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Live Expert Draft Review 8/15/11

iCon was invited to do an experts draft with the top, elite , upper echelon players that reside over at fantasy games money site Rtsports.com. All of the top 15 were invited on a first come first serve basis and all of these players are friends of mine and have been for quite some time. This draft was put together by the Lead Sports writer for their website , Jeff Paur and we are playing for free entry into their one of their ALL PRO leagues next football season.

This is the BEST collection of skilled and competitive money league players that I have yet to see assembled  in all my years playing this game. Each player here wins thousands per year in this hobby, so I thought this would be the perfect time to run the next analysis of my live drafting and draft reviews followed by rating teams at the end.

Understand something right now , every single guy in this league has hundreds of fantasy titles under their belts so finding the bad values in each round may be a daunting task in and of itself because almost every pick will be the right one as each and every guy in here is a champion.

As usual I will analyze just the first 5 rounds for best and worst values , followed by a quick analysis of each team and a rating on a scale of 1-10. The first 5 rounds will NOT win you your league completely but they will provide the backbone and foundation for your team and will dictate how your middle rounds should go.

There will be no better tool if you want to see the true value of each and every player going forward in all competitive PPR drafts for the rest of this summer.


Round 1

#1  John’s Team   –   Jamaal Charles  RB, KAN

#2  Pearl Jam Randy   –   Arian Foster  RB, HOU

#3  icon   –   Ray Rice  RB, BAL

#4  Nuts for Henery   –   Adrian Peterson  RB, MIN

#5  Jeff P’s Team   –   Chris Johnson  RB, TEN

#6  The Calipari Way Will   –   Michael Vick  QB, PHI

#7  Romeo’s Team   –   LeSean McCoy  RB, PHI

#8  Brian’s Team   –   Darren McFadden  RB, OAK

#9  JW – Bull Rush   –   Andre Johnson  WR, HOU

#10  Midget Monkeys   –   Rashard Mendenhall  RB, PIT

#11  The Calipari Way-Logan   –   Calvin Johnson  WR, DET

#12  Azzurri   –   Roddy White  WR, ATL

Best value: Adrian Peterson – iCon has him as #1 on the ranking list as the best combo of safety and upside he fell to 5th here and thats as good a spot as you will see him – iCon passed on him to take Rice , simply because I do not own rice enough this year.

Worst value: None , everyone went in a comparable spot and belongs here. Could be CJ2k if he never shows

Analysis: Nothing to see here , this is exactly what I would expect , Vick at 6 was a surprise but I can’t arguewith the pick at all , like the Mendy and Calvin picks at the end and White is rock solid.

Round 2

#1  Azzurri   –   Steven Jackson  RB, STL

#2  The Calipari Way-Logan   –   Frank Gore  RB, SFO

#3  Midget Monkeys   –   Larry Fitzgerald  WR, ARI

#4  JW – Bull Rush   –   Maurice Jones-Drew  RB, JAC

#5  Brian’s Team   –   Matt Forte  RB, CHI

#6  Romeo’s Team   –   Vincent Jackson  WR, SDG

#7  The Calipari Way Will   –   Peyton Hillis  RB, CLE

#8  Jeff P’s Team   –   Greg Jennings  WR, GNB

#9  Nuts for Henery   –   Hakeem Nicks  WR, NYG

#10  icon   –   Mike Wallace  WR, PIT

#11  Pearl Jam Randy   –   Felix Jones  RB, DAL

#12  John’s Team   –   Jahvid Best  RB, DET


Best value: for pure value I would say Hakeem Nicks , he has the type of skillset to be the #1 wr at the endof the year and he fell past G Jennings which I think is a mistake


Worst value: Has to be Felix Jones. Randy took some small ribbing , but Felix would have been there later on in the draft. While Felix does offer some nice safety b/c of his offense, I think we have seen enough of him to know pretty much where his upside lies- I outlined this is my recent edition of Rb Ranks and rate of return.


Analysis: Hillis goes mid round 2 , Best late , some nice wr’s off the board , was about as standard as you can get in a PPR draft. iCon is liking the start to his draft , Ray Rice 1 and Mike Wallace 2 both offer the type of skill plus upside I need to win this league.

Round 3

#1  John’s Team   –   Aaron Rodgers  QB, GNB

#2  Pearl Jam Randy   –   Ahmad Bradshaw  RB, NYG

#3  icon   –   Knowshon Moreno  RB, DEN

#4  Nuts for Henery   –   Mark Ingram  RB, NOR

#5  Jeff P’s Team   –   LeGarrette Blount  RB, TAM

#6  The Calipari Way Will   –   Dez Bryant  WR, DAL

#7  Romeo’s Team   –   Miles Austin  WR, DAL

#8  Brian’s Team   –   Reggie Wayne  WR, IND

#9  JW – Bull Rush   –   Drew Brees  QB, NOR

#10  Midget Monkeys   –   Shonn Greene  RB, NYJ

#11  The Calipari Way-Logan   –   Wes Welker  WR, NWE

#12  Azzurri   –   Michael Turner  RB, ATL

Best value: Again , very hard to judge the best- my gut is telling me Rodgers because he in a perfect draft he should prob go mid 2 and slipped a few because most experts do not value Qbs as much as other positions in a PPR setting. Honorable mention Turner , but upside is limited because he does not catch passes downside also limited because he will score A LOT of TDs , good pick and nice spot for him

Worst Value: For pure worst VALUE the only pick in this round that could even get that designation has to be Wes Welker only because I am not so high on him and I think he is more 4th-5th round talent but in a draft like this if you like your guy you better take your guy because he will be gone.


