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This will be a similar type of series to the “Way of the iCon.”  Except here I am going to provide a round by round and team by team draft review for the first 5 rounds of the draft  followed by a summary of each team and grades on draft style and overall team strength. Each round I will provide a brief analysis while discussing the best and worst value selections of the round. So wish me luck , and pay close attention as there will be NO BETTER tool for you to use in your very own PPR style drafts  for the rest of this summer!


iCon is picking from the 12 hole today , not as bad a spot as everyone suggests , two top players is better than one, it’s always a matter of making your picks count and preparing for the 3/4 turn. Down in this spot I will be targeting Calvin , Fitgerald, White and Nicks as well as plethora of running backs. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and I have a feeling I will end up forcing the action early and often with the running backs thus putting the pressure on my league mates to make some tough drafting decisions.

Before I start the draft I always check who is in my division and make sure that I keep tabs on their roster. It makes it easier to cut their heart out and snipe some value picks that they may need in order to fill out their roster as the draft progresses. Being on the end I anticipate doing my best to force a run , this game is all about ending up on the right side of the value game and being on the end gives you the best chance to do that.

Lets keep an eye on iCon’s Division:

Morganites 9

under teds hat

3 Sleepless Knights

iCon Sports


1.1 Westover Convicts –  Arian Foster

1.2 the Whizzinator – Ray Rice

1.3 Hurricanes 3 – Lesean Mccoy

1.4 ive got a dream – Jamaal Charles

1.5 LIZARDS 26 (top money player) – Adrian Peterson

1.6 Morganites 9 (my division) – Chris Johnson

1.7 sparky (top money player) – Aaron Rogers

1.8 drunkin irish (smack talker) – Maurice Jones Drew

1.9 3 Sleepless Knights (my division) – Michael Vick

1.10 under teds hat (my divison) – Frank Gore

1.11 Scrappy 4  – Andre Johnson

1.12 ICON – Darren Mcfadden

Analysis: Well we can see already that Rice is valued higher in this format than any other one , Cj2k is losing value b/c of the holdout and the two elite qbs went off the board. Drunken Irish spent the entirety of the round heckling everyones picks , then claims Jones Drew and and the bone on bone knee injury is a lock. The qbs surprised me , but maybe they know something I don’t…Like how to lose your PPR league before round 2 starts. Mccoy is not worth the pick over some higher upside Rbs , but he seems to be the ppr darling of the moment , DMC was a steal plain and simple.

Best Value: Darren Mcfadden , I am not tooting my own horn here , I did nothing but get lucky

Worst Value: Aaron Rogers , would have still been there in round 2 most likely , just a pick I do not agree with in that spot at 7th overall

Round 2

2.1 ICON – Calvin Johnson

2.2 Scrappy 4 -Roddy White

2.3 Teds Hat – Mendenhall

2.4 Sleepless Knights- Turner

2.5 Drunkin Irish – Fitzgerald

2.6 Sparky – Hillis

2.7 Morganite – Reggie Wayne

2.8 Lizards – Hakeem Nicks

2.9 ive got a dream – Locomotive Blount

2.10 Hurricanes 3 – Forte

2.11 Whizzinator – Best

2.12 Westover Convicts – Steven Jackson

Analysis: Some guys that flat out went earlier than normal , first half of round 3 will now be filled with great values due to some bad drafting tbh , I am not going to sugar coat it and I am not happy that I now will have to face a guy like Lizards who will take advantage of bad second round picks and just stack his team going forward.

Best Value: Tie between Forte and Nicks , those two belong in the first half of this round , sjax honorable mention and a solid pick here, I think he will be better this year in a better offense , but he is slowing down and there is reason for concern when drafting him.

Worst Value : tie between Turner and Blount , Turner steady stays in round 2 because of his name (it cant be anything else because his PPR numbers are barely above average HE DOESNT CATCH ANY PASSES) Blount prob takes the cake as the worst pick in this round , he flat out doesnt get drafted until the end of the next round or early round 4 , horrible way to maximize value. Don’t get me wrong I like him, but not here and not now when a more savvy drafter would have just waited a round and gotten a better WR and STILL gotten Blount in round 3

Round 3

3.1 Westover Convicts –  Miles Austin

3.2 the Whizzinator – Bradshaw

3.3 Hurricanes 3 – Jennings

3.4 ive got a dream – Djax

3.5 LIZARDS 26 (top money player) –  Mike Wallace (ugh)

3.6 Morganites 9 (my division) – Vjax (ugh)

3.7 sparky (top money player) –  Maclin

3.8 drunkin irish (smack talker) –  Marshall

3.9 3 Sleepless Knights (my division) – Shonn Greene

3.10 under teds hat (my divison) –  Bowe

3.11 Scrappy 4  – Moreno

3.12 ICON – Ingram

Analysis: Some Round 2 talent went to some of my top competitors , Mike Wallace , Vjax and then Bowe falls to the end of this round and into my division , not a good round for me

Best Value:  Mike Wallace , the guy is top 5 on many draft boards and for him to fall into the middle of this round is irresponsible and a product of some poor drafting

Worst Value: Maclin , I have discussed in my blog that I feel he just doesn’t offer the type of upside to warrant a 3rd round draft choice and that you are better off waiting at this position once certain top talent is off the board. Bowe should have gone before him in my my mind as well.

