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QB Rankings/When to target

Mike Vick with Philadelphia

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1 Michael Vick – Injury risk , but a pure and raw game changer if there has ever been one. I see him go mid 1 to mid 2 but if there was EVER a QB deserving of that high a selection its a guy that can put up 50 any game. A no brainer at #1

When to target  in PPR drafts: late 1 – mid 2

2 Aaron Rodgers– Going to be the best fantasy football QB for a LONGGGGGG time once Vick gets injured or slows down (soon). He is in his prime , has a great offense that he clearly has mastered and is also good for a few rushing TDs per year. The O line will get better and when that happens 375 points per year will be a lock.

Target  Early 2- mid or late 2

3 Peyton Manning – Addai is a bad runner at this stage in his career but a good pass catcher , Clark is back , Collie starts fresh , Wayne still there and Garcon ready make a move up a tier. The running game or lack there of means another year Peyton will throw it all over the place. The defense knows it’s coming , you know , I know , EVERYONE knows , but it still doesn’t matter. His INTs will go back down to normal level as well.

Target Mid 3- Mid 4

4 Drew Brees – As consistent as they come. Loses Bush but gains Sproles who IMO will be amazing there. Graham is an upgrade over injury prone Shockey and Colston , Meachem and Moore still there. Same cast , same guy , same numbers.

5 Brady – Another guy who will throw it all over the place. A Tabula Rasa John LOCKe if there ever was one to put up stellar numbers. Gets Ocho , gets some new blood at RB , keeps Woodhead , Branch , AHern and Gronk , the guy will score a TON

Target Mid 3 – Mid 4

6 Rivers – Love this guy without Vjax , love him even more with him. Loss of sproles hurts , but gets Floyd back and keeps tolbert. Matthews will catch it a bit more more and Gates should be close to 100% Expect 325 – 350

Target Mid 4 – Early 5

7 Romo – Dez , Austin , Witten , Felix = firepower to the max. He loves all of them in the pass game and any qb would envy dropping back and watching these guys shred the coverage. Very savvy QB , but the injury last year KILLED a lot of team especially because he was on his was to putting up 350. Still has that ability and will score in bunches. Early matchup with the Jets should not affect his draft value

target in round 6

8 Schaub – This is a value rank more than anything else. He has less 24 plus point games than MARK SANCHEZ last year , say that again outloud then realize you’re about to pay a round 6 or 7 price for a guy that was propped up by two monster games. Pass him and let someone else pay that price while you grab a RB3 – certainly has the talent to be a tier 1 but at qb he is the LEAST consistent of all the big slingers out there and that defeats the purpose of drafting a top qb.

target 7-8 if you can (people pay rnd 6 value for him tho, so keep that in mind)

9 Big Ben 30 td potential but they will run A LOT , he deserves this spot because of his track record and great chem with Mike Wallace , plus he scrambles enough to pitch in on the ground.

Target 7-8 , push it to early 9 IF you can

10 Matt Ryan – Love the value on this guy , if anyone from here can jump a tier it will be him. He stays healthy and has a top top WR in White with a great connection. Still has a running game that garners respect  , added an explosive play maker in Julio Jones , has a very good defense to back the offense up AND plays in a dome.

Nice pickup in round 7-8 , late 8 more likely

11 Matt Staffordthe guy flat out EXCITES me at his age in that offense with Mega  , Best , Burleson , AND Pettigrew. If he stays healthy you will see him exceed his draft value by 5 rounds. Drafting players like him is how you win championships , but of COURSE he offers risk and has been injured since the minute he put on that Lions hat. I think he stays healthy this year and I think you see him get drafted in round 5 next year.

Round 8-9, push for mid 8 because he goes higher because of his upside and the swag feeling of grabbing Mega’s QB

12 Eli Manning – He goes after Stafford in my rankings because we have seen the best of him and the best of him throws 25 interceptions with his 30 tds. I think he will chuck it around again this year and Nicks will make him look good. Losing Smith hurts , but Manningham is up to the task , losing Boss is negligible as Travis Beckum is a decent receiver at TE. He just drops the ball , but im gonna say keep an eye on him as he has WR speed according to the Madden Ratings!

Round 9-10

13 Flacco – Teased us with his potential last year. Has to play Pitt twice which always sucks , but has a huge arm and has the look of an elite QB. He never panned out for me last year like I thought he would , but he was good enough when I needed him most. Boldin still there , Rice is the best receiving RB in the NFL regardless of that Mccoy has to say about it and Flacco will dump it to him 5 times a game. Ed Dickson is a decent TE , but losing Heap hurts , WHO is going to catch the passes from him , good Qbs make WRs better , look what Rivers did in SD last year with Nanee and Floyd. I am betting he will spread it enough while waiting for his WRs to develop that he will be worth a weekly start this year.


14 Bradford

Love the kid , but I don’t think he is going to be a top Qb this yr. The WR corp is raw and young , the offense is new , Sjax is older and have you SEEN his schedule to start the season. He better be on his game  , because if not he will be on his back for a pick 6 on more than 1 occassion. Those defenses he plays against to start the season are FEROCIOUS , if you draft him pair him w/ someone who has an easy early schedule. If not expect a rocky first half from him and some losses.

9-12 (put him on the radar a round before Flacco , he goes there because people get tantalized by the unknown but not in my rankings)

15 Kolb – May move him past Bradford and Flacco if he starts out the season good. Has an easy schedule and a GREAT GREAT GREAT WR in Fitz. Accurate Qb and I am expecting a nice season in the desert. Draft him late as a backup and smile because his upside is what you want when building a championship team.

11-13   but creeping up the boards , you may have to pull the trigger on him in rd10 if you really want him because he will only increase his value as the preseason continues.


Matt Cassel – People loathe this guy , but he will score Tds , and should be at his best this year in this offense. I am predicting his best year as a chief this year. He will put up 300 plus and in round 13 its ok to feel good about it.

Mark Sanchez – The sanchize is ready to take a small step forward. He had 5 games 25 or better last year which is more than Schaub , his problem was he threw in way too many clunkers. The clunkers go away and the nice games here and there stay. Exactly what you want in a backup/matchup play/committee. Holmes there from the beginning helps , Plax will actually catch the deep throws and Keller , KELLER will you play to your ability this year PLEASE.

ANDDDD thats all for now , just a simple reference list with some analysis of the QB position. Basically it boils down to this , if you want consistency and want to not have to worry about playing matchups every week  then draft between rounds 2-6

If you want to play matchups your best best is grab two qbs from rounds 8-13

and if you wanna get REALLLLLLLLY cute , take none then grab Sanchez , Tarvaris jackson or Orton at the end and cross your fingers.


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