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Expert League write up and Power Rankings

I was asked by Mr. Jeff Paur at Rtsports to take a look at the expert league we drafted last monday and give a bit of insight into a few players I drafted , why I drafted them and my analysis of those players going forward. Rather than do the write for him and just send it to him I figured I would throw together a quick blog with those thoughts as maybe it will provide some insight to you , the reader and drafter , when making a critical decision on a certain player going forward in any drafts you have left this summer.

My thoughts on a few of my picks:

1.3 Ray Rice – I had the third overall pick in this draft. Adrian Peterson was staring straight at me , while he may have been the safer pick I knew safe was NOT going to win me this league. I needed safety with bigger upside. Since Ray Rice (who sits at #2 on my PPR rankings  behind AP ironically) has yet to produce his best year as a pro , and by all accounts I believe AP has , I went with the upside of Ray Rice and his new goal line duties to give me the edge I believe I will need to win a league this competitive.

3.3 Knowshon Moreno– I was targeting Best here but he got scooped a few picks before mine. I believe Best is a bit safer than Knowson , but both are going to be very similiar backs going forward. Best is faster , Knowson is shiftier. Both are small , neither should , could , or will shoulder the load and BOTH should approach 50 catches. Ironically I believe Knowshon is built to score more Tds than Best and Best will always play second fiddle to Mega but has more explosive running ability. Moreno is a risky pick , but since the backs that went right after him are all about the same type of player , it makes taking the upside risk here worth it. I am in it to win it and playing it safe will get you 4th place in a league this tough.

5.3 Santonio Holmes – After some deliberation and research going into my first shot at putting together a WR ranking list , I realized I was not giving enough love to Santonio Holmes. His numbers were very solid on a per game basis last year and I will say there is no better red zone threat , pound for pound and inch for inch in the NFL than Santonio Holmes. He possesses big play ability as well as a possession receiver type numbers. I expect weekly contributions all year AND big games now and again as I targetted ONLY him in this round to couple with my risky upside plays at RB.

8.10 Josh Freeman – I took some ribbing for this pick because I had already selected Tom Brady at 4.10. However, while looking at the board I had lumped together about 20 wrs and rbs at about the same value. I knew Freeman would be worth more than all of them because of the reports he is getting out of camp and the love he is receiving on many ranking lists. If I was ever desperate for a RB I know I could now go out and trade Brady (below his value bc Qbs lose value the minute they are drafted) to grab a RB 3.  This selection was a RESOUNDING success because I managed to get Malcolm Floyd 20 picks later and Roy Helu right after that , both guys whom I think were much better selections than some of the picks that went off directly after my Freeman selection. I asked a simple question in the draft after this pick.. would danny woodhead have been better? Nobody answered me but the answer is a resounding NO.

9.3 CJ Spiller – I like this guy in this spot. I needed another upside play with a ppr skillset to add to my roster. I knew I was short a running back and I needed youth to outplay draft position in order to make up for this lack of depth. Spiller was the only guy for me in this spot. I need him to contribute this year as a flex play in order to win this league , other wise the waiver wire is going to have to get worn out until I find the right RB. I think he will surprise this year and the game will slow down for him quite a bit.



1 Romeos Team

2 Midget Monkeys

3  Johns Team

4  Brians Team

5   iCon

6  Azzuri

7 Nuts for Henery

8 TCW Will

9 Randy’s Team

10 TCW Logan

11  Jeff’s team

12  JW


thats all for now , I will chronicle this league as we go forward with a Midseason Report  , some waiver sleepers and a final results. Let’s see how accurate my rankings will be by the end of the year!

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