 women he stares at to faint in horror.

not pretty

30 Ingram vs GB-Curious to see what this guy does Thursday. I am not expecting big things , but you could do worse as a flex and he offers a bit more excitement in this spot then guys like Tolbert.

31 Pierre Thomas vs GB- Really want to see the split there , I think PT will get the yards and catches and Ingram will get equal touches but more TDs.

32/33 Tolbert/GreenEllis  vs Minn- Aren’t they the exact same player? Except one has a prized 2nd year player sharing carries who looked great at times this preseason in front of him and the other has a gigantic name behind him , on his jersey , behind his body..behind him… get it? Either way , even if you don’t they make for decent flex plays.

The  you screwed up your draft pile

34 Spiller – NICE matchup , and should be good this year , Fjax starting doesn’t matter , he never could have received starter touches , I like him.

35 Stewart – I bet he scores , but I’m not betting much , how bout a gentlemans bet that he scores.. DEAL!

36 Daniel Thomas – Bad preseason this , tentative that , Regardless REGGIE BUSH is the only back there besides Thomas for a team that runs the ball a TON! He will play and I am curious how he will do – Don’t be a Doubting Thomas! (yup that’s all I got).

37 Mcgahee vs OAK – He is almost a lock to score , he is also almost a lock to not do much else

38 Jacobs vs Wash – Another candidate to score , But Bradshaw is trusted on the goalline too , want to see more b4 I buy

39 Woodhead -he will get a few catches , then you will only lose by like 14 instead of 23

40 Grant/ Starks – I favor starks , im starting neither unless it is a deep roster setting


 Delone Carter vs Jax – Moved past D. Brown on the depth chart. I think he might actually get a score this week as they run some more then usual in INDY.

Ben Tate/Derrick Ward – I would go with Tate if unowned , if you were desperate hit up waivers and grab Ward he is prob still there , Foster still may not play this week and the matchup is great.

PPR-Shot in the Dark

Gonna pick 1 guy each week that might still be on the waiver wire that could bail you out in a jam!

LAROD STEPHENS- HOWLING – If I was desperate , crying , lonely , staring at this set lineup screen and I just realized I auto drafted 9 qbs and 3 defenses  , I would hit the waiver wire and scoop up the living Hyphen!



Coming Before the season starts will be some WRs and TEs!

As always stay tuned! and participate in some fantasy football talk!

There is no more excting time of the year!

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