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Adrian L. Peterson in 2009 NFC Wild Card Game

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TOP 25 and the best of the rest RB Rankings

PPR Scoring

1 Adrian Peterson– Mcnabb still garners respect , still the best combo of power/speed in the NFL , gets better each year at the dumpoffs

2 Chris Johnson– Titans telling him to get to camp to discuss a contract , he will show , still the most electric runner in the nfl(sorry JC) AP and CJ at their low was equal to almost every other RB at their Ceiling last year

3 Jamaal Charles–  The guy can flat out run the rock , that offense is going to be good , that offense is going to be his offense , youth plus speed plus energy plus centerpiece is a good offense = LOCK

4 Ray Rice– I KNOW there is a big 4 out there , I am aware of it , I just know we saw Fosters best year as a pro , and we haven’t seen Rice’s, signing Ricky takes some TDs away , but they had Mclain anyway to vulture , Flacco takes the next step , Rice gets double digit rushing TDs this year

5 Arian Foster– The darling , I drafted him first or second twice this year , I did not feel good about it either time , the guy is still a great combo of TD potential and PPR potential , but only doing what he did for one year is worrisome for me , this early I would rather take a guy I know could reach his ceiling this year , No where for Foster to go but down , better on your team than mine

6 Darren Mcfadden– Again I am going against the conventional draft boards here , but I do not care , I have drafted people ahead of him in this spot and I just didn’t feel right (same feeling I got with Foster) , we have yet to see his best year as a pro , it could be this year and it could be massive. STAY HEALTHY PLEASE

7 Lesean Mccoy– Shifty runner , great receiver , I personally watched 3 of his TDs occur on fluke plays , this is Vicks offense and he is just along for the ride , if I am buying someone this high I expect them to be the best player on their team , his running style seems odd to me and he takes big hits , but he is tough  (played with broken ribs last yr). Solid selection, but seeing him get drafted top 4 is ridiculous , we have seen his ceiling at his best he is about as good as CJ and AP at their worst.

8 Rashard Mendenhall– Another guy we have yet to see the best of , I am expecting 1500 and 15 tds at this stage in his career in that offense at his age with his running ability. Anything less I will be disappointed.

9 Maurice Jones Drew – Slipping because of injury concerns , but there are a few backs around this area that are injury prone as well , none of them can give this kind of ppr and td combo like this guy can , risk meets reward here

10 Frank Gore – On a per game basis there are few better , his 12 games he plays may be enough to get you to the playoffs, but most likely will be nicked up by then. Harbaugh needs to keep him fresh early on to get this guy to the 300 point plateau. The talent and skill set have always been there , I still believe , but I believe this is his last year at a potential dominant RB1 season

11 Steven Jackson – I still believe in the guy , if you watch him run he is flat out explosive , talented and amazing , Bradford will feed him a ton in the passing game , I think that offense will move the ball easily this year , and I think this has been his best shot at double digit TDs in a long long time. Last chance at a RB1 season , but I am expecting high Rb2 numbers

12 Matt Forte– We have seen him at his best (rookie year)  , seen him at his worst (year 2) and now we see the real Forte (somewhere in the middle) his averages went up , but it had to  , I think he is a just average on the goal line , but makes up for that in the passing game by a large margin. He is NOT explosive , and NOT a crazy athletic freak etc etc , but he is a volume runner , a great pass catcher and has a Qb who dumps it to him often. Solid pickup but I don’t see BIG BIG upside, a safe pick.

13 Jahvid Best – Leshoure injury bumps up his value , but NOT a ton , he is not a guy who could shoulder a load anyway and Leshoures injury will bump him in value early and he may score a few more , but if they do not trade or sign someone else to help he will be worn down and or injured by  mid season He will do the most on a limited touch basis than anyone in the NFL this year and his passing game upside is great. Stay Healthy please!

14 Peyton HillisHas the look of a bust , but I watched him quite a bit last year and he runs through people consistently. Great hands and the coaches LOVE him , Hardesty is a healthy year or two away from taking over , but this guy will score and catch in an offense that should be improved which lowers the bust risk and lands him in my top 15

15 Knowshon Moreno– I know him very well , he lived a town over from me in NJ , and tried to dunk over me in a pickup basketball game once , but iCon tackled him rather than get Rucker Park‘d on. The guy is shifty , and has noone in camp to battle him for touches in either the run or the catch game. His catch game is fantastic , and on a per game basis the guy scores a ton in this format, at his age I am expecting him to solidify his spot on the broncos- its Now or Never Knowson- I’m taking the now

16-  Legarrette Blount – the guy can flat out run the rock , but he won’t catch it a ton and that is a problem for me. I always favor youth at the RB spot and he will be a huge part of a young dynamic offense which tickles me just a bit. his athleticism and his size should get him 10 tds easy and I take him over Turner because of his age

17 Michael Turner – MAYBE has a year left , the guy will score TDs we all know that , but he is a non factor in the passing game , he will have a few games where he scores multiple tds and that makes up for it easily

18 Ahmad Bradshaw – an underrated performer in a great offense , good in the pass , great short yardage back for his size , runs HARD and with passion , but his quirky stop on a dime style running has given him ankle issues. I think he is a candidate to break down at some point , but he can play through those injuries like a champ – Jacobs there cuts SOME goalline value- May move him up on my next rankings list

19 Shonn Greene– The bell cow according to Rex Ryan , but that means NOTHING considering we all thought he would be that guy last year. LT is D -O-N- E DONE DONE DONE and Greene is actually a very nice runner. 1200 and 10 is something I would love to see from this guy , but his lack of receptions drags his value down a tick.

