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The Birth of an iCon

 No , no , this is not some messy , placenta filled , Keanu Reeves Matrix style story about the actual birth of an iCon, sorry fetishers. Instead, this is a simple , straight forward article  about the birth of an idea and the start of something great. This is  the who , what , when , where and how as it pertains to iCon Sports.

The iCons:

Joe Hoffman

 The President/CEO and founder of the company , fantasy sports and money league expert. Final say in all creative matters and company direction. The backbone and driving force of iCon.

Mrs. iCon  

She shall remain nameless and faceless ( Christina Ricci plus Mila Kunis) at this time. Behind any good man is a supportive woman , someone who believes you when you look her in the eye and say “honey , fantasy football is much more important than xyz , please let me draft my 79th team in July.”

Mister X

The money , the partner , the investor. A genius money man who came from humble roots , VERY secretive about his personal life. Loves music , sports and work. Without this behind the scenes mystery man, iCon Sports would have taken much longer to put together.




iCon Sports is a fantasy gaming company that aims to create a site that not only strives to provide the most competitive payouts and games on the net , but also aims to connect directly to the player as we create community interaction outside of just drafting , playing , and winning or losing.

The tag line sums up our company goals :


The site is NOT live yet as art is being created as we speak.

 it is located at http://www.iconfantasysports.com


The idea was birthed in the halls of Monmouth County, New Jersey, amidst the sounds of trumpets blaring and Snookie cackling. The day-to-day operations occur in Southern Indiana  and the parent company , iCon Sports Global LLC, was formed and conforms to all Missouri business laws.


The rumblings , grumblings and mumblings of this company started to take shape about a year ago. As an avid player I always joked with myself , that I should be on the other side of this. But as we all know , sometimes the greatest ideas really start out with just a simple joke. Winter 2011, I woke up and my father said to me “you can’t always wait for the right time to do something, because then you’ll end up doing nothing.”  At that moment , I knew the right time was then , and I could not sit on this idea anymore.


I was asked by a good friend of mine, Tim T. (noted money league expert),  how I came up with the concept and the idea. Well, it was January of this past year and this idea was still just in the primordial soup stages of my brain. I was struggling to come up with an identity , a name , a brand, ANYTHING substantial to put my thoughts to reality; as I  just began what hopes to me an amazing ride. While stressed out , Mrs. iCon and I were netflixing it up and as per usual arguing over which movie to watch. Then I agreed to watch some boring old Clint Eastwood move called “Space Cowboys.” I half heartedly agreed to watch, because I knew I could get away with not paying attention which would allow me to stay lost in the deep recesses of my mind while trying to create a name and a brand for the company. About halfway through , an actor said the word ICON in one of his lines. My Mind went CRAZY , my eyes lit up , I got up and started yelling “THAT’s IT, I GOT IT!” Mrs. iCon looked frazzled and confused and downright petrified and lunged for her pepper spray just in case I got too out of control and the rest as they say was history.


It is an exciting time for the company right now. The logo was just made , the site is scheduled to open in weeks and things are coming together quicker than I had ever imagined. The NFL is going to work this season and because of that so is iCon Sports.

So here I am , just a guy with an idea , the imagination to make it fly and the will and courage to see it through. Wish me luck , join the site , subscribe to the blog and stay informed as we take back the industry from the companies that see you as a dollar , and not as a community ready to thrive.

iCon Sports



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