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The Holy Grail – week 1 Qbs

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If you want to win your leagues this year…. Read On.

If you want your wife or your girlfriend or your wife’s girlfriend to put on that sexy nightey you love and eye you down like Mike Holmgren eyes down a pack of chedder bratwurst, while you roll around in your fantasy football winnings screaming, “OH MY GOD THANK THE LORD FOR ICON JOE!”  then you better…. Read On

If you are a newb , a patzer , a piker (shoutout to the profitmotive on that term) a complete and utter donk and you LUCKILY stumbled here by the grace of GOOGLE.


I will provide to you the HOLY GRAIL this season ————>

I will tell you exactly who to start and why to start them each week.

I will be there every step of the way , coddling you , fondling your team like Rex Ryan would fondle the sexiest pair of feet known to man.

It may save your season Gentleman , but more importantly, it may save your LIFE!

Some natural questions you may be having:

What is the Holy Grail?

How will Joe Hoffman save your season?

Why am I thinking about Mike Holmgren in lingerie eating bratwurst?

the answers are simple:

1: I will present to you a weekly ranking list of ALL skill positions , I will keep it fluid and be readily available to analyze your team and your matchup and tell you who I would start regardless  according to who your opponent is starting.

2: I will make myself available via twitter at my new and improved personal twitter @iconJoeHoffman

3: Because Holmgren is a gorgeous man, Bratwursts are an amazing food , and people love to stare at trainwrecks.

SO… here we go , just some Qbs , just a taste of what I will provide…..as we play a game of……. just the tip??


QB‘s  week 1

Who to start and why to start them!

Qb Rankings: WEEK 1


1 Vick vs STL- an obvious must start against an improving but still average Rams defense , on turf , expect a huge game.

2 Rodgers  vs NO- Saints Defense was actually very good against the pass last year ,holding QBs to a rating of 83.2 and under 200 yards per game and gave up the FEWEST passing TDs in the NFL last year (13).  I do not expect them to repeat those ridiculous numbers, and Rodgers is going to be on fire thursday night. Its obvious you start this guy to lets move on.

3 Rivers  vs MINN- Vikings defense is bad , their secondary is horrible , the offense has a QB in Mcnabb who will throw the INT on the wrong end of the field possibly giving Rivers a quick opp for a TD during the game. Vjax is there , Gates is healthy and Matthews looks strong, the offense will move it , Rivers will be great.

4 Brees vs GB – Same ol Same ol for this guy. You start him regardless of the defense , moves down below Rivers for this game because unlike the Saints pass defense that should regress this year , the Packers defense will still be great against the pass. Regardless he will score.

5 Brady vs MIA – Dolphins gave up 22 tds last year ,Brady actually strugged with them last year , it is a division game and these division rivals all play each other tough. HOWEVER , I think this Pats offense will dominate the fins from beginning to end , with Ocho there , the TEs a year older , Green Ellis and crew moving the chains. Brady will have more success in week 1 then he had both games combined last year.


6 Schaub  vs INDY- He will have to air it out more with Foster on the mend. Manning being out helps and hurts , 1 colts wont have those long clock churning drives where Manning just eats up a quarter going from end to end , BUT Colts will also be forced to run the ball more , trying to slow the game down. Texans need to force the action and get Collins into a shootout. Indy gave up a ton of yardage in the air last year and will do so again this year.

7 Stafford vs TB – He is healthy coming into the season , Tampa did limit QB yards last year but were horrid vs the rush and should be improving in that area. Qbs also had a very low rating against their defense (77.6) But that Lions offense is going to be too hard to contain. I expect a healthy Stafford to have no issues with this Bucs defense with options all over the field every time he drops back.

8 Eli Manning  vs WASH- The skins defense was and is bad. They will improve , but this might actually be a high scoring affair if Grossman can live up to his end of the bargain, but I have my doubts. The Giants defense is reeling from their injuries, Grossman is good for some turnovers giving Eli more posessions , it is game 1 and I can see  both Nicks and Manningham scoring on big plays in this game.