Round Analysis: The third round is a really nice round this year , I love the RBs in this round , you still find some nice WRs with elite upside. This round went about as planned (which is all I keep saying LOL) but again I did not expect to see much deviation from the values I have identified so far this summer. I took Moreno and my love for him has been documented all over the place, BUT I have identified him as a boom or bust , I just fall on the boom side of my feeling about him. I also only take him if I have a stud RB1 already on my roster which is the case here with lil Ray Rice.

Round 4

#1  Azzurri   –   Dwayne Bowe  WR, KAN

#2  The Calipari Way-Logan   –   Antonio Gates  TE, SDG

#3  Midget Monkeys   –   DeAngelo Williams  RB, CAR

#4  JW – Bull Rush   –   Percy Harvin  WR, MIN

#5  Brian’s Team   –   DeSean Jackson  WR, PHI

#6  Romeo’s Team   –   Mike Williams  WR, TAM

#7  The Calipari Way Will   –   Dallas Clark  TE, IND

#8  Jeff P’s Team   –   Brandon Marshall  WR, MIA

#9  Nuts for Henery   –   Philip Rivers  QB, SDG

#10  icon   –                Tom Brady  QB, NWE

#11  Pearl Jam Randy   –   Brandon Lloyd  WR, DEN

#12  John’s Team   –   Mario Manningham  WR, NYG


Best Value: Tom Brady, same type of elite QB as Brees and could even beat Rodgers but iCon grabbed him about 20 picks after those guys went, which is a nice way to build a team.


Worst Value: Dallas Clark , I like about 5 tight ends better than him and he went before all of them except Gates. Would have liked to seen him take Marshall or a QB in that spot. Not a fan of Lloyd pick here , some like him , I do not , running offense and a questionable QB who scored because of Mcdaniels pass only system

Round Analysis: Here we see the TEs start to get taken , we have the beginning of the dropoff in WRs from WR1’s to WR2’s the with the drop off starting here I value taking a Qb at the back end of this round 4.

Round 5

#1  John’s Team   –   Pierre Garcon  WR, IND

#2  Pearl Jam Randy   –   Peyton Manning  QB, IND

#3  icon   –   Santonio Holmes  WR, NYJ

#4  Nuts for Henery   –   Jeremy Maclin  WR, PHI

#5  Jeff P’s Team   –   Jason Witten  TE, DAL

#6  The Calipari Way Will   –   Marshawn Lynch  RB, SEA

#7  Romeo’s Team   –   Jermichael Finley  TE, GNB

#8  Brian’s Team   –   Daniel Thomas  RB, MIA

#9  JW – Bull Rush   –   Ryan Mathews  RB, SDG

#10  Midget Monkeys   –   Steve Johnson  WR, BUF

#11  The Calipari Way-Logan   –   Tony Romo  QB, DAL

#12  Azzurri   –   Austin Collie  WR, IN

Best Value: Peyton Manning falling to round 5 just makes the Rodgers pick dropping to round 3 A LOT less valuable. I love the Daniel Thomas pick here and Finley went where he belongs. Romo has some amazing weapons Collie has upside but questions but a nice pick to couple with the rock solid Hot Roddy pick Azzuri made in Round 1.


Worst Value: Lynch – hate the guy ,even when he was a 2nd or 3rd year back in Buffalo he still wasn’t worth his draft status , and I still feel the same way about him. He will be a pure product of volume touches but he sucks …. Not with your team would I touch the guy.

Analysis: The first 5 rounds honestly went pretty damn close to the book. The top 5 picks is NOT where you win your league but these first 5 picks lay the foundation that you will build the rest of your team around. As long as you are solid in rounds 1-5 the rest will fall into place if you stay true to your draft style.

Now let us take a quick look at each experts team.



Azzuri: Schaub , sjax , turner , roddy , bowe , collie , vd

a team that can definitely win it , but has some old legs at RB and may lose some weekly scoring potential by taking the two best falcons. Collie may put him over the top but A LOT will depend on his rbs and how they perform

SOLID  7.5/10

Brians Team: Big Ben , DMC , Forte , Wayne, Daniel Thomas , Desean , Britt , Keller, Mike Thomas

Has a nice balanced team here. I see no REAL weakness which is what I would expect out of a top player. I like the way he built this team and spread out his nice players. I like M thomas late , but will have some risks at WR. If Britt stays on the field and Keller whom I like performs I can see him contending.

