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Prizes and Payouts

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

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Just wanted to give everyone some information on what exactly you will be playing for!

When we first start out we are going to keep it very very simple ,

1  draft only league for quicker drafts and no transactions $19.95  per seat but ONLY 8 people

2  Pro Level League- for lower level pay to play –  $ 34.95 per seat

3 Legend Level  League – medium level – $99.95 per seat

4 VIP Level League – Higher level – $499.95 per seat

For Actual payouts keep reading..

Contest Levels and Prizes


 Draft Only :

8 members

$19.95 per seat

1 in 8 wins

1st  place prize : $100.00


Pro Level: 

12 members

$34.95 per seat

1st place prize: $200

2nd place prize: $100

Legend Level:

12 members

$99.95 per seat

1st place prize: $600

2nd place prize: $300

3rd place prize : $100

VIP Level:

12 members

$499.95 per seat

1st place prize: $2500

2nd place prize: $1250

3rd place prize: $750

4th place prize: $250



–          The team with the most total points  for the regular season wins this prize bonus

–          In the event of a tie for top points there will be no tie breaker , the bonus will be divided up by all teams                                       tied for the top yearly score

Everyone vs Everyone challenge : $250

–          The system will tabulate your weekly record if you were to play every team in the league

–          This is a site and VIP level exclusive , iCon Sports will award a $250 dollar prize bonus to the team that wins the

Everyone vs Everyone challenge


** These are regular season prize bonuses all bonuses will be determined by the end of week 14 when the regular season ends**


Some of you had been asking for me information regarding contest payouts , well this is it , this is what we are rolling with to start.

you CAN see progress made at www.iconfantasysports.com tho it is still a mess we can see actually see some light at the end of the tunnel-    I’ve got a team of guys working hours each day putting together the site , i do NOT want to give a set date , so lets just say SOON. We will be holding drafts up to a few weeks into the season , then we will gear up for some mid season and playoff contests!

So digest this information and do yourself a favor and COMPARE those payouts to where ever you are playing this season!

it is an exciting time to be a part of  #iCon Nation!


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