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Before we go any further , before I set some stuff up for future blogs , we are going to get RIGHT INTO some knock down , drag em out live draft fantasy football PPR strategy.With the season EYEING us down like the bastard son of Mike Singletary and Gary “Crazy Eyes” Busey; With  the season SNARLING at us straight out of a set of coked out nostrils that would make Michael Irvin and Lawrence Taylor jealous; With the season CACKLING at us, MOCKING us like Joan Rivers mocked her own genetic code; I bring to you The WAY of the ICON , a live look into iCon Sports DRAFT WAR ROOM exactly as the selections unfold in real-time.

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Let’s get this out-of-the-way right now , the rules are a vanilla standard PPR setup , nothing crazy , just good a good old-fashioned expert play with down to the decimal scoring. There are some names I recognize in the draft , first Jim Blam , Expert contributor on multiple wonderfully written blogs and brand new to the team over at BFDfantasyfootball.com. The guy knows his stuff so I already have my work cut out for me. On top of that , we also have a top-notch  money player , Jeff Jones, the current top ranked fantasy football player and a cut throat PPR savage who knows only winning ways. This draft also features Troy Roth , a friend of the sites and complete money league expert , someone who deserves respect as a damn fine draft savant and another Gent that brings the best out in me. I am very familiar with these players and their PPR prowess so at least I am walking into this $hit storm with my eyes wide open!



Let’s get down to the strategy involved. After purchasing my seat , draft slots were randomly generated and I landed the NOT- SO -COVETED 10th pick in the draft. Now as a 13 year fantasy football vet , I did not panic as I am well aware that every draft position is what you make it , as long as you are prepared , knowledgeable and have set goals on who you want and when you want to draft them. A savvy and experienced drafter will be able to use either end of the snake style drafts to his or her advantage by Jedi Mind Tricking their opponents  to reach for positions and players that they shouldn’t be drafting. It’s just a matter of reading the draft board , looking at some rosters and doubling up on a position to force a run. The best thing you can do from this spot and any spot, is select players from the end of a tier and force your opponents to start grabbing from the top of the next tier. It’s a simple yet 100% effective way to start being able to compete at the highest levels of fantasy gaming and that’s the way that  iCon Sports will approach this draft.

(tiers and rankings coming soon)


Round 1 targets:  1 DMC  2 Megatron 3 Mendenhall

1 Mcfadden will be the big target , if he falls I draft him immediately before over thinking it. In a draft this devoid of top end RB talent once you get out of the first round, you better draft a rb early or kiss your season goodbye.

2 MEGA – if DMC isn’t there mega offers me the type of WR1 ppr upside to make it worth my while going WR first overall. Here is a Simple yet effective way to view these picks:

If the player has no chance to cost you  a championship , but could be the ONLY reason you do win the championship then YOU DRAFT THAT PLAYER.

3 Mendy– The safest of the stud rb1’s left , sjax and gore may have more pass catching ability and ppr upside , but they come with injury questions , age questions and bad offense questions , mendy is about as safe as you can get in this spot , in that offense , at his age a 15td season is more than attainable and frankly its probable.


Love it , love the PPR upside , DMC off the board and it broke my heart , but Calvin has the type of talent , size and offense to put up all time fantasy football numbers , fingers crossed for Stafford to stay healthy though.

Considered deviating from the plan and taking Andre Johnson who inexplicably fell while some qbs and questionable rbs were taken.

Round 2 targets:  AJ ,Mendy , Gore, Fitz , Sjax

AJ was put on the target board for the simple fact he hasn’t been drafted yet. If luck strikes I will gobble him up , if not I will be looking for a stud rb in a draft devoid of top end rb talent.

Actual Round 2 Results: ANDRE JOHNSON  Wr Hou

WOW , Honestly I Can not believe he fell to the top of the second round!! Talk about being lucky , but in a draft devoid of rbs Ican understand  a lot of the savvy drafters at the end of the round 1 doubling up on RBs. The iCon will take the top 2 WRs off the board in PPR and NEVER LOOK BACK!

Round 3 Targets:  Bradshaw , Blount , Greene , Dwill

Gotta go RB here , regardless of the board. I hate to pass up any values that may fall to me , but I was fortunate enough to get great value early and I CANNOT be piggish in these rounds , it may hurt , but I have to take the RBS!

Actual Round 3 results:  LEGARRETTE BLOUNT Rb Tb

This guy is a train and you better get off the tracks. He does not possess the ideal PPR skillset , but double digit TDs and 1200 yards from my round 3 back  is the right way to build a winning team, especially after getting Johnson and Johnson at 1 and 2.

Round 4 Targets: Greene , Daniel Thomas , Brees , Peyton , Dez

Praying for Greene to fall as he is the last of a tier and imo is ready to take on the load of a great offense. LT is simply done  , lack of pass catching is worrisome but double digit tds is not.

Actual Round 4 results: Daniel Thomas Rb MIA

Hate to start taking from the top of another tier as it violates my code of drafting ethics , but with the trade for Bush I can see what Miami is doing here and I am not expecting them to add another back now so, HELLO Daniel Thomas! He has great situation , the RB board looked horrible and I expect immediate contributions in a run first conservative offense. Solid pick on the way to building a winning team , still a rookie and I will need a stable force at rb in the middle rounds.

Round 5 targets: Vernon Davis , Brady , Romo , Harvin , Welker

Actual round 5 results: Vernon Davis  TE Sf

LOVE the pick here in PPR. Crabtree is a Ryan Leaf disaster type BUM with a capital S – U – C -K , plus he is hurt.  Harbaugh I BELIEVE IN YOU and I am proud to say I just caught the only VD I could be excited about getting!

He is also the last elite TE of the tier and that’s winning fantasy football , that’s the WAY of the ICON.

Rest of the team:

6: Romo – Last of the tier of 350 point ability qbs , you can see the theme .. that’s the WAY of the ICON

7: Garcon– late 7th, are you kidding me? The dude has all world talent , all word situation , all world Qb , an aging WR1 , an oft injured WR competing with him in Collie AND Dallas Clark off surgery. The Guy is a, Tabula Rasa, clean slate, JOHN LOCK for wr2 numbers and a LOCK as good friend the Profit Motive’s top breakout candidate! After consulting the Profit and reading his blogs , I moved him up the board considerably.

8 The law firm–  Green-Ellis was the best pick of the draft for me. He gives me a stable TD source which is great to couple with the risk I took with the Rookie , plus after looking at Jim Blams Roster I noted he was in need of a RB desperately and since he is a good player AND in my division , I wanted to cut his heart out so….SUE ME BLAM!! you won’t win though cuz I TOOK THE LAWFIRM!

The rest of the draft was pretty straight forward , upside picks , a lot of banter , I never managed to Jedi anyone into picking players they shouldn’t have because of the caliber of players I was drafting against, but frankly that did not even matter because I spent all draft taking from the end of tiers and not worrying about forcing runs!

This my friends was a successful draft , soak it in, breathe it and believe it, as there is much more to come and this was just a preview of  how to approach a football draft as we learn the WAY of the ICON.


Stay tuned for two separate series in the coming weeks :

1 fantasy football rankings and articles.

2 the business side of iCon Sports. From Birth of an Idea up to current dealings.


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