20 Ryan Matthews– the guy can’t stay healthy and screams bust , they love Tolbert on the goal line there and rightfully so ,  toe injuries as the WORST next to high ankle sprains for a football player (see Best last year) and this injury saps all the swag out of everyones July draftboard. I never liked him , and never will. iCon owns him once because he fell to the end of rd4 and it was good value.

21 – Dwill- I think he runs great , I think stewart is better , I think the offense will be better because it CAN’T be worse , I won’t be drafting him, I’d rather Stew 3-4 rounds later. But his talent and explosive running ability puts him here.

22 Mark Ingram – Turning Heads in camp with both his savvy and explosive running ability. Pierre is still nursing the ankle and Bush is gone , Sproles won’t get carries , but will take away some passes , but still has a great chance to contribute a TON in that offense.

23 Marshawn Lynch – I hate him , but he did produce some OKAY numbers in that offense , Forsett was everyone’s darling last yr so let’s not forget , I think he will get volume points and besides that one AMAZING run last year in the playoffs I think the guy sucks- This is mainly me caving to the value I am seeing him drafted at , better your team than mine.

24 Daniel Thomas – I believe he will help right away. The trade for Bush in my mind cemented their belief he will be their every down back , Ricky in Bal , Ronnie in Phi , Thomas it is your team now , Bush will not challenge him for carries at all

25 Fred Jackson – Spiller is going to surprise this year , don’t be surprised at how many touches he takes away from Freddy. But it may not matter since both should get their share anyway. He has been an iCon fav for a while , I like him, but his size and situation kill his long term value.


Stewart: needs a Dwill inj , but thats possible , the guy is a top 10 talent on the right team , talent eventually wins out in fantasy football.. maybe this year?

Wells: LOVE the upside , but you dont get the top 25 til you show me something other than promise, last chance make it count

Ryan Williams: good combo back , Wells has a shot at it first

Felix – I told em all last year you were overrated , BUT Garrett likes you in the pass game I can not deny that , but you gained weight , lost a step , your top end speed was always overrated and you get injured , I’ll pass

Grant – I have never liked you , but you will start in a great offense , that counts for something

P.Thomas – injured , but talented , you will never be as good as you should have been

Torain– you will get injured , and your upside is limited , but a decent starting back to start the season if you need someone late in your draft

Addai: you are done , but you can catch it and this is PPR , gotta put you somewhere (one someone elses team too)

Sleeper ALERT:

Spiller– The guy can be electric , the wr corp is pretty good , the qb is feisty and smart and freddy has limited explosiveness , I like what you can bring , the game should be slower for you this year

Sleeper ALERT:

Rashad Jennings – MJD gets hurt this guy is top 15 material , but I dont think mjd will get hurt , A MUST HAVE HANDCUFF

Sleeper ALERT:

James Starks – a year 2 back in a great offense behind a coming off injury overrated non electric runner who people pump up for NO APPARENT REASON- by midseason wouldn’t be surprised if Grant was down and he was a big part of the offense.


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  1. You still like CJ2K even though today is the magical day to report to camp or loose a year of free agency? By the end of this week he will owe the Titans all of his salary. So, he has nothing to play for on a crap team. I would expect his hold out to go on longer.

    Comment by The Profit Motive (@TheProfitMotive) | August 9, 2011 | Reply

    • Eh , I’ve seen enough of these holdout situations to know they end properly so long as the athlete isn’t a prima donna (see vjax) – cj is not getting paid proper market value and he deserves the raise , the titans know that and im bettering they will pay the guy- if the hold out continues i will be forced to adjust- I am betting you see him in camp sooner rather than later – and every team thinks they can win the superbowl in August , plus adding Hass shows they aren’t throwing the season- him being a no show on the last day to gain a FA year is moot , its just showing that he is looking for a longterm deal and not worried about free agency- the Titans have to sign the guy and will.

      Comment by iCon Sports | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  2. I def see Sproles getting a lot more touches than most people think.
    Brees was freaking out trying to get him on the team because he knew he could be everything that Reggie Bush couldn’t. They have a hard nosed strong back to push the ball and a multi talented speed demon to flank out of the backfield for 30yrd screens and sneaky TD’s. I think the combo of Ingram and Sproles with Brees’ leadership is going to be completely devastating this year and I look forward to seeing it happen!

    Comment by Azai Sukemasa | August 9, 2011 | Reply

    • I think Sproles is going to be ELECTRIC in the flats for this team , he is a better runner with the ball than Bush PERIOD , Bush runs better routes tho and He won’t get that many carries , but in PPR He is a pretty good bye week fill in

      Comment by iCon Sports | August 9, 2011 | Reply

  3. knowshon is being outplayed badly by Willis m in camp…15 is a joke on his as he won’t even start there..he is a 3rd down back and nothing more…. keep ranking 3rd down backs 15 and see where you are in a few years.

    Comment by TNT | August 10, 2011 | Reply

    • Denver Post – Knowshon Moreno is the “healthiest, fittest, and fastest” he’s ever looked as an NFL player at Broncos camp. A slimmed-down Moreno flashed improved speed on a 44-yard screen pass in Saturday’s scrimmage, putting an impressive open-field spin move on FS Darcel McBath. It’s easy to get excited about Moreno considering his weak competition for carries (Willis McGahee) and Denver’s run-heavy offense. Historically he can’t stay healthy, but a breakout year is doable if he finally avoids injury. Aug. 8 – 4:34 pm et
      Source:” Denver Post

      kindly point me to the source telling you Willis is BADLY outplaying Moreno

      iCon 1
      Haters 0

      Comment by iCon Sports | August 10, 2011 | Reply

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