9 Romo vs NYJ – I know Revis is there , I know the Jets dominate the line of scrimmage. But the Jets also lack a pass rushing threat. Romo is still a decent bet for 250 and 2 tds here just because of the skill players in that offense. I think Felix struggles in this game , but Witten will be a good option and Dez will get free.

NOTE: I LOVE ROMO this year and this will prob be the lowest  I have him all year.

10 Freeman vs DET – Det is going to be a good defense , lets get this out there right now, BUT their secondary is weak. It is a fact , their front 7 has a chance to be dynamic and make the secondary better , but this Bucs team is young and improving on both sides of the ball , they will be balanced and Freeman has enough pocket presence and mobility to make plays with his legs while avoiding the SUHnami coming at him in order to keep the ball moving. I think he is a solid start this week.


11 Ryan vs CHI – Lot of big talking coming out of the Falcons camp this year. Greatest show on turf this , high flying offense that. But this game is not on turf , not in the dome and AWAY in Chicago. The Bears may not be as feared on defense as when Urlacher was in his prime , but at home they still dominate. Roddy might get free here , Julio is nice too. Still lands in the weekly top 12 making him a starter in any format , just temper your expectations until there are some more favorable matchups but you could do worse then starting Matty in this game.

12 Roethlisberger vs Bal – Ravens were 21st in the NFL in passing yards allowed last year. They have a nice rookie CB that people are high on , but he is still a rookie. Mike Wallace is dynamic , Mendenhall could struggle and this might be a low scoring game, but Ben is still good for a few TD tosses and /or 1 toss and a sneaky rushing TD.

13 Kolb vs Car – Carolina was sneaky good against the pass last year. I do not believe they will have an answer for Fitz , then again nobody does. Once I see him take advantage of some defenses this year I will move him up confidently , but he falls out of the weekly top 12, I personally am starting him in at least 8 leagues.

14 Bradford vs Phi – It might take a bit for the Eagles to put it all together as they have a new Line coach and a new strategy simplifying the way they get off the ball. Trent Cole is a force on that line , Babin , Jenkins , the revamped secondary. Their are too many if’s in this game to start Bradford , his upside is severely limited but I could envision a scenario that the quick strike Eagles offense gets a lead and Bradford gets some garbage time buckets! I am staying away.


15 Sanchez vs Dallas – I have said all along I like Sanchez , he makes my board as a sleeper because I want to see the Jets actually make good on their promise to air it out more this year before I start throwing him out there. He makes for a great committee type quarterback with a penchant for big games. If he eliminates those horrible starts I think he could be a nice weekly player.

16 Mccoy vs Cincy – Great preseason , had some decent games last year , seems to have the poise and decision making ability to master the west coast offense. If you are desperate and took Manning too early do yourself a favor and Ride this Colt!

Sit Em

Orton vs Oakland – it is too early in the season to be cute and start Orton. There is NO doubt he was not your first qb chosen , do not get cute with it until you see how Fox is going to run this offense.

Flacco vs Pitt – He has no upside in this game. Rice struggles vs Pitt , as do most RBs. I see Rice scoring here and possibly through the air , but 250 and 2 tds is not a lock against Pitt in this game. Look elsewhere.

Cassel vs Buf – The rib could be an issue. What Haley did really soured me and made me realize that this guy just might not be NFL head coach material. The clear disregard for his players health and job security puts Haley on the  short list of coachs who have the ability to ruin their own players fantasy value.  I am on record saying I like Cassel this year , but I need a week to get over his ridiculous decision to play his starters well into the final preseason tuneup.


I will be ranking all skill positions all year on a weekly basis!

still left for this week: Rbs/WR/TE week 1 ranking!

Follow me on Twitter @iconJoeHoffman !!!!!!

ask any and all lineup questions! trade questions! Life questions!

I plan on also being available every Sunday morning via twitter @iconJoeHoffman to field Lineup questions and help

YOU field the best lineup possible , while also providing excellent bratwurst recipes and attempting to piss off these bloggers that have no business being in business (you guys should see the messages I get when I question them).

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