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TE Rankings 8/18/11

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Here is a quick rundown and analysis of the top TEs I like for this year. I just wanna give you guys a straight to the point reference list to be used during drafts. I will tell you when to target these players in all PPR leagues.

TE Rankings (PPR)

1 Gates – Finally healthy , but he gets banged up. On a per game basis there is no TE better – but truth be told I like some other TE a round later for my taste.

Target mid 4

2 Vernon Davis – This is my guy this year , Harbaugh will use him a TON. He is a complete freak at that position and is well into his prime now. Alex Smith is a concern , but bad Qbs can still manage to build great chemistry with their TE’s.

mid 5

3  JerMichael Finley – Only 24 so there had to be some speed bumps for the guy and those speed bumps come in the form of injuries. He has gone from being nicked up to being put out for the season. He is GREAT for that offense and Rodgers LOVES LOVES LOVES him , but there are A LOT of people there to catch it too. AMAZING upside , but coupled with injury issues in his track record he falls behind VD on my list.

mid 5


Dallas Clark – He goes higher than most of these guys because he is Dallas Clark , but that injury last year KILLED so many teams it wasn’t funny. Garcon will come into his own , Collie is going to be less injured and Wayne is still there. Addai coming back hurts Clark in the short and dump off catch game. I wouldn’t take him before any of these guys I listed prior , but he tends to go before them. I expect a small decline this year.

mid 6 is where I would target him- he routinely goes in round 5


Jason Witten – Will not be as good as last year and that is a fact , will be closer to the season output of the year prior. Still a legit threat for high reception totals, but he is getting older and the offense is getting younger. Will perform and is a sure fire SAFE pick , but I move him below VD and Finley because those guys are younger , faster and can give you a bigger season

mid 6


Truth be told If I dont end up with VD or Finley neither Clark nor Witten are even on my radar and I usually just go WR in rounds 5 or 6 instead.


6 Owen Daniels – Every year coming into the season he is listed as a breakout , and every year he gets injured in some way shape or form. He really came on to end the season last year and thats what people remember. You are not getting enough injury discount on this guy to make it worth your 7th round pick , but if you want him thats when you have to pull the trigger

anywhere in the 7th

7 Jimmy Graham – Love the upside and youth in that offense. Saints target the TE quite a bit and now they only have one legit TE. He does drop passes and it will be a learning curve. If he comes out of the gate dropping passes it may be a long season for him and a great season for Moore. I don’t see it , I think he will play UNDER everyones loft goals for him , BUT I do think he will play good enough to be worth a start. Not this year to realize his potential , but still worth the 8th round pick I have labeled him as. The great part of this is if im WRONG , it’s in his favor I just want you to temper your expectations when drafting him.

NOTE: Once you miss on Jimmy Graham you are better off just not taking a TE until the very end – UNLESS you see Pettigrew out there at a nice value.

mid 8

8 Brandon Pettigrew – He has some upside in that offense. He comes at a great price , he is young and he patrols the Middle great! I like him and you can get him:

Mid 10

9 Kellen Winslow – He goes before some of the other sleeper guys because has a nice PPR track record. Came on to end the season and will get you points. Might not BLOW UP the stat sheet but as Freeman improves so does he.

Mid 11

10 Dustin Keller – I just think this guy has the most potential of all the guys in this area to put up the biggest PPR season. He will not catch as many TD passes as some of the guys coming up, but TDs are TOO hard to predict anyway. I think a lot of his problems were things that are fixable and will improve drastically this year with a better Sanchez. LT is getting older and won’t take as many dump offs and Keller won’t drop those passes. He is a tough matchup for defenses and I think he plays closer to how he did early in the season last year rather than middle to late. AND you can get him in round 14

rnd 14

11 Marcedes Lewis – Top bust candidate. But his offense doesnt have much else in the RZ. Could be okay , but I think his upside is limited. I am not a fan of any NFL players named after Cars I can’t afford— IM LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU TOO CADILLAC WILLIAMS.

round 10 (gotta pay a higher price to get him based on last yrs stats)

12 Greg Olsen – He was misused in Chi and that is a fact. He is a nightmare matchup and has shown some REAL toughness out there taking huge shots and getting up and still chugging along. I like what he can do in this offense even with the rookie QB he should score some.

round 12

13 Gronkowski – I think he is a better bet to catch TDs than Lewis , but I think Lewis has more upside because he has less competition. I say pass on BOTH gronk and lewis and take keller or olsen or one of the guys i will list coming up.

round 10

14 Tony Moeaki – The guy is an athletic freak and he will surprise this year. He is in year two , Baldwin just hurt his wrist on Thomas Jones head , so the offense needs some stability already. TEs provide that and Cassel needs to look this guys way a lot more this year.

he prob goes undrafted  , so round 15 if you wanna take a shot on someone

15 Zach Miller – has the skills to be  a great TE and has never had the situation (or the snookie) to put him over the top

round 13

but do yourself a favor and grab just ONE of the guys I have listed right  in honorable mentions or sleepers because all will probably be better this season:

Honorable Mentions:

A Hernandez (has the talent to be a top 10 TE but not the situation , will be vultured by everyone on that team

Gresham – I think he puts together a nice season and will be a safety valve or Dalton whom I think is a bit more NFL ready than most other rookie qbs. Don’t expect great numbers , at leas not this year , but could be a serviceable bye week or injury replacement TE


1 Jared Cook

2 Lance Kendricks

3 Fred Davis

Of the these three Kendricks can produce the biggest season , Cook the safest of the sleepers and Fred Davis just tickles me because Cooley is A LOT more injured then people are realizing.

thats all for now:

On tap:

Update on how the First ever Dynasty League is going

and a more definitive Date for when we will have the full site ready

Thanks for reading!

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