Round 4

4.1 ICON – Mike Williams (tb)

4.2 Scrappy 4 – Fjax

4.3 Teds Hat –  Gates

4.4 Sleepless Knights- LLoyd

4.5 Drunkin Irish –  D. Clark

4.6 Sparky – Benson

4.7 Morganite – Grant

4.8 Lizards –  Addai

4.9 ive got a dream –  Brady

4.10 Hurricanes 3 – Brees

4.11 Whizzinator – Rivers

4.12 Westover Convicts – Welker

Analysis: Another round that had me scratching my head , some reaches and some teams that again took some players that weren’t even on my radar (grant/benson).

Best Value: best value here has to be Brees simply because he fell almost to the 5th round , but normally gets drafted a full round earlier

Worst Value: Grant/Benson – ICON has HATED Grant for so long and doesn’t understand what people see in him ,even at his best he was barely worth a round 2 pick , his ceiling is about 240 points , HIS CEILING , if you get 215 out of him I guess you’re happy but A LOT of other backs can give you that at a better price. And Benson flat out sucks , I wouldn’t draft him with your team.

Round 5

5.1 Westover Convicts – Holmes

5.2 the Whizzinator – Colston

5.3 Hurricanes – Stevie Johnson

5.4 ive got a dream – Law Firm

5.5 LIZARDS 26 (top money player) –  Dez

5.6 Morganites 9 (my division) – Peyton

5.7 sparky (top money player) –  Boldin

5.8 drunkin irish (smack talker) –  Matthews

5.9 Sleepless Knights (my division) –  Harvin

5.10 under teds hat (my divison) –  Matty Ryan

5.11 Scrappy 4  – Felix Jones

5.12 ICON –  Vernon Davis

Analysis : Green Ellis has NO BUSINESS being drafted in this round , sorry,  I like the consistency but he belongs in rounds 7- 8 , Matthews fell , and has been slipping because of the toe injury , AGAIN adding fuel to the well known fact you should never start drafting before August. Harvin went where he belongs , and Peyton fell a round past normal at great value.

Best Value: Peyon and Matthews , neither guy should have dropped out of round 4 regardless of format or injuries , sorry , but letting these guys slip is irresponsible by the guys at the other end of this draft

Worst Value: Drafting Green Ellis in round 5 OVER a a plethora of guys who still hold top value is flat out the only way to lose your league before the draft even ends , I am disappointed in this pick mainly because it makes my competitors that much stronger- I have  sneaking suspicion this guy was reading a magazine printed in May during that pick , it is the only explanation.

Draft Summary:

Round 6 I did not show , but Deangelo Fell to me there , it was a steal flat out and as a starting RB with electric ability in a run early and often offense with a very good O-Line I am scratching my head that this upside fell into my lap here in this round at this price.  There was some questionable drafting early , some decent drafting in the middle , then some more bad drafting late. The change in Ryan Matthews value is pretty shocking and the more he keeps slipping the more appealing he becomes to me , I think he was being over drafted much like he was last year , but at the value he goes now it is almost criminal to pass him up regardless of the injury. The Qbs went early , but some good values were still there late and the TE’s were under drafted for once which benefited a few teams. This was NOT a conventional PPR draft and I had to adjust on the fly and change some of my targets to reflect the good values that were out there. This was also one of the few drafts that being on the end for me was HORRIBLE , because I was not able to capitalize on the horrible drafting at the front and middle parts of this draft , instead I had to watch my comp get the good values and this was disheartening to me.



3 sleepless Knights(division foe): Love  Vick , but an injury risk , has Turner Lynch and Shonn at RB which should be enough to get him by ,  Britt , Harvin and Witten should put up decent numbers but took Lloyd too early and has some questionable WRs with no upside that he will cut eventually. Too many wasted picks for my taste ,AND took 2 defenses , which was bad considering he was so short on RB depth. On a scale of 1-10 I give him a 6.5 /10 with the chance that Vick masks a lot of the stench coming from his lack of depth elsewhere. I think I’ll beat him.