NICE  7.5/10


iCon : Brady , Freeman , Ray Rice , Knowshon , Spiller , Mike Wallace , Santonio , Sidney Rice , Graham

Very very nice starting lineup here , but criminally thin at RB. Rice and Moreno offer enough combo upside that I think I can make due , Love the WRs w/ wallace , santonio , and sidney and graham is everyones darling TE. Ultimately I think I need spiller to contribute and Graham to be a tier 2 TE and jump up to VD/Finely status to contend.. BOTH possible.

Rating: N/A


Jeff’s Team: Ryan , Benson , CJ2k , Blount , Jennings , Marshall , Witten

As of now the weakest team team so far , but that is mainly a product of cj’s hold out. I think witten will under perform his draft value with romo back and dez a year older, Marshall is risky and in my updated WR rankings I will move Jennings down. Overall not a big fan of this roster , but I think he knew it while drafting as he mentioned he took no PPR rbs. BUT I love Blount for this team , has enough to win each week but won’t last the season.


Johns Team: Rodgers , Charles , Best , Colston , Manningham , Garcon , Owen D. ,

Has best starting lineup hands down. Rodgers at great value , two explosive RBs , but NO NO NO RB depth at all and it’s gona KILL his chances if Charles or Best miss time. Very explosive team but no depth bc of the early QB pick and TE pick



JW – : Brees , Mjd , Hightower , Matthews , AJ , Harvin , Santana , Marcades Lewis

Not a fan of this team  , too much risk of RB for my taste. Needs one or BOTH of hightower or matthews to be big this year and I don’t see it. LOVE AJ and harvin , like Santana but b/c he needs hightower to be big S. Moss might kill his weekly potential as the skins o is HORRID! Lewis is a bust TE for me , I don’t and won’t own him.



Midget Monkeys: Staff , Dwill/stewart , mendy , starks , fitz , steve johnson , steve smith , jerome simp.

LOVE the rbs , LOVE staff a ton , LOVE fitz a ton , HATE steve johnson and steve smith , I think his RBs can win him this league I think fitz will be all world but needs to get some production from WR2 to win itwent the sleeper route with Kendricks at TE.. NICE team



Nuts for Henery: Rivers , AP , Wells , Ingram , Maclin , Nicks , Moore

Well i love AP , i like Wells , i like Ingram , i love Rivers i hate Maclin i love Nicks i like Moore what will that equal? A team that can win any week. IMO needs ngram or Wells to bust out , if it happens he will be there. Maclin has SO MANY issues right now I don’t think it was prudent to use a pick in an experts league on a WR with that many questions , it may haunt him.



Pearl Jam Randy: Peyton , Bradshaw, Felix ,Foster , Ocho , Lloyd , Crabtree, Winslow

nice qbs , nice nice rbs , HATE the wrs , ocho needs a big year with brady for him to contend. Hate lloyd top bust candidate right there and crabtree is all risk minimum reward at this point in his career. Took felix too early could have had an elite WR there then his team would have looked a ton different and still nabbed Felix later.



Romeos Team: Cutler/eli/bradford , Fjax , Mccoy , Vjax , Austin , Mike Williams (TB) Finley

The best team ive seen yet , he has studs at rb wr AND te which is amazing in this format. Took Cutler late but it could pay off , nice job , best team so far but lacks RB and WR depth because of his qbbc strat



TCW Will: Vick , Hillis , Lynch , LT , Boldin , Dez , Julio Jones , Dallas Clark

Not a bad lil team here Will. I hate Lynch , YOU KNO THIS! BUT Vick is gona crush for him and Hillis and Clark will score their share. He will compete , but I wonder if the lack of RB depth will kill him if Hillis busts and Lynch remains lynch.



TCW- Logan: Romo, Gore , Tolbert plus a bunch of goalline type rbs , Calvin , Amendola , Gates

This guy LOVES delone carter and sure enough he has him again. Tolbert could be nice , but if Gore gets hurt he is TOAST! but he knows it. Nice Qb , nice in calvin , lacking the explosive wr2 needed but he LOVES some of his sleepers like Andre Roberts. Plus Amendola will score some until that shakes out. Nice team , but I see his Rbs being the problem in the long run.



OVERALL: Honestly this is the first time I can say ANY of these teams can win this league. This was the best collection of value drafting I have ever seen and I expect each week to be as close as possible. I am not entirely certain how active this league will be but I bet the person who is the most active will win because it is THAT tight a race here. I mean almost EVERY team got a 7ish from me and all teams have strengths and weaknesses which is what fantasy football is all about! I would like to thank Jeff Paur for inviting iCon Sports into this experts draft, it was VERY insightful and should give a lot of people a very helpful tool to use for the rest of their drafts this summer.


On tap for this weekend:

WR ranking updates

iCon Sports






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