Drunkin Irish: A decent team , but he talked WAY too much junk this draft and took too many chances , MJD is NOT a lock , and could bust big time , he has no business being drafted over some other younger players with more upside , I love the Fitz pick and he got Daniel Thomas at a good value , Romo I am souring on , but he can still put up some decent numbers , D Clark is his , and frankly he can have him , better his team than mine especially at the bad value he drafted him at – my rating  – 7 /10  and no matter how much boasting can not change the fact that he is trying to build a winning team w/ NOTHING but questions throughout his entire roster.

Hurricanes: Very , Very good team , has Brees , Mccoy , Forte , Jennings , Garcon to anchor his lineup , overdrafted Steve Johnson by a round plus , but made up for it with Garcon later , got decent Jimmy Graham value as a connection with Brees that could pay off , has what it takes to win it all but took a few WRs that I don’t agree with which IMO will kill his depth at that position in the long run. solid 8/10

ive got a dream: Like the qb (Brady) , like charles and blount but not where blount got drafted and took the law firm way too early as the WORST values in the entire draft because of that he has the worst WR corp in the entire league , poor drafting = poor season , Djax needs 12 tds and no injuries just for him to be a factor , ALSO overdrafted Gronk by 2-3 rounds , has some fire power with Brady , Charles and Djax but passed up on some REALLY good players  and bc of that is one of the MAJOR reasons some teams got stacked in the middle rounds.  5.5/1o


Lizards : Like the team a bit here , AP Nicks , Addai Dez , Wallace , Eli ,  Pettigrew /keller , Kolb – was the biggest benefit of the questionable picks in the front end of this draft , BUT I am down on some of the picks he made when he made them , Eli in round 7 was a round early , Royal was a wasted pick IMO , and I think Addai was a bad pick and but I also have AP 1 and he got him mid round 1 which was great and could cancel that out. Overall will compete if he can get enough out of his RB2 … 7/10

Morganites (division foe): Great value on peyton  , but I HATE this teams RBs , after chris johnson he has NOBODY- overdrafted Ryan Grant and will pay for that mistake , took Reggie Wayne over some guys I like better , but still has Vjax and good value in Finley. Decent team and has some players I like , but I dont think he has what it takes to win unless Cj2k puts up over 325 for the season.

Scrappy : Rodgers ,Hillis , Benson , Boldin , Maclin , Ward , Driver , Tony G. , Moeaki – This team is bad , it may be the worst team in the league , Took Rodgers 7th overall when DMC and some other players were SMACKING him right in the face , then took Hillis round 2  , Hillis won’t be as good as last year a regression is in order , passed on Forte to take him which was not the right move IMO. Ward? Driver? Tony G? is this 2009? Maclin round 3? CMON man , Rodgers better score 450 this season or you are staring at 5 wins.  4.5/10

Whizzinator : Rivers , Ray Rice ,  Best , Bradshaw , Jstew , Colston , S. Rice , Crabtree , Winslow – LOVE LOVE LOVE the RBs , prob the best Rbs in the league , LOVE Rivers , but the WRs are not my taste. Colston I am not a fan on , S. Rice could be good but shouldn’t be great , but in this format starting rice best bradshaw as a stud rb trio with rivers might be enough TBH. Right now the best team I see going forward 8.5/10

Under Teds Hat: Ryan , Gore , Mendy , Bowe , Collie , Gates – Good team , Gore could get injured , I love mendy , I think Ryan will be about the same as last year , Bowe should even out , Gates is Gates , Collie needs to stay healthy bc he has no depth. Good team , Could win it but needs Gore and Collie healthy all year and I don’t see them BOTH staying completely healthy. 7.25/10

 Westover Convicts: Flacco , Big Ben , Sjax , Foster , Manningham , Welker , Santonio , Austin , Daniels – GREAT team , the team to beat IMO right now , great rbs to start but lacks any depth at that position , rotates some really good depth at PPR WRs to mask that , Daniels could be real good , and I think he needs him to be good.


ICON: Stafford , Cassell ,DMC , Dwill , Ingram , Wells , Megatron , Mike WIlliams (tb) , Knox , VD

EXPLOSIVE at RB , depth and talent at that position young plus experience , LOVE the qbs , LOVE Mega as the #1 WR on the board , Mike Williams should be about the same and LOVE VD here. BUT BUT BUT NO WR depth whatsoever , this could be a problem , and I will have to work the waivers to get enough WR here , but took E. Sanders late and I think he could be a decent WR4 – Also Knox is losing value and I scooped him really late.

Rating – N/A (cant rate my own team)  but I think I will contend for sure.



Stay Tuned for some Rankings for both QB and TE coming this weekend , also an update on SITE PROGRESS soon as well!



ALSO CHECK OUT RYAN HORNE , a new addition to the iCon Sports Company as Lead Sports Correspondent and contributing columnist- his blog is located at http://www.ryanhorneiconsports.wordpress.com


thats ALL for now , see you guys soon!


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